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mobile application development


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World is going Mobile.. Don't be left behind..

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mobile application development

  1. 1. It is a Mobile world..397.1 million workers will be mobile by 20121.19 billion workers worldwide will be using mobile technology by 2013US $168.8 Billion is the expected Global Market for Enterprise Mobility for 2015US $14 billion to $23 billion, is the expected market for field mobility solutions for2015Sources: Gartner, Prweb, Forrester Research
  2. 2. Mobility increases productivity... Here is how 
  3. 3. I am networked withmy colleaguesanytime, anywhere. .
  4. 4. I am able to make decisionsinstantly with the power ofmobility ….
  5. 5. I am happy being connected tothe global sales team anytime,anywhere….
  6. 6. I am happy to be connected to mycustomers anytime, anywhere..Mobility has bought us closer tocustomers, employees, partnersand global market ..My reports and dashboards arealways at fingertips.Going mobile has helped us grow inthe industry giving the competitiveedge..
  7. 7. Mobility: Gateway to future of service excellence
  8. 8. Looking to ‘GO Mobile’Presenting the ‘Quadrants of Mobile Strategy’
  9. 9. Enterprise Mobility strategy is about aligning Business Objectives with the needs of targeted user base.Successful mobility implementation is about choosing the right Mobility platform by implementing AMI’s legacy to Mobility Framework. Business objectives Target user base • Increase productivity • Work force • Customer Management • Sales force • Enhance BI • Customers • More Mobility • Consumers Quadrants of Mobile Strategy IT Objective Choice of Delivery Platform Implement AMI’s legacy to • Android Mobility Framework • iOS • RIM
  10. 10. Going mobile the AMI way.. AMI’s MACG(Mobile application consulting group) provides complete mobile solutions from BSP porting to Application development leveraging our technological expertise in multiple platforms & IT Objective Implement AMI’s legacy to frameworks. Mobility Framework AMI’s Mobile Framework supports rapid integration of applications to mobile to meet mobility needs of your industry.
  11. 11. How mobility works? AMI AMI Mobile Mobile Framework Framework
  12. 12. Why AMI Mobile Framework? Easily extend the Enterprise Applications to Smartphones Rapid Mobile Application Development & Proof of Concept Supports Location based solution integration Rapid porting of applications across various mobile platforms 40% to 50% rapid implementation, in turn faster ROI Freedom to access information anytime, anywhere
  13. 13. AMI’s Mobile Delivery Methodology AMI project delivery life cycle
  14. 14. AMI’s Mobile Delivery Methodology AMI project delivery life cycle
  15. 15. AMI - Mobilization Casestudy
  16. 16. CasestudyIndustry: BankingSAAB easily monitors field service operations by going mobileBUSINESS CHALLENGE• Monitor Service engineers working at sites• Secured application for financial transactions through mobile• Send data over wireless network• Scan barcodes in packages and receiptsROOT CAUSE• No automated tools to track the BI• Supporting users across multiple locations had constraints• Integration of existing app to mobile is a challenge SOLUTION DELIVERED IMPACT Solution to Improve Operational Efficiency  Real time tracking is possible Implemented mobile application in PDA  Alert notification is received in case of emergency  Easy to use and very intuitive interface  Mobile app communicates with backend to update current  Implemented secured windows service through PDA status of engineers.  Remote management tools improved productivity and  Management gets access to variety of information easily efficiency through reports.  Easy to use and low maintenance application
  17. 17. CasestudyIndustry: HealthcareIC Science connects more users to the healthcare forum by going mobileBUSINESS CHALLENGE• Create a user friendly mobile application which has user interface of online version of the forum• Use a secured application gateway since healthcare data are critical and confidential.• Send data over wireless network• Provide access to Facebook app of IC ScienceROOT CAUSEMaking the app flexible for iPhone and iPad users.Provide access to multiple users at same time.Integration of existing app to mobile with same UI is a challenge.SOLUTION DELIVERED IMPACT  Users can view and participate in the forums library ofAMI has developed a iPhone application which replicatesmost of the Facebook and forum functionalities with user clinical cases, images and videosfriendly user interface.  Upload clinical images and videos to share it with healthcare community The users will receive notifications on all clinical activities  The forum has more networking, more data access and happening in the industry more users. Easy to use and flexible mobile application.
  18. 18. SUMMARY Mobile Computing is the Way of Future AMI has 25 years of dependable and proven experience AMI can help organizations implement effective Mobile migration Strategy AMI’s core frameworks (Mobile Apps and Telematics) are industry proven Right Sized Company that listens to customers and develops quality solutions.
  19. 19. Please, don’t get left behind….
  20. 20. NEXT STEPS
  21. 21. We look forward to hear from you to be the trusted Mobility Partners.. I I