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Common Problems with Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is one of the upholstery materials that is used widely in planks, flooring, etc. A good maintenance of the vinyl materials will ensure their longevity.

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Common Problems with Vinyl Flooring

  1. 1. Vinyl floors have become very popular these days. And the best part about these flooring is that they are quite economical and attractive. They hold up well with regular maintenance and care, but problems can occur with the material due to improper installation or care.
  2. 2. Sometimes scratches and dents occur on the vinyl floors. When do they occur? •At the time of installation •Caused later by the homeowner by dragging chairs across the room, walking with high heel shoes on the floor etc. How to repair them? •Check out if the vinyl is under warranty period. •Use a spare vinyl flooring board, which you should have, for the repair work. Although replacing or patching that small section of the floor is not an easy job, a contractor who offers vinyl repairs in Perth can easily be contacted with for your job.
  3. 3. Loose seams are quite common in vinyl flooring. Don’t panic if you come across this kind of situation in your house where seams are coming apart. How to repair them? Depending on the vinyl and conditions of the concrete or underlayment, a vinyl laying and repairing expert in Perth is going to apply more adhesive and re-seal the seam from the top to prevent dirt or moisture from creeping in.
  4. 4. Cracks form in the concrete subfloor when vinyl flooring gets bad enough. •If it’s a new flooring, then it’s important for you to know that the cracks were there right from the time of laying and were patched inadequately. •If the floor is an older one, you can conclude that the problem might have occurred after the laying process. No matter what the cause is for cracking, the floor needs replacement. Unless it is replaced, make sure excessive water doesn’t creep into the seams.
  5. 5. A variety of reasons cause a vinyl floor to stain or discolor: •Spills are one of the most common causes. To avoid a spill that stains the floor, wipe up all spills immediately. •The sun and heating vents may discolor a vinyl floor as well. Keeping the room shaded during times of the day when the sun is the strongest can avoid discoloration from the sun. Keep heating vents away from vinyl flooring material to avoid discolorations around the vent. •Rubber soled shoes and nylon socks or stockings can cause the floor to discolor as well. Remove shoes before walking on the floor.
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