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Presentation1 smoking


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Presentation1 smoking

  1. 1. SmokingDone by: Ahmed Hassan almashjari ID : H00213896
  2. 2. Table of Contents• What Is Smoking.• Why People Smoke.• Smoking Symptoms.• Smoking Consequences.• Quitting Smoking.• Statistics.• References.
  3. 3. What is smokinginhaling the smokeof a burnedsubstance such asTobacco
  4. 4. Methods of smoking
  5. 5. Why people Smoke• Smoking Parents, siblings, or friends.• Manage stress or nerves.• get attention.
  6. 6. Smoking Symptoms• Bad breath.• Nicotine-stained fingers and teeth.• Frequent lung infections, influenza and cold.• high blood pressure.• Loss of taste and smell.
  7. 7. Smoking Symptoms• Low oxygen levels in the blood.• wrinkling of the skin.• difficulty breathing.• Smokers cough.• Smoky-smelling clothes and hair.
  8. 8. Diseases and consequences of smoking• Heart diseases• Lung cancer• Throat Cancer• Stomach cancer• Emphysema• Bladder Cancer• Stroke
  9. 9. How to Quit Smoking1: Realize the effort required to quit andbelieve your self you can stop smoking .2: Stop Smoking.3: Avoid sitting with smokers.4: use nicotine replacement products(gum and patches).5: Get help if you need it (doctors ortherapy sessions).
  10. 10. • Smoking kills up to half of its users.• Nearly 6,000,000 smokers die every year.• In 2010, about 20% of the world population smokes.
  11. 11. References••• five-reasons-that-might-surprise-you/•• blindness/•
  12. 12. Thank You