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  1. 1. SEQC April Monthly The ‘Feel Good’ Quiz QM : Ameya (The ‘a’ is still silent) Rules: ● <Infinite pounce> <break> <infinite bounce> ● +10/-5, variations would be intimated. ● Most of the questions are fresh out of the oven, with some of them really wacky! (Don’t stone me). The QM credits all original sources for the ‘inspirations’. ● QM is no God and his decisions are open for deliberation. Negative criticism welcome, positive doubly so, and applause triply so.
  2. 2. ● ● Google ‘very recently’ introduced this video about Gmail Tap on its website. It is a binary language that only uses two characters -- dots and dashes, making it easy to learn for everyone enabling the smartphone users to Tap without looking at your screen replacing 26 default keys with 2 and hence doubling the productivity by typing two emails at once. Give the funda behind this video on Gmail site. Fast.. Run.. Happy April Fool’s Day Guys!
  3. 3. ● ● ● ● ● ● WHAT: What makes you beautiful one direction; WHERE: where do you go no mercy; WHEN: Whenever wherever; HOW: How to kiss. What is the top option one would get if one entered the question “why” on the Youtube search box? Why this Kolaveri di
  4. 4. ● ● List any 5 flags that you see in here. 1. France 2. Thailand 3. Indonesia 4. Finland 5. Poland 6. Norway
  5. 5. ● This frame appeared on one of the earlier version of facebook. Who is the person depicted in it?
  6. 6. ● ● ● what is ‘bird-of-mouth'? A slang term referring to the use of Twitter to circulate news and information. Tweet!!! Tweet!!!
  7. 7. ● ● Some of the lyrics of this quite popular Bollywood song mean the follow. Just sing the song for me. Who are you? Where have you been? I moved heaven and earth and not find you but you arrive today... So suddenly and give meaning to my life with your love do not look away, stay close to me i will never understand the meaning of the words you dedicate to me but the warmth of your gaze Makes me like the most beautiful miss
  8. 8. ● ● X has written for the British magazines Car, Octane, Evo, and "SuperClassics", a short-lived UK magazine, in which he reviewed the McLaren F1 in 1995. X holds a lorry driving licence, gained in 1981, because lorries held a fascination for him. X has said he will not own is a Porsche: "I have a problem with Porsches. They're wonderful cars, but I know I could never live with one. Somehow, the typical Porsche people—and I wish them no ill—are not, I feel, my kind of people. I don't go around saying that Porsches are a pile of dung, but I do know that psychologically I couldn't handle owning one.”
  9. 9. ● ● Only five persons till date have been awarded honorary life membership of the Madras Cricket Club. Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, Leander Paes, Mahesh Bhupathi are four of them. Who's the fifth ‘Non Residential Madrasi’? Nasser Hussain
  10. 10. ● ● Earl of Chester, Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Carrick, Baron Renfrew, Lord of the -Isles, Great Steward of Scotland. What is missing? Prince of Wales, the titles of Prince Charles
  11. 11. ● ● Google Doodle commemorating Heinrich Rudolf Hertz’s 155th birthday The waves form a repeating pattern: There’s a large blue curve, followed by a shallow red, shallow yellow, deep blue, skinny green, and one final red curve. Those lines match the general shape of Google’s traditional logo: Uppercase blue G, small Os, a lowercase g, a skinny green L, and a red E
  12. 12. ● These two individuals hold a distinct rank in the Army which is seldom awarded to any officer. Identify both indivuals, their rank and how does the rank differ from any other ranks in the army. ● Field Marshals of India. Gen. Kodandera Madappa Cariappa and Gen. Sam Manekshaw Field Marshal is the only position that one holds for life, with all other ranks retiring following 30 years of service. ● ●
  13. 13. ● ● What are these type of? D, C, AAAA, A23, CR2032, LR44 (list not exhaustive)
  14. 14. ● ● ● ● ● Only bowler in cricketing history to take four wickets in four consecutive balls. Only bowler in cricketing history to take three hat-tricks. Only bowler with two World Cup hat tricks. Also holds the record for most wickets taken in a single IPL season. Lasith Malinga
  15. 15. Batman Equation
  16. 16. ● ● He holds a Master of Arts degrees in History and Political Science & has a degree in law from the University of Calcutta. He has been an advocate and a college teacher in his long public career. In 2011 he was awarded a honorary Doctor of Letters degree by University of Wolverhampton. He began his career as a college-teacher and later as a journalist. He worked for noted Bengali publication Desher Dak (Call of Motherland). He also became trustee of Bangiya Sahitya Parishad and later President of Nikhil Bharat Banga Sahitya Sammelan. Name him. Pronob da ☺
  17. 17. ● ● While browsing the net you often encounter a Captcha. Can you tell me what a captcha is? It is an acronym for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. This test actually determines or confirms that you are a human when you sign up or subscribe to services like mailing groups.
