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Business plan (bakery) by amelia and sara


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Business plan (bakery) by amelia and sara

  1. 1. BAKERYBy : Amelia(2) and Sara (22)
  2. 2. About our business Why we choose bakery industry as our business? We choose bakery industry as our business because :a. Bakery industry is a good business for usb. All of people can eat our product any time ,any where.c. industry bread processing is industry fairly simple
  3. 3. Various Dry Cake
  4. 4. Little Lazy Baker customer fav.
  5. 5. Whole cakes… TIRAMISU
  6. 6. OUR STORE Our Store is located in shopping mall in Jakarta.1. Grand Indonesia2. Plaza Indonesia3. Emporium Pluit Mall4. Mall of Indonesia5. Mall Kelapa Gading6. etc
  7. 7.  Why we choose shopping mall as our store location? We choose shopping mall in jakarta because many people come to mall to shopping, meeting , playing.
  8. 8. Our Service We Serve people ( dine in) at 11 am – 10 pm Our Store available at 9am – 12 pm (weekends) 9am – 10 pm ( weekdays)
  9. 9. Our Management Little Lazy Baker not allowed people to buy Little Lazy Baker trademark name.Little Lazy Baker only sell our share. We do this way because we not want our Little Lazy Baker customer get a disappointed cause a bad taste.
  10. 10. Our Modals. We rent counter on the mall for 1 month IDR 40.000.000, We buy properties =