Integration secrets of social networking


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Integration secrets of social networking

  1. 1. Email.Marketing.Automation GET YOUR MOCIAL MOJO WORKING: Effectively Integrating Email, Social, Mobile and Local A Silverpop White Paper
  2. 2. WHITE PAPERGet Your Mocial Mojo Working:Effectively Integrating Email, Social, Mobile and LocalT he way we communicate is moving—literally. Smart phones are outselling PCs, and tablet sales are expected to outpace desktop sales by 20131. This shift has changed when, where and how we communicate—no longer primarily on stationary office computers, but instead on all things mobile.Liberated from the desktop, users are shouting about their newfound freedom from the rooftops—or more accurately, from theirmobile devices. They’re checking in on Foursquare and Facebook Places to meet up with friends and get the latest hot deals.They’re posting pics and updates on Twitter and LinkedIn. They’re using gee-whiz apps to enhance their experiences. And morethan any other mobile activity, they’re interacting with their email inboxes2.Silverpop refers to this convergence of mobile, social, local and email as “mocial.” And in a world gone mocial—more than 600 millionFacebook users, 200 million Twitter users, hundreds of thousands of mobile apps—marketers must change the way they interact withcustomers and prospects. But although the screens may be smaller, the possibilities for engagement are larger than ever.What Does Mocial Despite the explosion of social and mobile, email continues to play a critical role in how we communicate.Mean for Marketers? There are nearly a billion more email accounts thanSocial media sites, email, apps, text social network accounts worldwide3, and email is themessages—people are checking and preferred method for commercial communication forinteracting with these all day long. nearly three-fourths of adults4. Perhaps asAnd where you live and travel is a reflection of this, businesses—particularlybecoming a key aspect of com- smaller ones—typically have far more emailmunications, with check-in sites subscribers in their databases than Facebookand location-based services fans or Twitter followers, with Silverpopsuch as Gowalla and research pegging the median ratio of emailGroupon adding new wrin- subscribers to Facebook fans atkles to how compa- roughly 70:15.nies are marketing So what does mocial mean forto customers and marketers? Ultimately, it’s aboutprospects. understanding the interplayThis explosion of between these channels andnew communication leveraging each to strengthen thechannels means that other, thereby increasing customerdifferent buyers are access- engagement, moving prospectsing information in different through the sales cycle andways. A 22-year-old may get info boosting revenue and loy-via an app on his phone, while a alty. Here’s a guide to54-year-old may access similar material making it happen.via an email on her desktop computer. Thisdiversification of channel preferences is alsocreating scenarios in which the same person pre-fers different forms of communication depending onthe message. For example, a traveler might want SMSfor flight delay notifications, email for upgrade and mileagestatus, and a Facebook feed for airline promotions. © 2011 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. 3
  3. 3. WHITE PAPERDetermining Your Mocial would when building opt-in forms elsewhere, such Upgrading Your as not forcing new subscribers to fill out a detailed Preference PageStrategy and Goals form right at the start. Instead, ask only for key BWith mobile and social growing rapidly, many marketers information, such as name and email address, key ecause they give subscrib-have been scrambling to bulk up their mocial presence, demographic information (gender, age/birth date, ers the power to choosethrowing up Facebook and Twitter profiles, hastily location) and interests/preferences (dogs versuscreating iPhone apps and stuffing sharing links in what channels businesses use to cats, snowboarding versus cross-country skiing)—emails. Whether the culprit is disorganization, a lack communicate with them—which data you need to deliver relevant emails outof resources or pressure from the C-suite, some of the gate. may depend on the type of messagemarketers are entering the fray with little foresight into being sent—preference pageshow the medium will mesh with their overall strategy. • Include email opt-ins on your shareworthy Web pages. Sending an email with content that are more important than ever. YetAccording to Silverpop research conducted in April2011, less than half of marketers have target list begs to be shared? As your compelling content many companies are neglectingvolume goals for social media site likes and followers, makes it way around the Facebook universe and this critical part of their messagingblog subscribers or mobile app downloads. And even Twittosphere, your company will be exposed to an programs. According to Silverpopfewer track frequency/reach of sharing, engagement exponentially larger group of new (but likeminded) customers and prospects. And if this content is research, less than one quarter ofand sentiment in social media channels5. housed on a Web page, make sure the page has businesses that deploy a com-Before you start tossing money and resources into a prominent opt-in inbox so you can potentially munication preference center offermocial pursuits, consider how to best align mocial capture these new email addresses. communication channel options formedia goals and strategies with your core business andmarketing objectives. Think about what channels are • Tweet followers to join your email list. Periodi- Facebook or Twitter. And only aboutbest suited for sales, customer support, promotions and cally send a tweet to your followers inviting them to one in 10 offer an SMS option5.thought capital. Which are best for retention, and which join your email list. Get creative and see how youwill be strongest as acquisition tools? can incent