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The Role of a Static Security Guard

The role of a static security guard is to safeguard, patrol as well as monitor any violence or theft inside the premises where his duty has been assigned. To know more about the role of these guards, view this slideshare presentation.

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The Role of a Static Security Guard

  1. 1. 01 The Role Of A Static Security Guard
  2. 2. Accesscontrol&gateoperation
  3. 3. Identity verification
  4. 4. Sabotage checks
  5. 5. Vehicle Inspections
  6. 6. Giving security to materials & securing movement control
  7. 7. Guardingvitalinstallations
  8. 8. Protecting offices, buildings, equipment & assets
  9. 9. Static surveillance & intelligence gathering
  10. 10. Guarding cash & valuables
  11. 11. Traffic control & parking protection
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