Role of Money Power in Elections


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A detail analysis of the role that MONEY played in election process

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Role of Money Power in Elections

  1. 1. Presented by:- Amit Roy Manvi Singh
  2. 2. Some Proverbs… “Silver key opens every door” “Money, money, money; brighter than sunshine and sweeter than honey” “Money is power, freedom, a cushion, the root of all evil, the sum of blessings”. – (Carl Sandburg).
  3. 3. Is money is needed for doing goodor bad in elections? Initially the elections were not costly : Rs 10 crore in the first General Election Scenario now has changed : In 1998 - Rs 666 crore, In 1999 – Rs 880 crore and in 2004 1300 crore. Expenses limit : The limit for a Lok Sabha candidate is Rs 25 lakh and Rs 10 lakh for an Assembly candidate.
  4. 4. Is money is needed for doing goodor bad in elections? Majority of the people are poor or middle class. Money has only two uses in Indian elections Three-fourths of our parliamentarians are either associated with crime or suspected of criminal associations
  5. 5. Some Facts… million, you are 75 times If you are worth Rs.50 more likely towin the elections to the Lok Sabha than if you are worth underRs.1 million. Twenty – three out of 64 cabinet ministers’ assets fall in theRs.50 million plus category. The 543 MPs of the current Lok Sabha are worth Rs.80 billion.
  6. 6. Media, Money And Elections The month long general election beginning April 16 will witness an outlay of something like 100 billion rupees (two billion dollars). About 20 billion rupees will be spent by the nationalElection Commission and state government on organizing the actual Polling. a matter of serious concern and of far reaching consequences which has surfaced in this year’s parliamentary election is “paid news syndrome”.
  7. 7. Media, Money And Elections CMS estimating that as much as 20 billion rupees has been for “unofficial” cash purchases of individual votes on the even of balloting. The blatant misuse of print and electronic media by political parties and candidates and also about the media which allowed itself to be abused by them.
  8. 8. Conclusion Finally, as a matter of reality in political economic accounting, it should be said that MONEY has only one role during pre- election/election/post-election: as a capital investment for politicians to earn more profits for themselves and for their hangers-on!MONEY is the BANE of our CULTURE!
  9. 9. Referances Inaugural address by Hon’ble Justice G.N. Ray at Seminar on ‘Role of Money Power in Elections” on 8th August, 2009 organised by Kerala Journalists’ Union, Palakkad, Kerala. Report of P. Sainath.