  18. 18. ● ● If Behenji has her way, what 4 new states we can expect to see? Purvanchal, Bundelkhand, Awadh Pradesh(Central UP) and Paschim Pradesh(Harit Pradesh)
  19. 19. ● ● ● ● ● He was born on 3rd march 1955 at Amritsar into a Sikh family. He graduated from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh in Punjab, as an electrical engineer. He founded the "Hawala Party" and got it registered with the Election Commission. He was famous for his street plays like his Nonsense Club during his college days. Most of these plays were spoofs ridiculing corruption in society. Before venturing out into television, he was a cartoonist for the Tribune newspaper in Chandigarh. He is most well known for his television series Flop Show and mini capsules Ulta Pulta which ran on Doordarshan, India's national television network, in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award, at the first Golden Kela Awards. Jaspal Bhatti
  20. 20. ● ● ● ● ● He was elected Member of Parliament 5 times between 1974 and 1999. He has twice represented the city of Mumbai North East during 1977 and 1980, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu in the Parliament. Indira Gandhi discredited him as 'Santa Claus with unrealistic ideas'. He was perhaps the first Opposition Party member to be given a Cabinet rank post by the ruling party in 1994, when he was appointed as Chairman of the Commission on Labour Standards and International Trade by P. V. Narasimha Rao. He is a published author of several books, research papers and journals. Eg: Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi - Unanswered Questions and Unasked Queries; Kailas and Manasarovar after 22 years in Shiva's domain; Corruption and Corporate Governance in India: Satyam, Spectrum & Sundaram; Electronic voting machines: unconstitutional and tamperable; He is father of Suhasini Haider, the latter a senior editor at CNN-IBN Subramaniam Swamy
  21. 21. Band of Brothers ● ● If Roosevelt, Ciabro, Alveranz and Kennedy are the other four, who are the famous two? Mr. Churchill Alemao Mr. Joaquim Alemao Mr. Ciabro Alemao Late Mr. Alveranz Alemao Mr. Roosevelt Alemao Mr. Kennedy Alemao
  22. 22. ● ● Badruddin Jamaluddin Kazi was discovered by Balraj Sahni. He screen tested as a drunkard and did it so well that Guru Dutt promptly bestowed on him the name X, after the famous brand of Scotch whisky. The irony was that X remained teetotaler all his life. Johny Walker
  23. 23. ● ● ● ● ● If Smita was silky what would be Kamini, Padmini, Revathi, and Nalini. Put in the adjectives for each of these southern sirens. Cotton Kamini, Polyester Padmini, Rayon Revathi, Nylon Nalini
  24. 24. ● ● X is the 450 metric tonne floating crane, the largest of its kind in India. It had been used in the salvage operation of the marooned vessel at candolim “River princess”. ‘Himmat’
  25. 25. ● ● ● ● ● ● ● A: Bill Fairbanks, who was killed whilst in the arms of a bellydancer in Beirut in 1969. B: Killed in Siberia while carrying a microchip which was smuggled out of a Soviet factory. Said microchip is inside a locket, together with a photograph which implies that he has a wife and child. C: Murdered by a supposed KGB assassin during an exercise on Gibraltar. D: Alec Trevelyan. Believed killed by Russian Colonel Ourumov during an attack on the Arkhangel chemical warfare facility in the late 80s. However, he later reappeared as head of the Janus organisation. E: Killed by Mishka and Grishka, the knife-throwing twins in West Berlin, making a spectacular entrance to the British Embassy dressed as a clown and carrying a Fabergé egg. Whos is the more famous one than these enlisted above?? Agent 007 - James Bond (the list that of Agent 002 through 006)
  26. 26. ● ● What does this logo stand for? YVES SAINT LAURENT
  27. 27. ● ● ● Connect: Ananthavijaya, Paundraka, Devadatta, Sughosha and Manipushpaka. Conches of the Pandavas
  28. 28. Connect: Operational metro service in India: Kolkata metro, Delhi Metro, Namma Metro- Bangalore
  29. 29. ● ● What is special about the following sentence: "I do not know where family doctors acquired illegibly perplexing handwriting nevertheless, extraordinary pharmaceutical intellectuality counterbalancing indecipherability, transcendentalizes intercommunications' incomprehensibleness"? This is the longest sentence in English language in which the Nth word contains N letters [I guess, the shortest such sentence is "I am."]
  30. 30. ● ● About what logo did its designer Peter Scott, remark: 'We wanted an animal that is beautiful and one loved by many people in this world for its appealing qualities. We also wanted an animal that had impact with black and white printing to save money on printing costs ? Chi-Chi - the Panda -mascot of WWF
  31. 31. ● What’s common to Anthropophagus, Slubberdelugians, Guanogatherers, Certified Diplodocuses and Dunderheaded Coconuts? ● These are some original insults from Captain Haddock.
  32. 32. ● ● When I went to Malaysia, I often saw such arrows on the ceilings and/or at other prominent places in the hotel rooms. These are called as The Qiblah (Arabic for direction), also transliterated as Qibla, Kiblah, Kible, Kiblat or Kibla. What does it indicate? It is the direction that should be faced when a Muslim prays during salah. It is fixed as the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca.
