Digital technolgies


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Digital technolgies

  1. 1. Digital Technologies<br />
  2. 2. Digital technology<br />Digital technology has made life, especially production of media text, a lot easier and more convenient. This is because everything – planning, drafts etc. is all in one place and open to editing at all times, saving changes as they are made. <br />
  3. 3. Research<br />The internet was used a lot to research aspects of short films and short film festivals, particularly using short film websites so find conventions. Blogger was also used from here to present information. <br />I used Slideshare to present my research, making easy to access and read <br />I used Vimeo to place example short films on the blog, as Youtube could not be assessed at college<br />I used Prezi to display research and ideas in a unique way, by embedding videos and images and annotating them <br />I used Google to access websites to help research conventions and Google Images to find existing media texts to compare and comment on<br />Away from college, I used Youtube to research short films so I knew what conventions were and how they are usually presented. <br />
  4. 4. Practice<br />Again, the internet was used a lot, and I used around the same programs to study existing media texts and plan my own. It was here I started planning my ancillary texts and practice ancillary texts<br />I used Vimeo to find and embed videos that I needed to compare<br />I used google to find research and images, such as stills from ‘I’m Here’ which I used to make a poster, and to place hyperlinks onto my blog. <br />I used Youtube to watch the film ‘I’m Here’ to research how the poster should look and take stills for my poster. <br />I used Garageband to record voice and sound for my radio trailer, and to mix and compose it<br />I used Slideshare to embed my research onto my blog<br />I used Publisher to produce my poster as I didn’t have access to Photoshop at the time<br />I used Soundcloud to upload my completed radio trailer onto my blog<br />
  5. 5. Planning<br />I used audience research and research of existing media texts to plan my own<br />I used Surveymonkey to carry out audience research surveys <br />I used Slideshare to present my research<br />I used Facebook to promote the online survey to people my age, to find the target audience, and to promote the blog produced for my film<br />I used Twitter to promote the film by making an account as the main character, following his actions throughout the film<br />I used Microsoft Office Outlook to email a producer of a score we wanted to use to ask permission<br />
  6. 6. Production <br />I used programs that allowed me to produce an article, a poster and to produce a film<br />I used Photoshop to produce an article and poster because it allowed me to crop, place and create layers with ease. <br />I used Garageband to edit the soundtrack that had been sent to us, because it is the easiest program that produces professional sounding scores which can be imported to a film on Final Cut Pro<br />I used Final Cut Pro to produce my film because it is simple enough to use but produces professional looking work, with easy to use options and lots of effects and editing options that can be used. From this, the video can now be saved as a Quicktime and imported onto websites to distribute<br />
  7. 7. Distribution<br />I used websites to distribute the film as this is the option desired from our demographic<br />I posted links on Facebook so people can see the film<br />The film was posted on Youtube so it was open to the public to see<br />The film was posted on Vimeo so it was open for the public to view<br />
  8. 8. Negative points<br />However, relying entirely on technology does also have a lot of problems: Here are some I experienced personally:<br />Too many systems (Apple iMacs) connecting to one server, leading to computers going very slow and not responding<br />Faulty systems suddenly closing down and freezing, not saving changes on work<br />