them within 140 characters. Moving forward, as more digitalOnce you’ve gotten a better feel for how email, mobile, • Capture emails via SMS. A live event can be a communication channels andsocial and local fit into your overall business and great occasion at which to invite attendees to text platforms spring up alongside emailmarketing objectives and how you’ll measure success, their email address to a certain number to join your and consumers become increasinglyyou can better decide what goals make sense for email program. Or, simply send a text directly toeach channel. For example, you might decide that “channel-choosy,” offering these your SMS subscribers inviting them to sign up foryour Facebook page’s primary focus should be on your email program by replying to your text with options could be the differencedistributing broadcast messages. Or perhaps growing their email address. between strongly engaging athe fan base and driving them to your website makes customer or prospect and havingthe most sense strategically. Or maybe you want to • Use app downloads to build your email list. Whenever someone downloads your app, give that contact opt out. As appropriate,get Facebook users to opt in to your email program.Whatever you decide, remember to revisit these goals them the opportunity to provide their email offer several types of communicationperiodically to see how you’ve done and whether it’s address and opt in to your messaging program. channel choices at opt-in,time to revise your initial objectives. Then, follow up with engaging content like an app welcome program. throughout the relationship and as an alternative to unsubscribing. AndGrowing Your Email Database Making Email More Social consider adding a preference centerThrough Social and Mobile link on your social media sites in The growth of social media networking sites has hadSocial and mobile attract a new group of engaged a significant impact on how brands and consumers addition to placing it in a standardcustomers, so use these channels to add followers, interact. And it’s forcing marketers to change theirfriends and influencers to the email channel, where location in every email message you approach to email, or else risk getting lost in thenurturing of relationships and conversions may be send to subscribers. clutter. Here are three ways you can meet andmore likely to occur. Here are five ways to get the list- exceed subscriber expectations by making yourgrowth party started: emails more social: • Make sure you have an email opt-in form/link • Humanize your marketing content. The good on your company’s Facebook page, along with news is that social media helps businesses put a any other key social networks that appeal human face on their marketing efforts. And this to your target audience. It’s easy to customize is now crucial for success, with customers and many social network pages to include email sub- prospects accustomed to social media dialogues scription forms, yet companies often fail to do so. expecting a more personable interaction Remember to follow the same best practices you with companies. © 2011 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. 4
  4. 4. WHITE PAPER The “bad” news? When sending email, there’s a 1) Promoting channels: Use email to grow followers Making Your lower tolerance for communications that sound and fans, increase app downloads and/or explain Messages like they’ve been written and approved by an the benefits of your local check-in program. Place ad agency, legal team or PR department. With graphical icons and related text (e.g. “Like us on Shareworthy H that in mind, incorporate education, personality Facebook”) for social networks and check-in services ow can you craft emails that and peer recommendations in your promotional in your emails, and explain the benefits of your SMS translate well to the social messages and lose the corporate speak. Ad- program, mobile app, etc. along with links for signing ditionally, break up your message cadence with landscape? Step one is laying a up or downloading. messages designed simply to inform, entertain, strong foundation by building trust 2) Increasing engagement and promoting ongoing surprise and provide value rather than sell. These and engaging with your customers use: Amassing followers, fans and downloads is great, messages build brand engagement and loyalty, through highly relevant, personalized but it doesn’t mean much if these contacts lose that which leads to greater conversion from your loving feeling after the initial contact. Consider, for content. promotional messaging. example, that 26 percent of mobile apps are only used • Encourage social sharing in your emails. once5. To drive return traffic and build engagement, try Next, figure out what motivates your Email offers an unparalleled way for you to using email to: customers. Do sales, giveaways or deliver relevant content to the perfect group of • Announce the launch of a new contest on educational content resonate most recipients, and then through the magic of social Facebook strongly? Once you’ve got a mes- sharing find a new audience of very similar • Welcome downloaders to a new app with an recipients ready to act. But beware: It’s not sage that you think is shareworthy, email campaign that provides tips on how to get enough to simply slap social-sharing icons in the most out of it design the entire email around the an email and expect your message to take the • Remind subscribers to take advantage of your sharing concept. A short, focused Web by storm. Foursquare, Gowalla or Facebook Places check-in email centered on a single subject If you want your content to go viral, you have promotion is usually best. Make sure the to understand what motivates your subscribers • Encourage subscribers to Tweet their thoughts to share, target the right networks, educate on an upcoming event using a special hashtag social-sharing call-to-action link is recipients about the social-sharing process, you’ve chosen prominently placed, and don’t be and deliver shareworthy