Facebook Marketing for Events


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Shares, Likes
and Status Updates allow Facebook users to spread the word
about their interests and activities. And since events are a social
experience, what better way to promote them than via a
Social Network? Check out amiando's Facebook Marketing for Events Whitepaper.

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Facebook Marketing for Events

  1. 1. event registration & ticketing© amiando GmbHSuccessful FacebookMarketing for EventsContents: Page 2: Introduction – Facts and Figures Page 3-5: How – The best tools and strategies Page 6: Why – What’s in it for you? Page 7: Future Prospects – Challenges & Opportunities Page 8: References – Resources and Contact Europe’s leading tool for online event registration amiando GmbH I Sandstr. 33 I 80335 Munich I Germany Tel: +49 (89) 552 73 58-11 I en-offers@amiando.com I www.amiando.com
  2. 2. event registration & ticketingIntroduction – Facts and FiguresWe all have a routine when we go online with around 7 web- How Facebook can help you to gain maximumpages we always visit. At least one of these is bound to be a publicity for your event,Social Network page. As the most powerful Social Network,Facebook not only keeps millions of people around the globe Why you should not miss out on using Face-connected, it has also become a crucial marketing channel for book as a channel for marketing your event andbusinesses. If you can target your audience via their routinewebsites, you’re exactly where you need to be. Shares, Likes What the future of Event Marketing holds forand Status Updates allow Facebook users to spread the word you, including challenges and opportunitiesabout their interests and activities. And since events are a so-cial experience, what better way to promote them than via aSocial Network? In the following, we show you:Social Media Facts: Facebook Facts:How important is Social Media as a marketing Which social media channels are most usedtool for event organizers? for promoting events? 2 billion internet users 84% 800 million Facebook users 61% 47% 44% 35% 35% 7% Facebook Twitter Xing YouTube LinkedIn Blogs MySpace Significant part of people’s lives is now spent online Number 1 social network 2 billion online users, meaning a huge potential audience 2nd most visited website and 2nd largest source of user traffic to other sites Social Media offers an engaging two-way communication process 800 million active users of which 50% log on every day People are likely to show interest in something their Average user has 230 friends and is connected to 80 pa- friends have recommended ges, groups and events Of the 1000 event organizers we questioned, 72% con- 30 billion pieces of content shared each month sidered Social Media to be important or very important for event marketing amiando – Europe’s online tool for event registration 2
  3. 3. event registration & ticketingHow – The Best Tools and StrategiesEvent Marketing with a Facebook Fan Page / Facebook Event is suitable for: Small, medium and Events for which you wish Events you wish to large-scale events people to RSVP on Facebook promote for free Facebook Fan Page Facebook EventHow To How To1. Go to http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php 1. Go to http://www.facebook.com/events/create2. Select a category (e.g. company, brand) 2. Select an event name, date, location and image3. Choose a profile picture, enter the basic info and 3. Select guests and post the event on your fan page get fans by inviting friends or importing contacts to let non-friends joinBest Practices Best Practices Build your Network – to ensure popularity Be Eye-Catching – always include a recognizable image Be Eye-Catching – use a recognizable image and slogan Stay Active – Update regularly and send a reminder in the run up to your event Keep it fresh – Update regularly with relevant content Viral Marketing – Encourage attendees to comment on, Viral Marketing3 – Encourage fans to comment on your RSVP to and share your event – this will appear in their page and share it – it will then appear in their friends’ friends’ newsfeeds newsfeeds Post-event marketing – Get attendees to post on your Monitor your popularity, e.g. using Facebook Insights4 page after your event or an external provider such as AllFacebook Stats5 amiando – Europe’s online tool for event registration 3
  4. 4. event registration & ticketingHow – The Best Tools and StrategiesEvent Marketing with Facebook Social Ticketing is suitable for: Small, medium and lar- Events requiring registration Events with an existing ge-scale events requi- forms (e.g. conferences) or Facebook Fan Page ring payment handling ticket sales (e.g. concerts) Facebook Ticket Shop How To 1. Go to 1. 2. Activate your 2. 3. Click on ‘Add to 3. 4. Your ticket shop 4. 5. Almost done! 5. www.amiando.com, event, then go to my Page’, select the will now be integrated. Select your amiando log on and create Facebook’s page you wish to Log on using your event from the list. your amiando event amiando Social integrate, then click amiando account Your Facebook Ticket Ticketing page6 on ‘Add to Page’ Shop is now ready Best Practices Engage your audience visually and include relevant and interesting information surrounding your event Update regularly and encourage attendees to buy, share and ‘like’ – this will appear in their network’s newsfeed For maximum user traffic, post your ticket shop on your Facebook Fan Page or external homepage Use amiando’s Viral Tickets7 and get people to recommend their friends for your event – it’s a win-win situation as they’ll both receive a discount Advertise your Ticket Shop with Facebook Ads to target specific audiences (see next page) amiando – Europe’s online tool for event registration 4
