Convention stage


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Convention stage

  1. 1. International Internship Agreement of Amelie LOUVET PROGRAMME ECE 2ème annéeBETWEEN MARY CHING - EMINENT LUXURY Bridge 8- 3rd floor studio 468 jumen Road 200023 SHANGHAI (CHINA) Telephone : 00 86 216 0904599AND ECE Lyon 21, rue Alsace-Lorraine 69001 LyonARTICLE 1 : OBJECTIVESThe present agreement defines relations between the above company, represented by ..........................................................and the School, represented by M. Stephan GALY, Director, concerning the internship performed by Amelie LOUVET, student at ECELyon, in PROGRAMME ECE 2ème année.The internship will take place from 01/04/2013 to 04/05/2013. Location (City/Country) SHANGHAI (CHINA), sous le tutorat de CarolineFontaine (Directeur Commercial, Business Manager) Telephone: +86 21 3304 1173 - EMail: cf@mary-ching.comInternships can be no longer than six months out of any school year (initial length or total length in case of extension of internship), exceptwhen additional time is expressly provided for in the academic program.Description of internship tasks and objectives: Organisation dévènements, communication sur les réseaux sociaux, organisation de salonsprofessionnels, prospection de nouveaux partenaires et de nouveaux marchés...Etant dans lunivers de la mode, les missions peuvent évoluées, elles seront plus précises au mois de décembre.ARTICLE 2 : APPROVALThe school must inform the student, or the students legal representative if he/she is underage, of the present agreement, and obtain from thestudent, or from the students legal representative, his/her express consent to the clauses of the agreement.ARTICLE 3 : STATUSThe student retains his/her student status during the internship. The internship program, as described in Article 1, will be established by thecompany director and monitored by the latter, or by a qualified assistant in line with the objectives of the internship and the schoolcurriculum. The school will inform the company of the school contact person responsible for monitoring the intern.It is understood that the intern will in no way replace an employee on leave of absence, or an employee whose contract has been suspended,or who has been dismissed. The intern will not be expected to perform the duties of a permanently employed salaried worker. The companywill assign the intern tasks to be carried out solely under the responsibility of his/her intern supervisor, or under the supervision of acompany employee.ARTICLE 4 : DISCIPLINEDuring the internship, the student will be subject to the rules of the company. Upon notification, the company will authorize the intern to beabsent from the company in order to meet academic requirements of the school. Should the student fail to comply with company rules, thecompany director reserves the right to terminate the students internship by forwarding to the schools contact person a copy of the letternotifying the student/intern of the companys decision.ARTICLE 5 : ALLOWANCEIn compliance with the present agreement, it is agreed that the company will pay the intern a monthly gross allowance of ............................,equivalent to ............................ euros.The following are the fringe benefits granted the intern: ......................................................................................................French law states that an allowance is obligatory for internships of over three months.French law requires that the company reimburse any expenses linked to the interns activity, notably the costs of transportation, or of doubleresidence, provided that the intern submits proof (receipts, invoices, etc.) of these expenses.Any required training of the intern will be entirely at the companys expense. Page 1/5
  2. 2. The number of hours per week that the intern is required to be present in the company .......................... (Indicate, if necessary, whether thestudent/intern is required to be present on normal days off or legal holidays)ARTICLE 6 : HEALTH PROTECTION"6-1 Unpaid internshipsUnpaid internships are internships whose compensation does not exceed, within one calendar month, 12.5% of the hourly limit ofthe French Social Security Code multiplied by the number of hours worked by the intern in a given month.Provided that the internship is no longer than 6 months, in case of a non-mandatory internship, or in case of a longer period notprovided for in the school academic program, and depending on approval by the Caisse Primaire dAssurance Maladie, the internwill be covered by the health protection of the French student health protection system in accordance with French social legislation.Depending on the country in which the internship is performed, health coverage is as follows:- for internships performed in the European Union, or in Switzerland, by students from a European Union member country, the student mustrequest, at least 3 weeks prior to departure, a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from his/her health insurance center. The EHICprovides for coverage of medical expenses under the same conditions as those of the host countryARTICLE 7 : PROTECTION FOR WORK-RELATED ACCIDENTS, WORK-RELATED ILLNESSES, ANDWORK-RELATED COMMUTING/TRAVEL"7-1 In order to benefit from French legislation concerning work-related accident coverage, the present internship agreement must satisfy allof the following six conditions:-the school has notified the CPAM of the internship prior to the student/interns departure,-the CPAM has