Is an on campus tour or mba class visit required for admission


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Is an on campus tour or mba class visit required for admission

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Is an on campus tour or mba class visit required for admission

  1. 1. an on-campus tour or MBA class visitrequired for admission?
  2. 2. By the Amerasia Consulting Group,Boutique MBA Admissions ConsultingIs an on-campus tour or MBA class visitrequired for admission?MBA Admissions Consultant |
  3. 3. I was recently asked"Is a campus visit required for admission?", followed upby "is it going to be viewed negatively if I dont visit?"The official party line - most admissions committees willtell you that a campus visit is not going to be consideredwhen making admission decisions.However, most MBA applications will ask you if you havetalked to anyone from the program.MBA Admissions Consultant |
  4. 4. Some program apps - such as Columbia - will get a bitmore granular and only ask what current students haveyou spoken to?"So what is the deal with school visits and do you have todo them?Lets take a step back. The purpose of any school visit isto provide any applicant the opportunity for a one-stopshop. You show up and you get to speak with students,sit in on a class, say hi to the adcom, and demonstrateyour interest - fully – in a day. Its rather convenient.MBA Admissions Consultant |
  5. 5. However, there are many different ways that you candemonstrate interest. When taken in totality, the sum ofparts can equal (if not exceed) the whole.Instead of visiting the school, take a shot at the following:Determine if and when the schools admissionscommittee will hold an alternative event in your city,online or through another organization, such as an alumniclub or conference.Lets say its an alumni club event, do you have a way in?Know any alumni from the b-school?MBA Admissions Consultant |
  6. 6. Try LinkedIn, its good for things like this. Hell, if it is aconference and just buy a ticket and show up. The mostimportant thing is if you do show up – that you engagealumni, and any representative of the school.Determine when the QS World MBA Tour is coming to acity near you. They do a few circuits around the US everyyear, as well as international. Go to the current students who are members of clubsand organizations that you be a part of (should you gainacceptance to the school).MBA Admissions Consultant |
  7. 7. Look for club members that share similar experiences toyour own background. Email 2 to 3 club members toestablish a dialog. Talk to them on the phone if you can -or at least maintaing a dialog via email. Are any of themfrom your metro area or hometown? Will any of them beback in the town during the winter break? If so, ask if anyone of them would like to have lunch or dinner or simplymeet up.Comb through your own contacts - who do you know thathas gone to that MBA program? A friend? A friend of afriend? That one guy at work who you never talk to? Invitethem to a lunch. Engage them. MBA students love talkingabout themselves ... Lol.MBA Admissions Consultant |
  8. 8. The first thing I would do after you read this post is to logonto to each schools application and create a dummyapplication. Review the application in its entirety and lookto see how each b-school asks "how have you engagedthe school."As you mentioned, CBS does ask you to list names of"current" students. They dont need you to list names ofalums you spoke within, but remember - you mostcertainly can list the names of these alumni in an essayfor example - just as long as it does not turn into a namedropping exercise.MBA Admissions Consultant |
  9. 9. The bottom line is that you most certainly candemonstrate your sincere interest in a school and withouthaving to travel to that school. Not everyone has a flexiblework schedule and not everyone has the money. There isno shame in that, but you may have to work a little harderto show a sincere interest.But through the process, you will know much, much moreabout that b-school than someone who just showed up fora one-day class visit. This will not only pay dividends inyour essays, but also during the interview. This isbecause you will know so much more about thats cool,why it is right for you, and what you bring to the program.MBA Admissions Consultant |
  10. 10. If you are interested in the MBA Admissions Consulting services offered byAmerasia, please email to inquire about setting upa free consultation.