  33. 33. ● ● What is a ‘moonbow’? A moonbow (also known as a lunar rainbow, white rainbow, lunar bow, or space rainbow) is a rainbow produced by light reflected off the surface of the moon rather than from direct sunlight. Moonbows are relatively faint, due to the smaller amount of light reflected from the surface of the moon.
  34. 34. ● ● Both the bahus have names that comprise the same four letters of them alphabet. Name and Connect them to an Indian business house. Tina and Nita Ambani of Reliance Group
  35. 35. ● ● Its turnover is at least an estimated Rs.250,000 crores, a survey conducted by found, and could be a $1 trillion industry soon.' India is a leading player in this industry. Which industry? Corruption and Bribe-taking
  36. 36. ● ● What precious gemstone is associated with the 45th wedding anniversary?. Sapphire
  37. 37. ● ● G.R.O.S.S., which stands for Get Rid Of Slimy girlS, is a club which consists only of two members: X and Y. The club was created in the garage of their house, which led to the pushing and crashing of X's parents' car, thus changing the club's location to X's treehouse. They hold meetings to attempt to annoy Z. Notable actions include planting a fake secret tape near her in attempt to draw her in to a trap, trapping her in a closet at their house, and creating elaborate water balloon traps. X gave himself and Y important positions in the club, X being "Dictator-for-Life" and Y being "President-and-First-Tiger". Calvin and Hobbes
  38. 38. ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● It comes with the following configuration: Cortex A8, 700 Mhz Processor with HD Video Co Processor 256 MB RAM Storage: (Internal) 2GB Flash / (External) 2GB to 32GB Supported Peripherals: 2 Standard USB Ports (Ver. 2.0) Audio Out: 3.5mm jack Display and Resolution: 7" Display with 800x480 pixels Supported Document Formats: All Version Office Document formats and many more High Quality Video Streaming & HD Quality Video Playback Input Devices: Resistive Touch Screen What device? Aakash Tablet
  39. 39. ● ● The Annals of Improbable Research (also known as AIR) is a science humor magazine, full of genuine, improbable research. What is sponsored by this magazine? The Ignobel prizes
  40. 40. ● ● ● Connect: (List not exhaustive) Kapil Dev, Mohan Lal, MS Dhoni, Abhinav Bindra and Dr Anil Hibbu Civilians awarded ranks in the territorial army
  41. 41. ● ● This is the flag of the most remote inhabited island in the world. Flag of Easter Island
  42. 42. ● ● He is the only player to have played in four Olympics (1992, 1996, 2000, and 2004), four World Cups (1990, 1994, 1998, and 2002), four Champions Trophies (1995, 1996, 2002, and 2003), and four Asian Games (1990, 1994, 1998, and 2002). He was the only Indian player to figure in the World Eleven side during the 1994 World Cup at Sydney. Which Indian player? Dhanraj Pillay
  43. 43. ● ● This is the Cosmos Club in Washington DC. It used to be a on Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C. earlier, and it was at that location that 33 explorers and scientists met in January 1888 to organize "a society for the increase and diffusion of _____ knowledge.". What was the outcome of that meeting? The National Geographic Society was born
  44. 44. ● ● Connect to the automobile industry Limousin and Sedan
  45. 45. ● ● The membership of this club is fixed at 7000. Any death or non-renewal of membership for two years vacant a place for a new member. There are two kinds of memberships that are currently being offered to the people - Ordinary / Tennis membership and Life Membership. The Annual Membership fees are Rs.3000 (Registration Fee) and Rs. 261 (Annual Fee). For a Life Membership, you need to pay Rs. 12250 (Registration Fee) and Rs. 3 (Annual Subscription Fee). Which club are we talking about? Mohun Bagan
  46. 46. ● ● A new online game in India called 'x' which seeks to highlight the problem of illegal dowry demands for women by online matchmaker -inspired by the hugely popular "Angry Birds" game -- sees players attack prospective grooms greedy for dowry with a variety of weapons, from a brick-red stiletto to a broomstick. The three grooms, an engineer, a doctor and a pilot, dodge the attacks while demanding dowries starting 1.5 million rupees. Each time a player hits a groom, he or she wins money towards a virtual anti-dowry fund. Angry Brides
  47. 47. ● ● This Goan (born January 17, 1939) is a former Pakistani cricketer who played in six Tests from 1959 to 1962. He was the fourth Christian to play Test cricket for Pakistan. He was a medium pace bowler and tail-end obdurate batsman. He toured England in 1962, heading the batting averages (53) as he remained not out in five of his six innings. Antao D’Souza
  48. 48. ● X was a Portuguese Renaissance Sephardi Jewish physician and naturalist. He was a pioneer of tropical medicine. He sailed for India in 1534 as Chief Physician aboard the fleet of the Viceroy Martim Afonso de Sousa. He travelled with the Viceroy on various campaigns, then, in 1538, settled at Goa, where he soon had a prominent medical practice. He was physician to Burhan Shah I of the Nizam Shahi dynasty of Ahmadnagar, and concurrently to several successive Portuguese Viceroys and governors of Goa: one of these granted him a lease of the island of Bombay, though he never lived there. ● Garcia de Orta
  49. 49. ● ● As per Wikipedia, what is the nickname of the Indian National Football Team? Blue Tigers
  50. 50. ● ● ● ● ● He debuted with K. Vijaya Bhaskar's Tujhe Meri Kasam (2003), but it was not until 2004 that he achieved success. He appeared in the commercially successful comedy, and then in critically acclaimed Bardaasht. He hosted the IIFA Awards three times (2008–2010) with Boman Irani and Lara Dutta in 2009 and 2010, He also hosted the 2011 IIFA Awards once again in Toronto along with Boman Irani He is the son of the Union Minister for Science, Technology and Earth Sciences, Government of India. Ritesh Deshmukh
  51. 51. ● ● According to the 149th chapter of Anushasanaparva in the epic Mahabharata, the names were handed down to Yudhisthira by the famous warrior Bhishma who was on his death bed at the battle of Kurukshetra. Which names? The 1000 names of Vishnu in the form of the Vishnu Sahasranaamam.
