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Disability in TV dramas

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  1. 1. Amelia Bird
  2. 2. Disability – Able –A physical or mental The capacity orcondition that limits means to doa persons something.movements, senses, or activities.
  3. 3. • Vulnerable • Unattractive• Rude • Helpless• Weak • Attention Seeking• Burden • Brave• Laughable • Tag Along• Unintelligent • Lonely• Crazy • Easily Bullied• Weird
  4. 4. • Tina in Glee has been faking her stutter for years.• It started when she wanted to get out of speaking in front of a large group of people.• Then she liked being different and the fact that people stayed away from her because of it.• This conforms to the stereotype that disabled people are seen as lonely.
  5. 5. • As well as this, Artie from Glee is in a wheelchair.• He see’s himself as a burden to everyone else, which is a stereotype of disabled people. This is because people have to carry him in and out of the auditorium and they had to get a special disabled bus to take him on a trip.
  6. 6. • After being in a car crash, Quinn is disabled for a short term.• She conforms to stereotype that disabled people are brave because she is determined to walk again and therefore goes to therapy.
  7. 7. • However most of the characters in Glee are able bodied. This is shown because they sing and dance around a stage.• However they do take into consideration Artie who cannot do any of that and therefore challenge the stereotype because they do not bully the unable.
  8. 8. • Tarrick in Waterloo Road has been put into a wheelchair after a car accident.• His character can be seen as brave because he decides the take up the sport of canoeing, which can be dangerous for someone who cannot swim.• However he is also displayed as unintelligent because he is not doing well in school.• As well as this, he could conform to the stereotype of crazy because he wanted to commit suicide for the way that he was.
  9. 9. • The main character of this show suffers with depression and follows her life of recovering.• She follows the stereotype that the mentally ill can be crazy because she has outbursts of anger towards he mum.• She could also be seen as weak because she cannot control her personality.
  10. 10. • Jean in Eastenders suffers with Bi-polar and so does her daughter Stacey.• Jean is also seen as crazy because she also has outbursts of anger at people, and so does Stacey.• Jean is also easily laughable because people used to laugh at her when they realised that she was ‘’crazy’’.
  11. 11. • Emma in Glee suffers with the mental illness of OCD.• Emma follows the stereotype that people with a mental illness can be a bit crazy or weird and that’s because she cleans everything that she eats or sits near, which can be seen as abnormal because it is getting in the way of her everyday life.• This compares to the able because people are not normally bothered about cleaning everything or afraid of catching germs like she is.