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Lyric Extended-Wear Hearing Aids


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An overview of the Lyric hearing device

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Lyric Extended-Wear Hearing Aids

  1. 1. Lyric Extended-Wear Hearing AidsIf you have mild to moderate hearing loss but refuse to considerwearing hearing aids because you don’t like how they look orhave heard they are uncomfortable to wear, the staff at AmericanHearing & Balance thinks Lyric may be the solution for you.It was during my training to become a Lyric provider that Iinstantly recognized its potential appeal to those who were delaying the purchase of hearing aids primarily due to cosmetic issues. The Lyric’s deep placement within the ear canal eliminates that objection completely while working with the ear’s anatomy to deliver exceptional sound quality. The Lyric is also an “extended- wear” hearing device. While traditional hearing instrumentsmust be removed daily, the Lyric can be worn 24 hours a day, 7days a week for up to 4 months at a time. You can even wear itduring most of your daily activities including showering,exercising and sleeping.The Lyric is also unique in that it is sold on an annual subscriptionbasis. When it comes time to replace your Lyric, you will receive acompletely new device, ensuring you are always wearing themost up-to-date Lyric available.
  2. 2. Since I began fitting the Lyric I have been very pleased with thefeedback I have received from my patients. Perhaps the Lyrichearing aid, combined with the expertise and support of ourSonus staff, is the solution you’ve been looking for as well. For More Information, Call American Hearing & Balance At: (310) 773-4453 Or Visit Us At: