Why Give to United Way?


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Why Give to United Way?

  1. 1. Why give to United Way?<br />GIVE. ADVOCATE. VOLUNTEER.<br />www.unitedwaygenesee.org<br />
  2. 2. <ul><li>Your dollars stay here = Money raised in Genesee County, stays in Genesee County
  3. 3. Administrative costs are low = More dollars to invest in the community
  4. 4. All decisions are community driven = First hand knowledge of the community’s needs</li></ul>www.unitedwaygenesee.org<br />United Way 101<br />
  5. 5. Funded PartnersThese programs rely on our funding:<br />Basic Needs - $550,000<br />Work Activity Center Traverse Place<br />Vocational Independence Program Genesee County Youth Corp<br />One Stop Housing Resource Center Credit Repair/Bankruptcy<br />Genesys Health Foundation Legal Services of Eastern Michigan<br />Comprehensive Emergency Services Emergency Shelter/Transitional Housing<br />Salvation Army Shelter of Flint, Inc.<br />Safe House Emergency Shelter North End Soup Kitchen<br />YWCA Catholic Charities of Shiawassee & Genesee Counties<br />Disaster Services <br />Medical/Dental Program <br />American Red Cross <br />www.unitedwaygenesee.org<br />
  6. 6. Funded PartnersThese programs rely on our funding:<br />Older Adults- $225,000<br />Kinship Caregivers Adult Day Care/Art Therapy<br />Hispanic Senior Club Center for Gerontology<br />Catholic Charities of Shiawassee & Genesee Counties <br />Senior Citizens Program In-Home Elder Care<br />Family Service Agency Visually Impaired Center<br /> Family Service Agency <br />www.unitedwaygenesee.org<br />
  7. 7. Funded PartnersThese programs rely on our funding:<br />Strengthening Families $405,000<br />Immigration and Language Services Family Pride<br />American Arab Heritage Council Connexion<br />REACH Family Counseling<br />Genesee County Youth Corporation Family Service Agency<br />Domestic Violence Support Program Life Skills Day Program<br />YWCA of Greater Flint St. Luke’s NEW Life Center<br />Legal Empowerment and Advice Program Immigrant Family Services<br />Legal Services of Eastern Michigan Jewish Community Services<br />Fostering Success Child Care Referral<br />Entrepreneurial & Financial Literacy Data Base Programming<br />Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan 4C Child Care Unlimited<br />Family Services Program <br />Bilingual Case Management <br />Catholic Charities of Shiawassee & Genesee Counties <br />www.unitedwaygenesee.org<br />
  8. 8. Funded PartnersThese programs rely on our funding:<br />Child/Youth Development $375,000<br />Community Based Mentoring Afterschool Arts & Character Building<br />Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Greater Flint Boys & Girls Club of Greater Flint<br />Inclusive Child Care Training CASA – Court Appointed Special Advocates<br />4C Child Care Unlimited Consortium on Child Abuse & Neglect<br />Urban Initiative <br />Tall Pine Council, Boy Scouts of America <br />Urban Outreach Girl Scouting <br />In-School Scouting <br />Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan <br />SKIP to a Great Start<br />CHILL-Youth Violence Prevention<br />Bendle Family Health Services<br />Genesee Intermediate School District <br />www.unitedwaygenesee.org<br />
  9. 9. Funded PartnersThese programs rely on our funding:<br />www.unitedwaygenesee.org<br />Board Initiatives- $527,860<br />Attendance Court Systems of Care<br />Genesee County Family CourtUnited Way of Genesee County Solution Councils<br />2-1-1 FACT – Flint Area Congregations Together<br />Resource Genesee <br />Bridges to the Future<br />United Way of Genesee County<br />School Readiness Action Plan <br />Assessment of Children’s Mental Health Usage <br />Priority Children <br />Non-Profit Capacity Building <br />BEST Project<br />United Way of Genesee County<br />GAIN$ - Genesee Area Individual <br />Development Account Network <br />United Way of Genesee County<br />Ms. Howard saved $1100 in the Gain$ program. With their $3000 match, she was able to start her own business, a daycare!<br />Ava Howard, GAIN$ 2009 Graduate <br />
  10. 10. Funded PartnersThese programs rely on our funding:<br />Systemic Change - $311,740<br />Earned Income Tax Credit Professional Development<br />Genesee County Tax CoalitionMaltreated Infant/Baby Court<br />Strategic Planning One Stop Housing Resource Center<br />Genesee County Community Collaborative Genesys Health Foundation<br />Youth Yellow Pages Housing Policy Initiative<br />Resource Genesee FACT – Flint Area Congregations Together<br />Leadership Genesee Scholarships Marketing Research<br />Resource Genesee Project VOX/MOST<br />PACT – Parents & Children Together Merger Discussion Facilitation<br />Genesee County Friend of the Court C/CAN <br />OATS (Organizational Assessments & Tech Support) <br />BEST/United Way <br />www.unitedwaygenesee.org<br />
  11. 11. Total Investment inCommunity Programs<br />$6,469,465<br />www.unitedwaygenesee.org<br />
  12. 12. Fiduciary & Technical Services<br />United Way provides fiduciary services to 10 programs and 3 non-profits that have generated $43,000<br />BEST<br />Boys & Girls Club of Greater Flint<br />Bridges to the Future<br />Child Advocacy Center<br />Do the Right Thing<br />Downtown Weed & Seed<br />Eaton County United Way<br />GAIN$<br />Keep America Beautiful<br />McCree Theater<br />North Central Weed & Seed<br />Tree City<br />VITA<br />www.unitedwaygenesee.org<br />
  13. 13. Community Services<br />United Way/UAW <br />Ramp Program<br />The Ramp Program, a partnership between United Way, General Motors and the UAW, began in the mid 1980s. <br />The United Way/UAW Ramp program has built over 4,700 ramps in our community.<br />www.unitedwaygenesee.org<br />
  14. 14. Community Services<br />Bridges to the Future<br />The Bridges to the Future Program is one of United Way’s signature initiatives. The program is featured in 15 sites throughout Genesee County. The program’s focus is providing a link to day school, and will include fun and challenging activities.<br />www.unitedwaygenesee.org<br />
  15. 15. Community Services<br />United Way and UAW Region 1-C<br />Bone Marrow Program <br />We are the local branch of the National Bone Marrow Registry, and we have added 17, 500 donors to date. From this list of donors, 44 life-saving bone-marrow matches have been made.<br />www.unitedwaygenesee.org<br />
  16. 16. Community Services<br />Maltreated Infant/Baby Court<br />Baby Court was created in response to the loss of jobs and the corresponding increase in child abuse and neglect. United Way provided $14,736 to train eleven Infant Mental Health Specialists on providing services to infants/toddlers and their families. There are approximately 500 infants/toddlers waiting on assessments. Baby Court had its first graduation – and family reunification – in February 2009.<br />www.unitedwaygenesee.org<br />
  17. 17. Community Services<br />Attendance Court<br />A collaboration between the Court and United Way, Attendance Court provides casework services for youth petitioned to court for truancy, educational neglect, and school incorrigibility. 67 youth have participated in Attendance Court this fiscal year.<br />2007-08 Countywide Truancy Statistics<br /><ul><li> 25,846 students were absent 5 percent or more of the school year, down 14 percent</li></ul>• 10,502 students were absent 10 percent or more days, down 21 percent<br />• 2,450 students were absent 20 percent or more days, down 33 percent<br />www.unitedwaygenesee.org<br />Photo Credit: Peter Schottenfels<br />The Flint Journal<br />Judge Duncan M. Beagle congratulates a student on completing the county&apos;s truancy program for minors at the Genesee County Courthouse in Flint.<br />
  18. 18. Community Services<br />Tax Assistance<br />United Way purchased six computers for tax preparation, making it possible to:<br /><ul><li>File returns electronically and save clients the fees and interest on rapid return loans
  19. 19. Ease of volunteer training</li></ul>$1,222,158 – Federal dollars<br />&<br />$699,030 – EITC DOLLARS<br />Total captured in 2007 = $1,921,188<br />www.unitedwaygenesee.org<br />
  20. 20. Community Services<br />One Stop <br />Housing Resource Center<br />The One Stop Housing Resource Center is a program that provides the homeless and near homeless with a single point of access for an array of support services.<br />Initially open twice a week, One Stop now services the community <br />5 days a week<br />www.unitedwaygenesee.org<br />Agency Clipboards for Client Privacy<br />
  21. 21. Community Services<br />One Stop <br />Housing Resource Center<br />One Stop provides staffing from 11 agencies:<br /><ul><li>Health Access
  22. 22. DHS
  23. 23. GCCARD
  24. 24. CMH
  25. 25. Shelter of Flint
  26. 26. Flint Odyssey House
  27. 27. Flint Strive
  28. 28. IARC
  29. 29. Hamilton Community Health Network</li></ul>www.unitedwaygenesee.org<br /><ul><li>Legal Services of Eastern Michigan
  30. 30. Genesee County Youth Corporation/ Genesee Resource Center</li></li></ul><li> Community Services<br />One Stop Housing Resource Center<br />Support services include laundry facilities and computer access:<br />www.unitedwaygenesee.org<br />
  31. 31. So…why give to United Way?<br />We are RESPECTED<br />We are COMMUNITY<br />We HELP YOU, HELP OTHERS<br /> GIVE. ADVOCATE. VOLUNTEER.<br />www.unitedwaygenesee.org<br />