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Hotelphilosophy for visit italy


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Hotelphilosophy for visit italy

  1. 2. On March 1 st , in the heart of Milan, Moschino opens its first hotel in a restored 1840s neo-classical railway station at Viale Monte Grappa 12.
  2. 3. The hotel will be located in the old neoclassical railway station on Viale Monte Grappa, 12, that opened in 1840 for the Milan-Monza route. The hotel’s creative direction is led by Rossella Jardini and Moschino’s creative team. The exterior facades were restructured to be faithful to the original structure, while the interior was completely interpreted in the Moschino style.
  3. 4. The common thread connecting the rooms is a fairy tale theme because to sleep is perchance to dream, and dreams are fairy tales that we are allowed to experience first hand, the fables of a fantasy world that we have created. This is an alternate life in which we direct and stage the scripts of our very own play. The hotel interior reflects Moschino’s distinctive style where the ordinary world is painted with a brush of surrealism.
  4. 5. Reception Hall
  5. 6. Reception and Origami Lamps on the Stairs
  6. 7. The rooms are divided in several categories: Classic, Deluxe, Deluxe Gallery, Prestige, Prestige Gallery and Junior Suite. Each room is equipped with all the amenities: plasma screen TV, high speed internet, individually controlled air conditioning/heating, safe, minibar, direct phone line and private facilities with shower.
  7. 8. Alice’s Room
  8. 9. Z z z z z z z z z z z
  9. 10. Dream: Life is a Bed of Roses
  10. 11. Ivy
  11. 12. Luxurious Attic
  12. 13. The Forest Room
  13. 14. Sleeping in a Ballgown
  14. 15. After the success of the Sushi Bar in Portonovo created by the famous chef Moreno Cedroni, the “Clandestino” project migrates to the metropolis and finds new meanings. At the long awaited restaurant inside Maison Moschino, chef Moreno Cedroni presents his extraordinary creations: Colourful Sushi.
  15. 16. Wallpaper
  16. 17. The Little Red Riding Hood
  17. 18. Culti Spa
  18. 20. External Façade
  19. 21. LOCATION Via XX Settembre n° 90/94, a few step far from the historical Porta Pia ; the Termini Station; the underground station Linea A “REPUBBLICA”; the City with its many Embassies and Ministries. Near the hotel you can find Via Nazionale ; Piazza della Repubblica; the baroque zone of Rome with Piazza di Spagna and the Fontana di Trevi . Trevi
  20. 22. One of the first DesignHotels’ members in Rome, it opens in 2008 and assertively becomes the new reality in the luxury hotels sphere thanks to its modern, innovative and subtly arrogant design concept. The mission: to offer the guests a personalised  welcome  and make their stay an unforgettable experience. . goes
  21. 23. <ul><li>The “Visionnaire Cafe” lounge bar and the hall are highly scenographic and can become the ideal setting for Happenings and Exclusive Events. </li></ul>
  22. 25. <ul><li>ROOMS divided into 4 junior suites; 15 deluxe rooms; 23 classic rooms; 14 single rooms. </li></ul>
  23. 26. The common thread connecting the room is the PEARL GREY color that gives an elegant style to the interiors. The design of the rooms is refined but definite. Each guestroom features complete comforts 42&quot; LCD tv set with Italian and international channels, indipendent air conditioning and heating, telephone, safe and minibar. All bathrooms are in precious Carrara polycrome marbles, either with bath tub or shower. Some rooms feature a balcony with gorgeous view on the historical centre of Rome.
  24. 28. Fascinating Boutique Hotel featuring just 18 guestrooms and suites overlooking the Grand Canal of Venice.
  25. 29. Lounge Area and Meeting Room for refined private events and exclusive business meeting
  26. 30. Art Déco’s influence springs out of the softness of the volumes, the materials’ sophistication that reflect on the incorporeal essence of the water. The result is a new extraordinary design factory that has emphasized, during the renovation works, the architectural beauty of this 17 th century palace.
  27. 31. RENT THE ENTIRE PALACE FOR CELEBRATE A SPECIAL EVENT Palazzo Barbarigo is the perfect place for private dinners or special occasions such as exclusive parties and cocktails. Many fashion houses choosed this gorgeous maison d'hotes for the organization of business events and showcases. Palazzo Barbarigo, with its 18 luxury rooms, can also be the most suitable location for celebrating weddings, anniversaries or commemorations in general.
  28. 32. An extraordinary location. An alluring design inspired by the Art Dèco style. Palazzo Barbarigo is UNIQUE in all Venice.
  29. 33. At Barbarigo’s, different styles and different times blend in a perfect balance. The magnificent location adds appeal to this incomparable hotel.
  30. 35. Close your eyes; the charm of Taormina is before you, with the sea spreading out under your eyes. Feel the ancient heart of Taormina, its main square, its clock, Sicily’s perfume all around. It is a mythical hotel suspended between sea and sky, set on the top of the green headland.
  31. 36. Inside, white textures and the soft nuances of marbles and crystals permeate the space, the sight and the mind. The interior design, far from any classification, is a dream that springs from extreme luxury.
  32. 37. This extraordinary maison d’hôtes is a dream coming from the most extreme luxury.
  33. 38. The hotel stands out in wonderful location, very unique in Taormina, in front of the Sicilian turquoise sea and aside the historical Clock Tower.
  34. 39. The 32 guestrooms and suites skilfully mix contemporary elements and antique touches, inspired by the magnificent beauty of this location that marked the history of Belle Époque in Sicily. These suites have an aristocratic feel, they are extremely sophisticated. The large windows, the stunning view over the water will take you on a dream journey suspended between sea and sky.
  35. 40. Welcome to the long awaited new Metropole where the alluring design and breathtaking location will charm you totally.