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American Marine Coverings offers canvas and upholstery. Get completely custom-made cushions for your boat, patio, pool, hotel, cruise ship or gazebo.

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Marine Upholstery Company

  1. 1. American Marine Coverings Originator of the World Famous “Bimini Top”
  2. 2. Boat Covers
  3. 3. Boat Covers One of American-Marine’s specialties is the boat cover. Highly experienced canvas and upholstery designers and installers will measure your boat’s dimensions and take an exact template, according to your specifications. If you want the cover to extend beyond the waterline, we can do it. Each canvas boat cover is reinforced and reaches from the tip of the bow right over the engines at the stern. There are several methods for attaching each boat cover and our experts will give you all the options in detail, so you know you are getting a top quality, precisely designed boat cover for your boat. We also make plane-covers to protect your cockpit from the sun.
  4. 4. Sunbrella Marine Fabrics American Marine uses the best materials in creating a custom sunbrella boat cover that keeps out water, reduces mildew, and keeps your boat clean and ready to go. Give us a call for a quote on your custom boat covers. We are an authorized Sunbrella distributor of marine canvas.
  5. 5. Why Buy Custom Boat Covers in Miami and Fort Lauderdale Florida? Owning a boat can be an exciting opportunity if you enjoy sitting out on a lake on the open water, fishing perhaps, or even participating with friends and family in various water sports. Imagine the fun and relaxing time you can have when you own your own boat. Purchasing a boat is a significant investment. With the investment involved in buying a boat, you want to make sure your boat is protected. It’s unlikely that you’re keeping your boat stored in a garage, so if your boat is stored outside, you want to have something protect the top exterior and the interior of the boat from potential weather damage, excessive moisture, or damage from the sun’s rays. If a boat is kept outside, even in a boating dock, it is exposed to the elements of the environment, and the elements can be harsh on a boat, unfortunately reducing the life of your boat.
  6. 6. Benefits of Canvas Boat Covers Many people who own boats take pride in their investment. If their boat is especially visually appealing, they want to show it off. They hate the thought of throwing an unattractive boat cover over it, and who could blame them? Protecting your investment is important, however, because if you don’t, you’ll soon be showing off a boat that is faded and may have interior damage. Fortunately, American Marine’s discount boat covers are designed with both functionality and visual appeal in mind. If the boat cover you’ve been using to protect your boat is itself faded and unattractive, it may be protecting your boat, but with discount canvas boat covers, why settle for an unattractive look of your boat? If you want to retain your boat’s outer beauty and interior integrity, it might be time to begin looking at the replacement canvas boat covers at American Marine Coverings.
  7. 7. Boat Covers For Sale Online American Marine Coverings has a wide selection of boat covers for sale online and their replacement marine covers are designed with the boat-enthusiast in mind. The experts at American Marine will help you to find the perfect cover to fit your boat protection needs. They have a wide selection of colors, so your boat will look good even when its covered. Their covers are strong and durable, ensuring that your boat is well-protected and its beauty preserved for many years to come.
  8. 8. Contact Us American Marine Coverings Address: 1065 SE 9th Court, Hialeah, MIAMI, FL 33010 Phone: (305) 889-5355 Fax: (305) 889-2044 Email: