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Media evaluation 3


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  • I have used a digital SLR camera to film myself discussing the progress stages of my project and providing an audio and video continuous evaluation. I used the camera by filming myself in the green screen room against a blank canvas and using a tripod in order to capture the video evaluation so that it is framed and I am visible in the same place for each video.
  • I used a HD Camera to capture the main footage for our documentary. We tested the use of the HD camera by experimenting with movement by filming with the HD camera from various different angles e.g. below the BMXer so that the bike is completely visible, or standing on top of the Skateboarding ramps and filming certain BMXer’s/Skaters from above to capture their movement in all its entirety.
  • I have used Slideshare to upload my presentation to so that the examiner and my teacher can view it.
  • I have used Sound cloud in order to upload all of the sounds we have recorded with the audio pack. We uploaded sounds such as the test interviews, in order for our reference so that we could chose which clips to use and which ones didn’t have an adequate sound quality.
  • We used the Audio pack in order to obtain the sound we needed. We begun with test sounds in order to gain an idea of how the background noise would affect our final recordings of our interviews i.e. wind and people talking in the background. After carrying out our test sound interviews, we used the audio pack on the day of shooting in order to interview certain BMXer’s and Skaters to place in to our documentary over our footage to ensure that the audio could be heard properly and clearly stood out.
  • I have used YouTube for references throughout out market research, for example, looking at sport documentaries which use the same conventions we have used within our documentary. I have used YouTube in order to gain more of an insight into these conventions to use in our own documentary to ensure that it addressed our target demographic audience appropriately. I have also used YouTube to upload the first short video I did on Adobe Premiere, as well as our final product being uploaded to it also.
  • We used the Survey Monkey website in order to conduct audience research in order to ensure that the components of our documentary appeal to our target demographic audience directly.
  • Media evaluation 3

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