  5. 5. event registration & ticketingHow – The Best Tools and StrategiesEvent Marketing via Facebook Ads suitable for: Medium to large-scale Events whose marketing Events with an external web- events you are willing to pay for page or Facebook Ticket Shop you wish to promote Facebook Ads People living in France Aged 18-40 Interested in IT & Social Media How To 1. Go to www.facebook.com/ 1. 2. Enter your event’s URL 2. 3. Define your target 3. 4. Set your daily budget 4. advertising and click on ‘Crea- and select a title, text body audience (by location, for the ad; Fb will suggest te an Advert’ and image age, gender, ‘likes’) a bid amountBest Practices 77% 66% Identify your goals and tailor your strategy: are you trying to 60% 59% drive ticket sales or create awareness of your event/brand? 51% 44% 45% 40% Keep your ad text short, catchy and relevant 37% 28% 22% Stand out by using an ad image which people will 17% recognize and remember 6% 3% Change and rotate your event ads regularly – don’t display the same ad again and again ss m n y ls s er alt ale tio ne iu oth ne loy ed era ts an are nm ke ch en r Monitor your ad campaign’s success and make continuous me aw tic dg t tio or sto adjustments to gain the maximum ROI – use Fb’s guidelines8 se se pp ica lea rea cu rea su un for this inc se inc mm w rea ne co inc Use a Facebook Social Plug-In9 for your external event page w ne allowing attendees to post on your event website and via their own Facebook account Comparison: Defined social media goals vs. realized goals amiando – Europe’s online tool for event registration 5
  6. 6. event registration & ticketing Why – The Benefits of Facebook MarketingA Network of Marketing Tools = Promontion facebook Ads External facebook facebook event registration & ticketing Ticket Shop Event Event via Page / Fan Website Page event registration & ticketing Free – interaction for both you and your attendees Exposure – Reach a huge audience and increase the (with the exception of Facebook Ads) potential for qualified leads Fast – Shares, ‘likes’ and status updates can help you Measurable – Track how many people are sharing go viral within minutes your event and measure the generated value Flexible – Update and adjust any time at no additional cost Network Effect – the more people use FB, the more valuable it becomes to both users and businesses Specific – Target your audience (e.g. with Facebook Ads) amiando – Europe’s online tool for event registration 6
  7. 7. event registration & ticketing Prospects – Challenges and OpportunitiesMobile Ads10 Facebook is not for Businesses?65 million people now Many businesses are still opposed to theuse a mobile device to idea of marketing via a social media platform.access FB and Mobile FB’s fan base is growing, however, and evenAds are becoming in- your conference guests are likely to have ancreasingly important – account. The rapidly increasing number ofconsider Mobile Ads for business pages is a testimony to this deve-marketing your event! lopment.Check into an Event The Loyalty FactorFacebook is innovating its FB’s two-way communicationfeatures every day. Now, channel allows you to buildpeople can check into events close and lasting relationships(not just official locations) with with your customers. Consi-their phones – this way, par- der a loyalty program whichticipants promote your eventwhile it’s happening, creating rewards fans who visit or com- ment on your page regularly, 1.248a real-time marketing effect. e.g. through FB credits11.Growing CompetitionSocial Media Networks represent an increasingly competitivelandscape for businesses. Money is no longer the most impor-tant factor for successful marketing. Anybody can build theirbrand at no or little cost by using the right strategy. Make yourevent a true success by posting regular and relevant contentand engaging your audience! amiando – Europe’s online tool for event registration 7
  8. 8. event registration & ticketingReferences & ResourcesReferences:1 amiando Social Media Report: http://www.amiando.com/resources2 Facebook Fan Page: Promote your brand/event; get ideas on:http://www.facebook.com/pages/browser.php3 Viral Marketing: A marketing technique which uses social networks to increase brandawareness through a self-replicating ‘viral’ process, i.e. word of mouth promotion4 Facebook Insights: http://www.facebook.com/help/search/insights5 AllFacebook Stats: https://www.allfacebookstats.com/6 Facebook Social Ticketing Page: http://info.amiando.com/facebook_app7 amiando Viral Tickets: http://www.amiando.com/info/viralTickets.html8 Facebook Ads Guidelines: http://on.fb.me/ads-guidelines9 Social Plug-In: http://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/10 Mobile Ads: http://facebookadtactics.com/category/facebook-mobile-advertising/11 Facebook Credits: http://www.facebook.com/help/creditsFor further information visit:amiando: http://www.amiando.comamiando features: http://www.amiando.com/features Or call us on +49 89 552 73 58-11.amiando press: http://newsroom.amiando.com We’ll show you how it works oramiando blog: http://blog.amiando.com do it for you.amiando facebook: http://facebook.com/amiandoAbout event registration & ticketing amiando is a pioneer in online event Contact amiando Germany registration and ticketing. Since its Dennis von Ferenczy foundation in 2006, amiando has Sandstraße 33, 80335 Munich become a leading software-as-a- Phone: +49 89 5 52 73 58 32 service platform for professional dennis.ferenczy@amiando.com events.  Contact amiando UK amiando’s products help event Spencer Cohen organizers to reach a professional 1 Fetter Lane, London EC4A 1BR level of event organization which, Phone: +44 0203 002 8026until now, was only reserved for large corporations and spencer.cohen@amiando.comevent agencies. All tools are online-based and immedia-tely available for use, without the need for software ins- Contact amiando Francetallation. Over 100,000 event organizers worldwide use Verena Gladiatoramiando, including prestigious names such as Facebook, Le Tank, 50 Rue de la Montreuil, 75011 ParisBMW, UNESCO, and Telefónica O2. Phone: +33 143 14 46 25 verena.gladiator@amiando.comamiando has been awarded numerous prizes for its inno-vative products, among them the “Technology Pioneer of Contact amiando Asia Pacific2010” at the World Economic Forum, and the “eco Inter- Boris Barrecknet Award” as the best business client portal.  amiando Silver Fortune Plaza, 19/F, 1 Wellington Streethas been part of XING AG since December 2010, an ope- Central Hong Kongrator of the business network XING. Phone: +852 3182 75 11 boris.barreck@amiando.com amiando – Europe’s online tool for event registration 8