The art of transferability


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The Art of Transferability - Identify things that connect everyone

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The art of transferability

  1. 1. The Art of Transferability
  2. 2. The Art of TransferabilityIn working with clients of all age, gender, nationality, andindustry, one thing we’re always trying to do is identifythings that connect everyone – common elements thatbecome and remain true, regardless of differences. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  3. 3. The Art of TransferabilityTo be honest, there aren’t many such elements. Almosteverything about the MBA admissions process is acontextual exercise. You can almost never divorce aunique applicant or a specific school from your analysis.It’s part of the reason this is such a difficult endeavor forpeople, part of the reason why so many admissionsconsultants do an incomplete job of advising candidates,and a huge part of the reason why admissions consultingeven exists.You have to do a lot of things right and you have to dothem with great contextual specificity. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  4. 4. That said, there is one universal truth that we haveuncovered that seems largely overlooked by the rest ofthe MBA admissions landscape and that is howenormously important it is to abide by what we call theArt of Transferability.What does that mean? Quite simply, it means finding theexperiences and skills you *already possess* andhighlighting them as the proof that you will succeed inbusiness school and beyond. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  5. 5. Most people either intuit or they learn that workexperience is important in an MBA candidacy and manyothers grasp the concept that certain trademark themes(leadership, teamwork, maturity, motivation, intellect,etc.) are critical as well.What few seem to understand, however, is that thiswhole ballgame comes down to how well you EXTRACTfrom those experience and then PRESENT evidence ofyour relevant ability. And this is true of literally anycandidate. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  6. 6. Consider:-If you are “young,” then the pressure is on to show thatyou are mature and ready for an MBA and what comesnext. The way to do that is to comb through your life andwork experience to show off your early acceleration –that you’ve been challenged early in life and you’vestepped up and met those challenges.-You prove your credentials as a young applicant byhighlighting specific skills and experiences – by zeroingin on that which is transferable to an MBA and to yourrelevant career goals. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  7. 7. -If you are an “older” applicant, your goal is the same.Rather than overwhelm a reader with 10+ years ofseemingly unguided career wandering, zoom in on thespecific experience and traits that will add value.There’s nothing wrong with having a little moss on you solong as you can boil things down to the essentialingredients. As long as you can say “look, to be good atX, I need A, B, C, and I have those skills,” you can behighly competitive, even if you are older than 30. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  8. 8. -If you are a traditional applicant (banking, consulting,etc.) and you are looking to stand out, you do it byhighlighting specifics and not banking (pun intended) onassumed, general characteristics of those industries.Focus on specific value you will bring to the class andthen to companies and their clients later on. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  9. 9. -If you are a non-traditional applicant, it is the same exactexercise. Don’t worry that you were an actor and not abanker or a restaurant manager and not a consultant;simply comb through your life and work history and findthe building blocks that will make you successful in yourline of work.As a restaurant manager, you worked on tough timelines,managed difficult personalities, thought critically, cameup with innovative and creative methods, got a chance totry your hand in everything from marketing to accounting,and generally grew up faster than someone would in ananalyst position … and now you are ready to bring allthose critical and mandatory skills to strategy consulting. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  10. 10. On and on it goes. No matter what background you arecoming from you, the burden is on YOU, the applicant. toshow what transferable skills you bring to the table. Theadmissions office will never assume you have them. Putanother way, if you don’t display them, they will assume youDON’T have them.Obviously, this is something a vetted admissions consultantcan help you with a great deal. Starting with the careergoals, we can help you move backward toward thetransferable skills that need to be on display, and then helpyou research your own past to find those skills. As long asthere is a straight line running through everything, you canclear this hurdle and move on to showcasing fit with eachunique program (a much harder exercise, to be honest). MBA Admissions Consultant |
  11. 11. If you are interested in a free initial consultation, please Our boutique approach pairsyou with one of the principals of our company, meaning you willbe working with someone capable of walking you through theabove steps and perfecting your application. Finally, make sure to download our free How to Apply to HBS guide.