  52. 52. ● ● Where an umpire has deemed a fielder to be guilty of ball-tampering, what are the immediate action taken by the umpire? Where an umpire has deemed a fielder to be guilty of ball-tampering, five penalty runs are awarded to the batting side, and the ball must be immediately replaced. The replaced ball is normally chosen by the umpires, in which case the ball chosen should match the condition of the previous ball (before tampering) as closely as possible. Depending on additional agreements laid out before the beginning of a series of matches, the batsmen may be instead permitted to choose the ball from a selection of balls in various stages of use.
  53. 53. ● ● If you heat a piece of Calcium Oxide (CaO) in a flame of burning oxygen and hydrogen, you will get an intense light. This was widely used in 19th century theatres to illuminate the stage and was first used in a public theatre at Covent Garden in London in 1837 and gave rise to a phrase in the English language. Which phrase? In the Limelight
  54. 54. ● ● This is a painting showing the bombardment of Fort McHenry by the British. Vice-Admiral John Sheridan (c.1778 – 15 May 1862) was an officer of the Royal Navy who saw service in most of the major conflicts of the early nineteenth century, including the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, the AngloRussian War and the War of 1812. Promoted to commander, he took the bomb vessel HMS Terror to North America and was present at the assault on Fort McHenry during the Battle of Baltimore. Something resulted as a consequence of his witnessing the above bombardment of Fort McHenry. What was it? He wrote a poem describing the battle and the poem ultimately
  55. 55. ● ● ● ● ● ● ● “…my indifference is boundless,” “…it makes my gorge rise,” “…I don’t give a hoot,” “…nothing could interest me less,” “…I just don’t care.” These were the options before David Selznick. Instead he chose to pay a fine of $5000 and use the original line. What was the original line? “Frankly my dear…I don’t give a Damn,” the immortal last line of the film ‘Gone with the Wind’.
  56. 56. ● ● First announced before Baselworld 2010 trade show and officially launched on November 25th, 2010 in the legendary Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai, the new Borgeaud Septagraph automatic watch consists of half Roman and half Arabic numerals (a.k.a. a California dial.) What else is special about this watch? It also shows the “Rahu Kala”.
  57. 57. ● ● Today most of the Hindus in this state are adherents of an animistShaktism hybrid of Hinduism, which was the state religion under the kings who ruled this region. Brahmin priests (called chantais) are regarded as custodians of dharma and occupy an exalted position in this state's society. Important Gods are Shiva and Tripureshwari. Several fertility gods are also worshipped, such as LamPra (the twin deities of sky and sea), Mailu-ma (goddess of corn, identified with Lakshmi), Khulu-ma (goddess of the cotton plant), and Burhacha (god of healing). Which state are we talking about? Tripura
  58. 58. ● ● 21st May was Ascension Day which apparently took place on the Mount Olivet (the "Mount of Olives.") The Ascension rock shown in the picture is said to bear the imprint of a right foot. People believe that it is the right foot impression of......... whom? Of Jesus. The Christian doctrine of the Ascension holds that Jesus' body ascended to heaven in the presence of his apostles following his resurrection and this day is celebrated in the Christian world as Ascension Day.