sent the school written approval of the internship,-be of a duration of no more than 6 months (extensions included) unless the academic curriculum provides for a longer period,-not grant any remuneration which could make the intern eligible for work-related accident protection in the foreign country (compensationis allowed if said compensation is within the limits defined in Article 6-1)-the internship is performed exclusively in the company cited in the agreement-the internship is performed exclusively in the country cited in this agreement.Provided that all of the above conditions are met, the school will pay the appropriate insurance premium. The company, in case of awork-related accident, promises to inform the school in writing within 48 hours so as to allow the school to file a claim.The coverage concerns accidents occurring:-at the workplace where the internship is being performed and during regular internship hoursARTICLE 8 : CIVIL LIABILITY-INSURANCE"8-1 What ever the type of internship, or the country, the student intern (or his/her legal representative should the student be underage) mustsubscribe the following with the insurance company of his/her choice:-an insurance policy covering his/her liability for injuries caused to a third party:INSURANCE COMPANY: .................................................................... POLICY NUMBER: ......................................................-an insurance contract covering legal aid and sanitary repatriation:INSURANCE COMPANY: .................................................................... POLICY NUMBER: ......................................................-an individual accident insurance policy (payment of capital in case of death or handicap resulting from an accident)INSURANCE COMPANY: .................................................................... POLICY NUMBER: ......................................................8-2 In compliance with the present agreement, the host company representative promises to take out the appropriate liability insurance and todo whatever else is necessary in this respect*: either by having a liability insurance policy covering any fault attributable to the company in respect to the student or by adding an addendum concerning the student to an already existing policy covering the entire staff(*tick the appropriate response)In both cases, the student will not hold the school liable for any negligence on the part of the host company and will not take anylegal action against the school for damages. Page 2/5
  3. 3. Students signature preceded by &ldquoARTICLE 9 : INTERNSHIP CERTIFICATEAt the end of the internship, the company director will send the school an assessment of the interns work and overall performance. Thestudent intern will receive a certificate indicating the nature and length of the internship.ARTICLE 10 : INTERNSHIP REPORTAt the end of the internship, the student/intern will write a report, a copy of which report will be submitted to the companys internshipsupervisor.Should the company, for reasons of confidentiality, not wish for certain information to be included in the report, the company should informthe school administration by letter before the report is submitted to school authorities.The internship report will be evaluated by a board of school instructors and/or professionals.ARTICLE 11 : TERMINATION OF THE INTERNSHIP AGREEMENTThe internship agreement is not subject to work legislation, i.e., the agreement is not subject to the laws regarding redundancy and no legalcompensation (severance pay, etc) will be rewarded.Should the student infringe internal company regulations, the company director has the right to terminate this agreement after havinginformed the interns supervisor of the decision by registered mail. Barring a case of serious misconduct, the company promises to grant thestudent one month in which to find another host company, but will not consider this to constitute a prior notice of dismissal. At the end ofthe one-month period, the company may grant the student an additional delay but is under no obligation to do so.Reciprocally, the student may terminate the internship agreement after having informed, by registered mail, the company internshipsupervisor, and the school internship supervisor, of his/her decision. Unless the company is at fault, the intern promises to complete the taskassigned to him/her within a period of two weeks maximum. After the expiration of this two-week period, the intern may extend the period,but is under no obligation to do so.ARTICLE 12 : ANNEXED DOCUMENTSThe following documents are annexed to the present internship agreement:-Insurance certificates for civil liability, assistance service and individual accidents-Internship Charter for Students and Companies (established 26 April 2006)-Insurance certificate for voluntary work-related accident insurance policy, in case of lack of coverage by the school or the host company-Where applicable, certificate of voluntary medical insurance (in the case of a paid internship without medical insurance)-Where applicable, certificate of voluntary medical insuranceDrawn up in triplicate Students signature School Directors signature CEOs signature and School seal Company seal City Date City Date City Date Page 3/5
