Case studies and comparable products


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Case studies and comparable products

  1. 1. Case Study:Amelia Skill
  2. 2. Kerrang has been publishingweekly magazines since 1981.The magazine was initiallyoriginally devoted to NewWave of British heavy metal. Inthe 1980’s and 90’s, Kerrangrose to many thrash and glammetal acts but discardedthem and lost popularitythrough rising to new musicaltrends such as, nirvana whenit rose to fame. However, themagazine was criticised fordoing this. NME is quite aliketo Kerrang as both targetpeople interested in the rockgenre.
  3. 3. Textual Analysis The shot used here is a close up. The effect of this on the audience comes across as personal. That the main feature (artist) wants and This could be used to draws the reader in to buy the persuade the reader to magazine. buy the magazine due to the additional content – Posters. Effective due to it being a different colour to the rest of the Layout is conventional to magazine helping it the typical rock stand it out to the magazine. audience. Although the information is not separated in various colours, it is separated with a subheading in yellow. The effect of this towards the audience is that its clear and bold, thus easy to notice. This stands out from the However, the text is only one side rest of the magazine, so when stacked it may covered making it clear to the leaving the reader with no direct audience. This is also information to then persuade effective as it informs the them to buy the magazine. audience who is in the image and what the situation is. All colours are consistently used o the front page to demonstrate house style and make the text stand out to the reader.
  4. 4. Textual Analysis Colours used are consistent to the The images take up whole double-page most of the double spread. page spread. This is a good main feature; the reader is drawn in straightaway. I think when planning and creating my double page spread I will use this as it indicates to the reader what the article is about, thus achieving the bet possible context of reception. Images used are used to indicate the subject of the story. They also give the reader a clear image of the band and what the subject of the article is about.
  5. 5. Comparable Products: NME stands for New Musical Express Founded by Theodore Lloyd-Jones. The magazine has been published weekly since 1952. NME also targets people i.e. adults and teenagers. Like Kerrang, NME is a rock genre magazine. However, it also is based on indie. The magazine has a total circulation of the magazine of 23,924
  6. 6. Textual Analysis: Comparable Products The effect of the main artist covering the masthead portrays the The effects of the features of the public having brand magazine in yellow stand out from awareness of the the consistent colours – red, black and white. Portraying that they are magazine. The artist of some importance to the being well known is The effect of the mast head magazine but separate to other appropriate to the being in red, suggests it information. genre of music the having a link with the artist on magazine is based upon the main page. The colour of is and the artist is the the title of the magazine center of attention to stands out from the rest of the increase sales in the other features as it uses a magazine. much brighter red and has an outline of white to make it stand out even more. The This is conventional to masthead being at the top is the Rock Genre also effective as immediately through its particular it tells the reader that its ’NME’ bold colours: Red, and when placed on the shelf, covered by other Black and White. magazines you can see the magazine’s magazine and The colours used are recognise the title. Like aimed at a non-specific Kerrang, the title and the gender as red, black headline ‘Lily Allen takes on Both texts provide information, and white can be the world’ is also a clear however, both are in different colours to perceived as unisex indication of house style demonstrate that that they are colours. Also the colours throughout, for example, the separate features ‘LILY ALLEN’ is seen in on the artist, Lily Allen double page spread also uses a bold, direct and white font are used to alter the the same colours: red, white demonstrates that she is the main magazine with the and black. feature on the magazine – stands out same colours. Suggests through the use of a dark background. this is done for effect.
  7. 7. The important things that the reader will would need or Textual Analysis want to see are coloured red, this is used to be effective so that the reader has complete knowledge on who has written the article, who is the article about and where to navigate further through the magazine. Having the title take up ¾ of the double page helps the reader become drawn in instantly. However, in my opinion this would disorientate the reader away from the main article and only read the title due to it being a bigger size than the article. Therefore, I don’tThe slight quirkiness of the title think I will be using as big title andrepresents the personality of picture as I would like the articlethe artist, informing the reader have more significance.that the article may be writtento demonstrate the personalityof the subject i.e. Lily Allen. The red text, black text and white on black text correlate with the colour of the artist’s shirt. Consequently this makes the double page spread more aesthetically pleasing due to the colours not clashing but matching.
  8. 8. Case Study:
  9. 9. MOJO is a popular music magazinepublished initially by Emap, and sinceJanuary 2008 by Bauer, monthly in theUnited Kingdom.Emap were looking for a title whichwould cater for the growing interest inclassic rock music.MOJO was first published on 15October 1993, the first issue had BobDylan and John Lennon as its first coverstars.While some criticise it for its frequentcoverage of classic rock acts such asThe Beatles and Bob Dylan, it hasnevertheless featured many newer and"left-field" acts. It was the firstmainstream magazine in the UK tofocus on The White Stripes, whom it hascovered as zealously as many olderacts.MOJO regularly includes a covermount CD which ties in with a currentmagazine article or theme. In 2004 itintroduced the Mojo Honours list, anawards ceremony which is a mixture ofreaders and critics awards.
  10. 10. The background consists of pink shadowing furtherTextual Analysis downwards. The masthead lies on the lighter pink, the masthead is in black. This is The central image overlaps the effective as it uses the pink masthead, this illustrates the to make the black text stand effectiveness of the reader out. having brand awareness. This The text to both sides portrays the artist being a well- of the magazine are known figure at the centre of coloured differently attention. This then implies that but both colours are people may be more interested consistent all over the in the artist than the magazine front page. This shows itself. the reader that the text is separate and should be read separately. Having text on both sides means when stacked on the shelf and the right or left side is covered by other magazines, text can Unlike Kerrang and NME, Mojo do not still be seen to inform use contrasting colours to make thing the reader what is stand out, such as, ‘FREE CD’. This included. could suggest that readers may not need thaat to stand out as the CD on the front cover is a clear indication A free CD would persuade that it is included but may not know it the reader to buy the is free until sight is made on the magazine, either because information at the top. they already like the artist or they are new to the genre of music and would like to sample the music. The positioning of the CD demonstrates to the reader that the artist and the CD are linked.
  11. 11. Textual Analysis The colours present are not consistent on the page but are Although the image takes up one successful in the way they are side of the double page spread, the used to catch the readers article is however the significant attention. feature due to the title being smaller and the article being a big piece of writing. The images present in the text are links from the textPersonal Identity: People could giving the reader a clearread this and be influenced by understanding of the text.the artist to be like her, dress likeher, look like her. IncludingKerrang and NME, this also couldlink in with the theory of theaudience being a mass, as allreaders are reading the samething and all have affectionsfrom the text