content (see sidebar). shy about inviting recipients to share Bottom line: Email provides marketers a unique ability Then, you’ll need to test, analyze and refine the content to their networks. to deliver dynamically targeted messages in a one- your messages so you can optimize design, link to-one fashion, so take advantage of this capability location, etc. for optimal sharing. Give customers a good reason to across your email program—including extending the • Make email a dynamic content platform. reach of social and mobile. share your promotional emails with Think of email as a template into which you can their friends, and you can turn them organize content from ecommerce solutions, Deploying Integrated Programs into a powerful extension of your product review solutions and recommendation Across Email, Social and Mobile acquisition and awareness efforts, engines via APIs. These integrations enable Your customers and prospects are moving in and out helping you to reach highly qualified you to build dynamic messages rich in the of different mocial channels throughout the day, so a peer content that today’s buyers look to when prospective customers who share multichannel approach should significantly increase researching purchase decisions. the same interests as your brand’s the chance of communicating your message. But By pulling this more social content into your some companies make the mistake of operating their most engaged email recipients. emails, you not only engage recipients more various marketing channels in separate silos. With strongly, but you encourage them to then engage some marketers launching new mocial programs ad in social behaviors themselves, such as posting hoc, there’s a danger of messaging being fragmented, their own reviews. with channels failing to leverage one another to better engage customers.Extending the Reach With that in mind, aim to integrate mocial effortsof Social and Mobile whenever possible, capturing email addresses viaUsed strategically, email can extend the success Facebook, driving your Twitter followers to your blogof your other mocial channels—first by promoting with a teaser tweet, and blogging about an exclusivethese channels, and second by increasing SMS promotion—and vice versa. By reaching outengagement and encouraging ongoing use of these across a variety of touch points in a thought-out,channels. Don’t miss the opportunity to kick-start and strategic fashion, you achieve maximum impact,grow your social, mobile and local marketing efforts driving greater ROI across email, social andthrough email: mobile channels. © 2011 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. 5
  5. 5. WHITE PAPERWhen integrating mocial initiatives, vary tone to communications. The rise of mocial is accelerat-match each channel’s personality, but aim to maintain ing the need for this shift. Customer and prospectuniform messaging and graphics throughout the mindshare is further fragmented, dwindling time anddifferent mediums. Spread your message wide, but attention spans are making recipients less tolerantkeep it focused. A few examples: of irrelevant messaging, and contacts are developing • Send an email and text message about a drive to preferences for how they use certain channels—and get “X” friends/fans/followers on your Facebook, for how companies use these channels to communi- Twitter, etc. page, with the incentive that once cate with them. you reach that goal, all your friends/fans/follow- Moving forward, the most successful companies will ers will get a discount, such as 20 percent off. take advantage of this new mocial landscape to give When the goal is reached, send out notifications customers more power, communicate with them on across all channels to celebrate the good news. their terms, and leverage these channels to engage, • As part of an email welcome campaign, include educate, convert and build loyalty. By thinking a link to your YouTube page with educational vid- strategically and holistically about all these mediums eos. When visitors arrive at your YouTube page, and shifting communication patterns to match user invite them to text you to sign up for your SMS preferences, marketers can connect with customers program, which you can then use to inform them and prospects in exciting new ways. of special local events or promotions. • Send triggered emails or text messages driving traffic to a local store, where recipients can Footnotes redeem an offer by checking in via Foursquare. 1-Forrester Research, “Forrester Research eReader Afterwards, tweet about the event’s success, Forecast, 2010 to 2015,” June ‘10 posting pictures on your Facebook page. 2-The Nielsen Company, “Nielsen NetView—JuneThe possibilities are endless, but the point is clear: By 2009-June 2010,” June ‘10flexing your creative muscle, you can integrate count- 3-The Radicati Group, “Email Statistics Report,less combinations of email, mobile, social and local to 2010-2014,” April ‘10reach a wide variety of marketing goals. 4-Merkle, “View from the Digital Inbox 2011,” Jan. ‘11Conclusion 5-Silverpop Mocial Study, May ‘11Savvy marketers have been shifting in recent years 6-Localytics, “First Impressions Matter! 26%from interruptive, sales-focused, one-size-fits-all of Apps Downloaded in 2010 Were Used Justmessaging to engaging, behavior-based, personalized Once,” Jan. ‘11To find out more about Silverpop’s Engage platform and how it can benefit your company, please contact our office nearest you.Americas/Corporate HeadquartersSilverpop Systems Inc. | 200 Galleria Parkway, Suite 1000 | Atlanta, GA 30339, U.S.A. | Phone: 866-SILVPOP (745-8767) | contactsales@silverpop.comEMEASilverpop Systems Ltd. | 52 Upper Street, Suite 119 | London N1 0QH, United Kingdom | Phone: +44 20 7288 6343 | contactsales@silverpop.comSilverpop Systems GmbHElisabethstraße 91 | 80797 München | | kontakt@silverpop.deAsia-PacificEngage Digital Pty Ltd | 435 Kent Street | Sydney NSW 2000, Australia | Phone: +61 2 8070 9230 | © 2011 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. 6