  59. 59. ● ● Hyrule is a common fictional kingdom appearing in the Legend of Zelda video game series. The currency in this kingdom, apart from being used to purchase stuff, has other uses. These include ability to use arrows, ability to summon a fairy to increase the arsenal, powering the magical armour etc. The currency resembles hexagonal crystals/gems and green colored currency has the least value while gold/silver colored currency has the highest value. What is the name of currency? Rupee
  60. 60. ● ● In a base of dilute ethanol (70-90%), this perfume contains a mixture of citrus oils including oils of lemon, orange, tangerine, bergamot, lime, grapefruit and neroli. It can also contain oils of lavender, rosemary, thyme, petitgrain (orange leaf), and jasmine. It was launched in a German city in 1709 by Giovanni Maria Farina (1685-1766), an Italian perfumer from Santa Maria Maggiore Valle Vigezzo, Italy. In 1708, Farina wrote to his brother Jean Baptiste: "I have found a fragrance that reminds me of an Italian spring morning, of mountain daffodils and orange blossoms after the rain" and he named it after the German city. Which perfume? Eau de Cologne, named after the city of Cologne in Germany
  61. 61. ● ● Which term was coined by a Berlin Postal Official just because the word "Geheime Staats polizei" was too long to fit in a regulation size rubber stamp? GESTAPO
  62. 62. ● ● X is a song about a song. It tells the story of Diego, an afro-gypsy Rastafarian, who spends his evenings dancing to rap and hip-hop. Diego likes a popular 1979 tune, Rapper's Delight by Sugar Hill Gang. But he doesn't know the English words, so he pronounces them as gibberish. X is a Spanish phonetic translation for "I said a hip," taken from the Sugar Hill Gang song. Sing the song for me …. ☺ The original lyrics from Rapper's Delight are: "I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie / to the hip hip hop, a you don't stop / the rock it to the bang bang boogie / say up jumped the boogie / to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat." They became, in the Ketchup language, "Aserejé, ja de jé de jebe tu de jebere sebiunouva majabi an de bugui an de buididipí."
  63. 63. ● ● The Prime-Minister recently released the findings of the HUNGaMA survey. The Citizen’s Alliance, the Nandi Foundation, Mahindra & Mahindra and other partners & supporters of the Alliance carried out this very significant survey. The surveyors have reached more than 73,000 households in 112 districts across 9 states. What's the survey all about? Hunger and Malnutrition
  64. 64. ● ● This ITI-trained man from Jhajjar attendance at work averaged more than 98%; he won the best operator award and the managing director's trophy for best employee. His retrenchment package was alleged to be Rs. 1 crore. Sonu Gujjar – The union leader behind the Maruti Suzuki strike
  65. 65. ● ● The MGM logo features a roaring lion viz: Slats, Jackie, Tanner, George, Leo. In which MGM production is the lion replaced with another animal? Tom & Jerry
  66. 66. ● ● This word, related to the entertainment world and some other act ☺, means 'ladder' in Latin. 'Climax'
  67. 67. ● ● X is an anti-hero created by the Soviet children's writer Nikolay Nosov. X, recognized by his bright blue hat, canary-yellow trousers, orange shirt, and green tie, is the title character of Nosov's worldfamous trilogy. His names were translated differently in various languages: in Bengali as "Anari", in Spanish: Totu, in German: Nimmerklug. Dunno
  68. 68. Hint: Clarissa Luard, Marianne Wiggins, Elizabeth West, Padma Lakshmi ● Wives of Salman Rushdie ●
  69. 69. ● ● ● ● ● Z was a fan of the legendary K. L. Saigal. When Z died, his body was flown from USA to India by Lata Mangueshkar who inturn named YZ’ s son XYZ after an astronaut X. YZ was himself a big fan of X. X – Neil Armstrong Z – Mukesh YZ – Nitin Mukesh XYZ – Neil Nitin Mukesh
  70. 70. ● ● The history of corruption in postIndependence India starts with the X scandal in 1948. VK Krishna Menon, the then High Commissioner for India in London signed a deal with a foreign firm worth Rs 80 lakh for X for the Indian Army in Kashmir without observing normal procedure. What product was this Independent India's first scam was related to? Jeep
  71. 71. ● ● Akshat Singhal is a 17-year-old from Jaipur's St Anselms School. At 14, he had become a Microsoft certified systems engineer. He has developed software programmes for the Jaipur traffic police and Rajasthan governor's office. Singhal's science project, a software for web-based document management was selected as the best entry in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in 2002. In what manner was he felicitated thus making him only Indian to do so? He is the only Indian boy to have a planet "12599 Singhal" named after him by MIT.
