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Revision around the world


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Revision around the world

  1. 1. Group members (three):___________________________ Date of submission: _________________________ Revision: Around the World in Eighty Days. In the Jules Verne classic Around the World in Eighty Days , the precise and proper Phileas Fogg and his faithful butler Passapartout attempted what was then considered the impossible … to travel around the world in 80 days. The whirlwind adventure all starts as the result of a simple wager Fogg makes with his friends at the Reform Club in the grand amount of £20,000 (equal to £1,324,289 today). Today we can easily circumnavigate the world in just a few days. However, in the mid-1800’s there was no air travel and the efficient use of steam and the transcontinental railroad were just being birthed. So to claim one could circumnavigate the world in a mere 80 days was a new potential and generated a lot of excitement. Refer to the novel and try to propose the allotted time spent as Phileas Fogg and his butler travelled around the world. The Schedule Locations Mode of Transportation Allotted Time Explanation of the journey/ days spent London to Suez Cab, train, steamer Suez to Bombay
  2. 2. Bombay to Calcutta 3 days Left Bombay at night (5 minutes to eight), reached Burhampoor the next morning. On the way to Calcutta, the train stopped, it was on 22nd October (pg 44) and the next steamer in Calcutta would only leave for Hong Kong on 25th Oktober. They saved Aouda and when they reached Calcutta, they still had few hours to board the steamer to Hong Kong So, they spent about three and a half days from Bombay to Calcutta. Calcutta to Hong Kong Hong Kong to Yokohama Yokohama to San Francisco
  3. 3. San Francisco to New York City New York to London Total: 80 days