Grove Organization Change Process


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Grove Organization Change Process

  1. 1. 1. Call for 2. Galvanize 3. Test Vision 4. Commit Real 5. Amplify & 6. Sustain Create A FUTURE 7. Change a Team & Knowhow Resources Align Performance New Culture OVERARCHING STATE GOAL Organization Change Process • Voices for change step forward • Change leaders explore current realities, develop • Leaders call for learning. • Leadership takes stands on people, culture, and designs. • Elevate what’s working. • Progress reviews and metrics support accountability. • Celebrate and understand successes. Compelling Vision visions, and strategize for • Teams acquire needed • Stop what isn’t. • Some awaken to needs W Model Adaptive L O change.This Storymap illustrates The Grove’s understanding of organi-zational tranformation and change— how it starts and what can • Outmoded people & skills. • Managers agree on and communicate new priorities. • Support new norms • Interpert failures of a Future State thinking is challenged by • Core team recruits allies and • Teams take on most Leadershipbe done to support it’s success. circumstances resistors to the process. pressing issues. • Change teams empowered IP RSH N F that Inspires & DE1. Call for Change and resourced to act. LEA ECTIO All change starts with awareness of needs. It’s catalyzed • A few articulate a desired future state. • Larger organization engages in dialogue and learning about • Vision and goals drive DE RSH IP Progress REF L Motivates K planning for new norms, by internal and external challenge and ignited by vision. Will issues and opportunities. org designs, and systems. Make Decisions LEA TIONS Reviews AC R nds tinder in dreams and discontent. L O W T POR SUP WINS RE2. Galvanize a Team MO F O E Big Picture W Groups change organizations. Change needs teams. Think CH XTER Work on Goals QUI CK Leadership Progress THE GROVE’S VALUE PROPOSITION AL WIN LE NAL big, dive deep, involve stakeholders, confront current Meetings K Reviews realities and nd early goals worth ghting for. NG ING ES ARN IVE Clients in the need of change and organizational transformation engage The R L E AT3. Test Vision & Knowhow IBLE VIS NSORS L O W GE Reward for INIT I Grove to GUIDE and SUPPORT them through key leadership meetings, assess- HAN TIVE O SPO F C ments, planning sessions and action team workouts throughout a change To change we must learn, and to learn we must try some- Strategic W IA Change thing new. Grab low hanging fruit. Test the vision with work. INIT process. Our collaborative, visual approach lets key parts of the organization Offsites • Stay anchored in results K Train up new skills. Stress the system with success. E engage with goals, current realities, and ways forward for change. Non Aligned ANG VE C H AT I • Everyone gets feedback R Change I and rewards for progress4. Commit Real Resources INIT GE Inef cient QUI CK Teams HAN TIVE toward goals. In the process we TEACH YOU to handle on-going change, by optimizing chances O W WIN C To succeed, leaders must make irrevocable commitments W K FLO IA for internal managers, change consultants, HR staff, and other people to co- INIT WOR and the big calls about people, time, money & materials. • Consequences for those still resisting the change. facilitate and then lead the internal change teams and initiatives themselves.5. Amplify & Align ING Your people can receive explicit training in Group Graphics®, Team Perfor- Deep ARN INING LE RA Find and propogate the processes and people that model &T Organize mance™, and Grove Visual Planning Systems™—well tested and integrated AL Dives the change. Spotlight champions. Deal with resistence. E RN GES Initiatives methods for leading change at different levels of the organization. INT LEN6. Sustain Performance L C HA We also provide TOOLS that help you sustain the change yourselves. Our print Measure, review, adapt, and act. Measure, review, adapt and act. Work the change at all levels of leadership. CURRENT Research & and on-line guides, demos, designs, and coaching aides provide comprehensive support just-in-time right in the workplace. STATE Engageme nt7. Create a New Culture Celebrate and communicate, learn and replicate. Find ways to engage heart, mind, and bodies in the new. • Change Process Orientations • Context Mapping • Leadership Coaching • Decision support • Tools for Progress Reviews • Facilitated Learning Sessions • Membership in The Grove Network • Storymap™ Murals • Issues Scans, Interviews • Strategic Visioning • Facilitation & Team Training • Change Team Facilitation • Change Roadmaps • Facilitated Progress Reviews • Celebration Event Design • Licensed TforT in Meeting Facilitation, Team GROVE SERVICES • Facilitated Scoping Sessions • Graphic Facilitation • Experiential Training • Initiative Action Planning • Documentation of Results • Learning Systems Development Performance, and Visual Planning Systems. • Process Mapping • Graphic History Mapping • Dialogue Facilitation • Action Learning Design • Cascade Design • Cascade Design • Facilitation Training • Case Study Development 2007 © The Grove Consultants International V. 7.0