  72. 72. ● ● Who are ‘typosquatters’? They're the ones who buy up domain names spelled similarly to those of real companies and take advantage of fat-fingered users
  73. 73. ● ● Connect Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter, J. J. Jackson and Martha Quinn The original video jockeys on MTV
  74. 74. ● ● ● X is the historical footwear of many Native American tribes and was also worn by hunters, traders and settlers. It’s made of deerskin or other soft leather. Its sole and sides are made of one piece, stitched together on top, sometimes with an additional panel or vamp. The sole is soft and flexible and the upper part is often adorned with embroidery, beading or other ornament. Mocassins
  75. 75. Connect ● ● ● ● How would you connect the following names? Olanda, Svezia, Belgio, Grecia, Italia, Gran Bretagna, Irlanda, Portogallo, Francia, Germania, Spagna, Austria, Polonia. Hint: A few of these are sub-water Costa Concordia layout consists of 13 decks
  76. 76. ● ● X is a well-known idiom in theatre which means "good luck." It is typically said to actors and musicians before they go on stage to perform. The origin of the phrase is obscure. The expression reflects a theatrical superstition in which wishing a person "good luck" is considered bad luck. The expression is sometimes used outside the theatre as superstitions and customs travel through other professions and then into common use. Among professional dancers, the phrase X is replaced with "merde". "break a leg"
  77. 77. ● ● Dubbed bollywood film with twins. It initially had a biological sounding name as it tells the story of twins. But later it was decided that the bio funda will not really strike the Indian audience. So the name was changed to some well known name which was similar sounding as the previous one. What? Jeans
  78. 78. ● ● ● This was a cracker of a letter written sometime in the 1940’s. Who wrote to whom? (I‘ve blanked out the key words) “ Apparently there is more than one way of conquering a city and holding it as your own... It seems that in 1471, Ferdinand Balboa ____ , your great-greatgrandfather, while looking for a shortcut to the city of Burbank, had stumbled on the shores of Africa and, raising his alpenstock (which he later turned in for a hundred shares of common), named it _________... You claim that you own _______ and that no one else can use that name without permission. What about “Brothers”? Do you own that too? …Professionally, we were brothers long before you were. We were touring the sticks as the ___ Brothers when Vitaphone was still a gleam in the inventor’s eye, and even before there had been other brothers - the Smith Brothers; the Brothers Karamazov; Dan Brothers, an outfielder with Detroit; and “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?” (This was originally “Brothers, Can You Spare a Dime?” but this was spreading a dime pretty thin, so they threw out one brother, gave all the money to the other one, and whittled it down to “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?”) “ Groucho Marx's letter to Warner brothers... when the later threatened to sue for the title of the film " Night in Casablanca " , Groucho said "We used the brothers much before you did"
  79. 79. ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● In mathematics and physics, it is used to denote the Hermitian adjoint of an operator In textual criticism and in some editions of works written before the invention of printing, it is used to enclose text that is believed not to be original. In biology, it next to a taxon name indicates that the taxon is extinct. In chess notation, it may be suffixed to a move to signify the move resulted in a check. In psychological statistics it is used to indicate that a difference between two figures isn't significant to a p<0.05 level, however is still considered a "trend" or worthy of note. On a cricket scorecard or team list, the it indicates the team's wicket-keeper. In military history, it is often placed next to the name of a commander who is killed in action. In philology, it indicates an obsolete form of a word or phrase.[20] In the early printings of the King James Bible a it is used to indicate a literal translation of a word or phrase is to be found in the margin. Typographical dagger
  80. 80. ● ● The members of the Muduvar tribe, which inhabits the mountain ranges around Valparai (Tamil Nadu) and Munnar (Kerala) in the Western Ghats, have a unique method for calculating their ages. What is it? They calculate their age with the blossoming of the Kurinji flower, which blooms only once every 12 years
  81. 81. ● ● Actinomycetes are a type of filamentous bacteria found in soil which thrive when conditions are damp and warm. However when dry conditions prevail, these form spores/cysts. Upon contact with moisture (which acts like an aerosol) these spores burst open resulting in what? This phenomenon is named after the fluid that is supposed to be flowing in the veins of Greek Gods. Petrichor - The smell of the earth after it rains.
  82. 82. ● ● Identify the male voice in the audio clip. Rajnikanth sang the song ‘Adikuthu Kuluru’ in the Tamil superhit 'Mannan'. Now yet again, Rajni is singing for his latest film 'Kochadaiyaan'
  83. 83. ● ● During the NOTW hearing, half-way through the two-and-a-half hour tense hearing that saw MPs grill Mr. Rupert Murdoch over how much he knew about the extent of hacking on the now defunct News of the World, Mr. Tom Watson, a senior Labour MP dramatically turned to him and asked if he was familiar with the code of “omerta”. What is Omerta? Omertà is a popular cultural attitude and code of honour that places heavy importance on a deep-rooted "code of silence", non-cooperation with authorities, and noninterference in the illegal (and legal) actions of others.
  84. 84. ● ● His step-brothers Nitin and Ajit and step-sister Savita were actually the children of his aunt (elder sister of his mother). This famous personality was the born when his father married the younger sister of his first wife after her death at very young age, as was the custom back then in some parts of the country. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar
  85. 85. ● ● X is a board game that is based on the ancient Cross and Circle game Pachisi. Players try to travel around the board with their pieces faster than any other player. Distributed by Parker Brothers, X is marketed for two to four players, ages six through adult. The game title comes from the many ways in which a player can negate the progress of another, while issuing an apologetic “X” Sorry!
  86. 86. ● ● There exists a standard operating procedure for the use of a fire-extinguisher. This acronym is used during safety trainings to help make sure one use it properly. ‘PASS’ as in passing the extinguisher
  87. 87. ● ● Google recently replaced Droid with Roboto. What am I talking about? The main new system font in its Android Operating System.
