Super Force Excellence In Protective Services


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A proposal created for the Private Security Industry. written by Lakesia Wright

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Super Force Excellence In Protective Services

  1. 1. Excellence in Protective Services Serving IslandWide, licensed under the Private Security Regulation Authority Act of Jamaica since 2006
  2. 2. Safety & SecurityUnderstanding the Value. A proposal producedby Lakesia Wright- May 2011
  3. 3. About Us• Elite Trained specialist in International and Domestic Security Ethical Standards• Men & Women with integrity and pride for the work they do and a compassion for the clients we serve.• A organizational culture comprised of Jamaica Defence Force, Jamaica Constabulary Force, Emergency Management and aspiring security personnel.• A single -owner Business operator, supported with professionals who holds a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry.
  4. 4. Branch Office Locations • Kingston • Mandeville • Administration Hours of operations 8:30 am to 6:30 p.m. • Monday -Friday
  5. 5. Our Mission• To protect and serve the individuals, businesses and property from threat or damage for whom we may be contracted to do business.• To deliver professional protective services at the highest standards in order to achieve the safety and security of both life and property.• To prevent or reduce the risk of liability to our clients, their associates and affiliates.• To provide due diligence in performance, and carry out security duties in collaboration and in compliance with the Laws of the local, national and international agencies and governments.
  6. 6. Crime in Jamaica• Prime Minister Bruce Golding recently announced that overall crime in Jamaica is reduced by 42%. In 2010 compared to 2009• What does that mean for the Security Industry?• Crime levels may be down, compared to 2009, but it doesn’t mean that criminals are taking a break.• Criminal elements lurk in every corner of the world, and will continue in Jamaica, it is just waiting for the right time to catch the next victim.• Crime Facts: 70 % of all crimes are committed by persons who knows you, or your business operations and or your personal travel movements and or someone whom you may have done business with and or invited into your private lives.• 30% of all crimes committed are in the form of random acts.• Based on these crime facts, crime will continue to exists and evolve into sophisticated crimes, that can not be easily observed and detected by an untrained eye, making it difficult to prevent the act and catch the perpetrator.
  7. 7. What we offer• Licensed Armed Officers• Emergency Response• Surveillance• Escort• Private Investigations• Security Checkpoint• Facilities Risk Management• Employer Threat Management• Transportation• Electronic Surveillance• Education in Risk & Loss Prevention for a fee in classroom sessions• Crisis Management• Temporary Employment Placement
  8. 8. Who We Offer Services to• Institutions Public or Private• Hospitality & Tourism• Private Individuals- Business or Leisure• International Visitors• Construction & Real Estate• Transportation & Travel• Warehouse• Local Businesses & Shop Owners• Entertainment and Trade Show Venues
  9. 9. We Shop & Compare Your Benefits• Rates are Comparable to our competition, based upon services provided and geographical location of your business activities.• Rates are priced according to services and choice of packaged offers.• Choose one or more services in a package and discounts will be provided.• Choose a package that will maximize your benefits and receive reduced rates.• Lock in your rates for 24 months, and save!
  10. 10. 5 Reasons for doing business withus• Our men and women are apart of an elite group of highly trained individuals who attend regularly scheduled security and safety training sessions from USA, International and Europe including leading agencies within Jamaica.• A wide diversity of services offering Armed and Un- Armed Security Officers.• We will give you over 30 Years of professionals who are experts in the business and specialist in the industry of Security & Protective services serving Jamaica.• We will package your services to accommodate your needs and review your plans regularly.• We will grow with your business and share your concerns, it is our business to help you uncover all your
  11. 11. Special Forces Packages• Basic Elite Corporate, Security • Standard observation officers and • Preferred emergency assistance. Armed • Royal Gold or Un-Armed • Each package automatically• Basic Elite Individuals includes the Basic Elite. Our• Leisure or Business purposes packages can be tailored to• A security officer who provides meet specific needs and escort services including requirements, rate discounts transportation assistance. may be offered for some contracts. The cost of doing business and or the number of officers needed, shall be determined by the services required, including property size, employee or group size and location for an hourly fee, in a contractual agreement.
  12. 12. Your next step• Call us to schedule a • Site inspection security risk assessment • Review of your current analysis Security Plans• Send us a Request for • On the spot Proposal of Services recommendation of through our Website. services to be provided, a• Our Director of proposal of the offer and Operations will perform or the following • the contractual agreement with your final offer.
  13. 13. Contact Us Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 7: 30 pm• Kingston location @ 55 Slipe Road• 876-872-9071• Mandeville location @ 4 Caledonia Road• 876-783-6116 or 962-4365 or 483-6356• email us @superforcesecurityjamaica@hotmail.comWeb
  14. 14. About the Author• Lakesia Wright offers services to micro and small business services in variou unique industries for the past 15 years, focusing on Sales, Marketing and Business Development.• This is an Example of a Proposal offered to prospective customers . The content contained in this proposal was determined by a market analysis of Jamaica and it’s crime environments. Products offered was determined by a survey performed on 50 clients and prospective clients.