  4. 4. Internship Charter for Students and Companies Established April 26, 2006I - INTRODUCTION Today internships have become fundamental for young people’s career projects and future employment. An internship puts theoretical knowledge into practice and gives students hands-on experience of the corporate world and its widerange of opportunities. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the final goal of an internship is educational, i.e. an internship isalways part of an academic curriculum. Under no circumstances should an internship be considered as employment. The objective of the present charter, which was established by student representatives and representatives from the Frenchgovernment, educational institutions and the business world, is to foster the development of internships and to ensure that they willremain of benefit to both students and companies.II - SCOPE AND DEFINITION1 - The Scope of the CharterThis charter concerns all student company internships without infringing on special rules governing regulated professions. 2 - The InternshipAn internship is always part of an academic curriculum. An internship has no meaning outside of an academic curriculum.The internship thus :-allows the student to put his/her theoretical knowledge into practice in a professional environment ;-facilitates the transition from an academic program to the business world.Under no circumstances can an internship be considered as employment.III - INTERNSHIP SUPERVISION 1 - Organizing the internship An internship project is the result of collaboration between a member of the school faculty, a company representative and thestudent. The project is officialized by an agreement signed between the educational institution, the company, and the student.2 - The Internship AgreementThe agreement circumscribes the commitments and responsibilities of the educational institution, the company, and the student.Mandatory sections are listed in an annex to the charter. 3 - Duration of the Internship The duration of the internship is decided upon during the initial contacts between the educational institution and the company. Thestudent is informed of the decision. The duration of the internship is stated clearly in the agreement.4 - The Internship SupervisorsEvery internship is supervised by both a school faculty member and a member of the company staff. Both school and company supervisors will work together and keep one another informed of the progress of the internship and anydifficulties encountered. The school internship supervisor is responsible for ensuring the educational objectives of the internship, inline with the objectives of the company and the principles of the present charter. Both the educational institution and the hostcompany acknowledge the necessity of making every effort to ensure effective supervision. 5 - Assessment a - Evaluation of the Student The student’s activities are assessed by both internship supervisors. The educational institution decides on the academic weight it will grant internships which are provided for in the schoolcurriculum. The methods of evaluation are described in the internship agreement. The evaluation is recorded in an “AssessmentForm”. The Assessment Form and the Internship Agreement make up the Internship File which is preserved by the educationalinstitution. b - Evaluation of the Internship The educational institution and the company signatories of the agreement are expected to assess the quality of the internship. Page 4/5
  5. 5. IV - COMMITMENT OF THE RESPECTIVE PARTIES 1 - The student’s commitment to the company The student promises to: -be available to carry out his/her internship assignment and all related tasks; -respect the company’s internal regulations and culture; -write an internship report - if required - within the assigned deadline. The report must be submitted to the companyrepresentatives before being defended at the educational institution (the report may remain confidential at the company’s request).2 - The company’s commitment to the studentThe company commits itself to the following:-offer an internship which corresponds to the educational project defined by the student’s institution;-welcome the student and make available whatever means are necessary for the student/intern to successfully accomplish his/hermission;- designate an internship supervisor, or a tutorial team, whose task will be to:*guide and advise the student/intern;*inform the student/intern of company rules and culture;*facilitate the student’s integration into the company and provide access to any necessary information;*help the student acquire the skills necessary for performing his/her internship;*monitor the student/intern’s work;*evaluate the quality of the student/intern’s work*advise the student/intern in respect to his/her professional project;-draw up an internship certificate describing the tasks accomplished (for use in the student’s future résumés). 3 - The educational institution’s commitment to the student The educational institution commits itself to the following: -define the internship’s objectives and ensure that the proposed internship corresponds to these objectives; -assist the student in the search for an internship; -prepare the student for the internship; -supervise the student/intern during the internship by assigning a teacher responsible for monitoring progress; -make available whatever is necessary for the teacher/supervisor to properly evaluate the student’s internship; -guide and advise the student during the preparation of the internship report and make arrangements for the presence of acompany representative during the defense of the internship report.Drawn up in triplicate Students signature School Directors signature CEOs signature and School seal Company seal City Date City Date City Date Page 5/5