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Article review 11 siap

  1. 1. Article Review Title article Navigating Graduate Study In Art Education To : Dr . Johan Luaran Summited by : NO matrix : Wan Mohd Amir Zulfadhli Bin Mat Yusoff 2013589843 1 Overview This article is about to inform and encourage students to purse advanced studies in visual arts education at master and doctorate level and help teachers consider the various goals and purposes of graduate art education . According to this article factors that influenced in completion of graduate education in art education Personal motivation , interest , support , funding and time were the major factors the contributed to the completion of a graduate degree . According to this article also , advanced students who have learned a lot about art often have little knowledge of how to use their in an art career . To keep students from becoming discouraged or making inappropriate career decisions, art teachers should help students to see how they can use their art knowledge and skills once they leave school .Rationale to support art career education at all grade levels can be seen in the number of people who claim to be artist with art skills . With increasing production ,comsumption , interest and employment potential in the visual arts, art educators should make every effort to develop career education programs especially for student at the middle and secondary levels who are in the process of developing their self-image and deciding on future educational objectives . With many art and art-related vocations from which to choose . Teachers should provide art students with enough knowledge so they can make intelligent choices .
  2. 2. 2 .A Description Of Methodology The basic of this research is a survey of 87graduate students who rated factors that were instrumental in the successful completion of graduatedegree in art education. The researcher ,J.Ulbrict and Bain has conducted a researchin march 1998 and the research was located in, United States Universities , New york University , Arizano State University , The Ohio State University , Pennsylvania State University , Stanford University , Florida State University and Teachers College and Columbia University . The objectives of this research is to expand the dialogue about career education and make suggestion for career-oriented activities , units and course to better prepare students for life in art beyond the classroom . Rationale to support art career education at all grade levels can be seen in the number people who claim to be artist and the grawing opportunities for people with art skills , there where 1.8 million artist in the United states in 1990 . A 127% increase from the previous census of 1970 ( The National Endowment for the Arts , 1996 ) With the rate of increase in art employment . 3 .A Evaluation The author has succeeded dismantling the possible way of making suggestions for career to better prepare students for life in art education . The method used by the authors does not exceed the limitations in finding answers through observation and questions presented to the participants , the authors just present the data in generally based on the data of graduate students successful completion of graduate study . The data among respondents, the top factors for the successful completion of a graduate degree in art education included personal motivation, content interest , family support, financial support and free time . A data also said that half of the individuals who begin doctoral study never complete their degrees, students often do not match their goals with those of their selected graduate programs . The research problems were found in this article as there are sad comments from graduate students who expressed concern about their graduate art education programs. Most
  3. 3. problems expressed by graduate students centered on a lack of interpersonal relations with major professors . In my own opinion , the author should submit more suggestion to help student investigate alternative art careers . To help students discover and match personal author also should give a bit information careers that match with the ability of the student . 4 . Discussion of implications From this research I have learned that it took a long period of time to be finished .Overall from this study , I know that art educators need to rethink the goals and objectives of art education to include more of an emphasis on career education .The researcher conducted the research with a large of number of participants. Longitudinal method held by the researcher helps the researcher to find the data by questionnaires .evaluating and modifying based on the projects .We can know the development and the process happens in the project conducted . The research must go on as it appear to have a good result to the completion of graduate degree and if the research continues we might able to know more about the problems that we can solved .