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Ungheni project


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Published in: Education
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Ungheni project

  1. 1. ACCESS_Ungheni Ungheni In Action
  2. 2.  Our Team
  3. 3. Goals of the Project: To find and to present places that gather young people from Ungheni . To learn what are their activities in these places. To see how they involve other places and people in their activities.
  4. 4.  The 3 schools we go to Gheorghe Asachi Started to activate on 1 September 1991, named after George Asachi, a great Enlightenment writer. In the first year of study were 992 students enrolled, and were 73 teachers 2011 -the school 20year of activity.  Primary school includes- 166 students - six full classes;  Secondary cycle - 593 students - 24 classes complete;  High school - 309 students - 15 classes complete.  1068 students are trained and educated by 116 teachers
  5. 5.  Vasile Alexandri In 1991, the Government Decision no. 174-d of 3 July 1991in Ungheni was founded LT "Alecsandri"  In 2000, the University Agency of Francophonie initiative, by supporting local authorities and the department of foreign languages, bilingual classes, in which they operate successfully for 10 years. With this project, many students continue their studies in France.  Alexei Mateevici  This school has started its activity in 1993, and its been the school that hostes all the kids from around the Pirlita city, not far from Ungheni.  Also in this School activated 2 Peace Corps Volunteer which taught English languages.  Alexei Mateevici, was a very famous Romanian writer.
  6. 6.  Art School started its activity in 1970, and has moved in different places in Ungheni.  Kids learn there the history of art,sculpture and the art of painting.  Every year there are organized expositions
  7. 7.  Music School is situated in the center of the city, not far from the cesnut alley, very famous street in Ungheni. There kids learn to play the piano, violin, viola, chelo, clarinet. There are also choir courses and history of music,
  8. 8.  Sports School this is a school that hosts volleyball, basquetball, and soccer teams. Also teenagers play chess. This is one of the stongest sports school in Moldova.
  9. 9.  Library „D. Cantmir“ has already 65 years and all the kids from Ungheni take books from here. Also in this library is the American Corner, where we ACCESS kids study and make projects.
  10. 10.  The Youth Resources Center the most popular place among the teenagers. They gather here to socialize and make different projects. This center was iniciated by the first mayor of Ugheni, and since 1993, is hosting active kids, that want to make Ungheni a better place. All the access kids are part of this institution.