  88. 88. ● ● ● This is a set of research ethics principles for human experimentation formed as a outcome of the "doctors' trial“ first of the 12 war crimes trials for war crimes that the United States authorities held in their occupation zone in Germany after the end of World War II. It consists of 10 points and includes such principles as informed consent and absence of coercion; properly formulated scientific experimentation; and beneficence towards experiment participants. Nuremberg Code
  89. 89. ● ● ● ● A bridge between mainland Europe and Brazil would have to be 4,100 miles long, in a straight line across the Atlantic to Brittany. However, this 1,240-ft-long, cable-stayed bridge between the towns of Saint-Georges-de-l’Oyapock and Oiapoque across the Oyapock River will establish the first road link between X and Brazil, not to mention the first overland connection between the European Union and the Americas. A pepper (and a Porsche) named after its capital, Cayenne The notorious French penal colony of Devil’s Island was located off its shore; and it’s the site of the European Space Agency’s spaceport, at Kourou. and it’s the site of the European Space Agency’s spaceport, at Kourou. French Guiana
  90. 90. ● ● ● Siddharth Bhardhwaj is a popular Escort and the winner of MTV Splitsvilla 2 , a dating television reality show on MTV India . Siddharth entered as a wild card entry in the second week of bigg boss season 5 managed to reach Bigg Boss Season 5's Grand Finale and ended up as second runner up. However he popularly stands out for the tattoos he sport on his neck. What does those tattoos read? Karma and moksha
  91. 91. ● ● The motto of Hogwarts is 'Draco Dormiens Nunquam Tittilandus'. What does this mean? Never tickle a sleeping dragon.
  92. 92. ● ● ● Firms such as Entrustnet, Deathswitch, iCroak and Assetlock will act as your executor for $29.99 a year - or a one-time fee of $299.99. What kind of service they provide? Digital Will - digital executor to manage your social media for you when you die. Legacy Locker will take charge of your digital assets and social media accounts and only release the details to the person you have specified.
  93. 93. ● ● Louis McManus (May 31, 1898 – April 17, 1968) was an American television engineer, film editor, and designer of the 1930s and 1940s. During the 1930s, McManus worked primarily as an editor and edited many films and shorts, including those featuring ‘Laurel and Hardy’ and the ‘Our Gang’ characters. In addition to editing, he also designed the title cards for many films. He was awarded an Emmy (in the Special Award category) in 1948 (the first year awards were presented) for his work. He was, however, presented with a plaque as an award, not a statue. Why? The designer for the appearance of the Emmy award
  94. 94. ● ● X trucks are the most widely used medium-capacity trucks of the Indian Armed Forces. They were manufactured between 1959 and 1996 by the Vehicle Factory, Jabalpur, (VFJ) of the Indian Ordnance Factories Organization. Over 75000 units were produced over its lifetime, of which about 7000 remained in active service as of 2009. They are now being replaced in the Indian Army. Shaktimaan Trucks
  95. 95. ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● 8 from Algonquian 7 from Siouan 7 from Latin 5 from English 5 from Spanish 3 from Iroquoian 3 from French 2 from Choctaw 1 from Uto-Aztecan 1 from Caddo 1 from Aleut 1 from Austronesian Where the rest come from is unknown/disputed. What? Origins of the names of American states
  96. 96. ● ● X is a shopping street in Mayfair, central London, famous for its traditional men's bespoke tailoring. The short street is termed the "golden mile of tailoring", where customers have included Winston Churchill, Lord Nelson and Napoleon III. It runs parallel to Regent Street between Conduit Street at the northern end and Vigo Street at the southern. Linking roads include Burlington Place, Clifford Street and Burlington Gardens. Savile Row
  97. 97. ● ● "Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a f****** big television, Choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players and electrical tin openers..." so does the opening voice-over says. Identify this cult movie 1996 British crime drama film based on the novel of the same name by Irvine Welsh ? Trainspotting
  98. 98. ● ● The insurance firm Lloyd's of London famously insured Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan's vocal cords and Betty Grable and David Beckham's legs. However in a bizarre incident, studio Brazzers took out the policy worth 645,000 pounds to protect itself in case of the star suffering a mishap. One of its top star Los Angeles based Keiran Lee from Derby has insured his X for a staggering one million dollars. His Dildo/Manhood/D**k
  99. 99. Connect ● ● ● Robert Mugabe, the president of Zimbabwe. Anthony Blunt, who spied for Russia. Fred Goodwin, the former chief executive of RBS.
  100. 100. ● ● ● ● ● ● 1. e4 e5 2. Qh5 Nc6 3. Bc4 Nf6? 4. Qxf7# What this leads to? Checkmate in four moves/ Scholar’s mate
  101. 101. ● ● The original "______" is simply the jobless rate added to the inflation rate. The term was coined by economist Arthur Okun, an economic adviser in Lyndon Johnson's Administration. It was widely used during the "stagflation" of the '70s and '80s when stagnant economic growth kept unemployment high and inflation reduced the buying power of wages. What? Misery Index
  102. 102. ● ● The only text on whose tombstone is his famous equation stating that the logarithm of the number of quantum states accessible to a system is proportional to the value of this thermodynamical quantity for the system (S=k logW)? Ludwig Boltzmann
  103. 103. ● ● Franklin Resources Inc. is a holding company which, together with its subsidiaries, is referred to as Franklin Templeton Investments; it is an investment firm originally founded in New York in 1947 as Franklin Distributors, Inc. It is listed on the NYSE under the ticker BEN, in honor of X, who was admired by founder Rupert Johnson, Sr. Benjamin Franklin
  104. 104. ● ● This term is a controversial and derogatory expression used to refer to the low annual growth rate of the socialist economy of India before 1991, which stagnated around 3.5% from 1950s to 1980s, while per capita income growth averaged 1.3%. The term was coined by Indian economist Raj Krishna. It suggests that the low growth rate of India, in a sharp contrast to high growth rates in other Asian countries, especially the East Asian Tigers, which were also newly independent. The term contrasts with South Korea's Miracle on the Han River and the Taiwan Miracle. Hindu Rate of Growth
  105. 105. ● ● ● The name of this company is an acronym of the Latin phrase, which translates to "Healthy Soul in a Healthy Body". Since 2007 there has been a larger emphasis placed on this acronym, and its translation has been truncated for advertising purposes to "Sound Mind, Sound Body". ASICS Anima Sana In Corpore Sano
  106. 106. ● ● It was invented by Colombian peace activist César López in 2003 and is basically a guitar made from a modified gun, used as a peace symbol. The name is derived from the Spanish words for shotgun and a guitar. What is the name given to it? Escopetara
  107. 107. ● ● ● The Lusophony Games is a multinational multi-sport event organized by the ACOLOP, the latest scheduled to be held in Goa. Participating countries are founding members Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, East Timor, Guinea-Bissau, Macau (Chinese SAR), Mozambique, Portugal and São Tomé and Príncipe, and associate members Equatorial Guinea, India and Sri Lanka. So what does Lusophony mean/refer to? Lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) countries, namely those belonging to the CPLP (Community of Portuguese Language Countries)
  108. 108. Connect: ● muah (with the electric frog) ● Culloo (with the funky owl) ● illa (with the funky caterpillar) ● cubezoid (with the 4D mapping technology) ● groovadelic ● Names for the sunburn stages
  109. 109. ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ‘Jelly Bean’ and ‘Key Lime Pie’ are allegedly next alphabetically ‘deserts’ to be offered. What am I talking about? Versions of Android Mobile OS Cupcake Donut Éclair Froyo Gingerbread Honeycomb Ice cream Sandwich There were two more internal releases, called "Astro" and "Bender"
  110. 110. ● ___ is a rare blood group also known as Hh. This blood phenotype was first discovered in India, by Dr. Y.M. Bhende in 1952. People who has this phenotype can donate to any member of the ABO blood group system (unless some other blood factor gene, such as Rhesus, is incompatible), but they cannot receive any member of the ABO blood group system's blood (which always contains one or more of A and B and H antigens), but only from other people who have Bombay phenotype. This very rare Phenotype is generally present in about 0.0004% (about 4 per million) of the human population, though in some places locals can have occurrences in as much as 0.01%
  111. 111. ● ● ● He is an American entrepreneur, investor, stock broker, motivational speaker, author, and philanthropist who, during the early 1980s, struggled with homelessness while raising his toddler son. Identify the person and the very famous movie based on him. Chris Gardner The pursuit of happyness
  112. 112. ● ● This word X is used when the party popularly expected to win (the favourite), is defeated by an underdog whom the majority expects to lose, defying the conventional wisdom. The underdog then becomes a giantkiller. The meaning of the word has popularly been attributed to the surprising defeat of the horse Man o' War by the horse named X (the loss was the only one in Man o' War's career, though Man o' War later defeated X), though the term pre-dates that 1919 race. Upset
  113. 113. ● ● Her name is Jenna Talackova, who sought to compete in the Miss Universe Canada pageant this year. But was disqualified and wasn’t allowed to do so, Why? She was born a male but received gender reassignment surgery at the age of 19 which makes her a woman...!!!
  114. 114. ● ● Lt. Don Walsh, a US navy submariner, and Jacques Piccard, a Swiss engineer, were the only person to do it when they took the plunge in the Trieste (designed by Jacques’ father Auguste Piccard) way back in 1960. Who recently emulated these two while breaking all the records previously set by them? James Cameroon when he dived down the Marina Trench in his Deepsea Challenger.
  115. 115. This Korean-American physician was named one of America's 25 Best Leaders by US News & World Report in 2005, and in 2006 was listed as one of the top 100 most influential people in the world by Time Magazine. However he is in news due to for something more significant. Who is this guy? ● Jim Yong Kim, President of Dartmouth College, whom Barack Obama has recently nominated as the US candidate for the World Bank Presidency ●