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Endanger Game Series Deck


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Kids virtually save their favorite Endangered animals in 3D!
Link globally to save their planet. Now for VR.

Published in: Environment
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Endanger Game Series Deck

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Technology  Game is developed for Android, OS and PC and VR  The game will be made available across all platforms including VR and iOS  Looking into the future, “Augmented Reality”  Our Expertise in Unity 3D will enable us to quickly deliver the games across a wide range of devices
  3. 3.  First to market and unique online edutainment interactive virtual game based on finding endangered species and saving the environment worldwide  Initially 6 continents and 36 endangered animals with varying difficulty levels  Target market: Youth (7-12 yrs) and Families  Revenue will be earned by  Purchase of virtual goods  Purchase upgrades for advanced, faster & Ad free play  Advertisements (eg. Kiip style) “Freemium” Business Model
  4. 4. 36 Unique Games of Endangered Species
  5. 5. Environmental Partner • Saving Species. Org Conservation Meter
  6. 6. Six Continents
  7. 7. Global Growth in Games
  8. 8. Parents’ Platforms for gaming with child
  9. 9. Competition  Go Diego Go Safari Rescue (Nickelodeon-Viacom):  Learn about a handful of animals.  Disney Earth (The Walt Disney Company):  Clean germs from water in puzzle game.  Zoo Tycoon 2(Blue Fang Games):  Build a zoo. None are 3D None are Mobile None are Global None are Social
  10. 10. International Market
  11. 11. Edu-tainment Market
  12. 12. Educational Market
  13. 13. Tweens Love Our Game
  14. 14. Tween Growth Markets yo • Time Spent with Each Media Device • Ages 7-12 increasing media time • Global • Growth
  15. 15. Global Team • Business Incubator Affiliate NYIT • International Team • Nigeria, Iran, China, India, Thailand, Malaysia, USA • Programmers • 3D Artists • Graphic Designers • Business Development
  16. 16. Amerikids Awards
  17. 17. Long Term Transmedia Plan