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4.3.3 Multimedia Productions

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Produksi multimedia

  1. 1. ADITEP??
  2. 2. FASA BAHAN BERKAITANAnalysis Problem Statement, ProposalDesign Flow chart, StoryboardImplementation Multimedia program, picture, videoTesting ChecklistEvaluation Evaluation FormPublishing CD
  3. 3. FASA BAHAN BERKAITANAnalysis The multimedia developers interview the clients to find out their needs. - The multimedia developers will identify the project title, problem, objectives, possible solution and target users. - The multimedia developers write the a Proposal for a multimedia project - The multimedia developers will use Analysis Tools: Questionnaire to find the needs of target users. Content Analysis Form to choose the contents for the multimedia program Goal Analysis Form to guide multimedia developers to set up the focus of the project.
  4. 4. FASA BAHAN BERKAITAN •The multimedia developer will design :Design •Flow Chart which is a lay out the flow of a multimedia program. •Storyboard which is a rough sketches of everything that are included in a multimedia program. based on the Flow Chart.consider the content of the program, navigational system to be used and the layout of the program. •In this phase, CASPER design principles are used.
  5. 5. Design PhaseContrast refers to the usage of different types of multimedia elements. It is one of the way to make the multimedia program more attractiveAligntment refers to the arrangement of multimedia elements on the screen. For example, graphics or text should be arranged at the most suitable position.Simplicity refers to the simple and easy way of presenting the multimedia program. For example, using a simple design with less graphics, animation and text makes the multimedia program more attractive and easy to understand.Proximity refers to the concept of grouping a similar or related element. For example, the arrangement of "Main Menu" and graphics must be in one groupEmphasis refers to creating the focus point on the screen. It will highlight the important part of the screen to attract the user’s attentionRepetition refers to the concept of repeating the same texture, colour, size of font and style in the multimedia program. Repetition adds a visual interest into the multimedia program.
  6. 6. FASA BAHAN BERKAITAN -The process of converting the design plan such as a Storyboard into a multimedia program - The multimedia developers will use the authoring tool such as Toolbook AssistantImplementation 2004 to integrate the multimedia elements. - The multimedia developers will : •creating texts •inserting graphics •inserting animation •inserting audio •inserting video •inserting hyperlink
  7. 7. FASA BAHAN BERKAITAN - The purpose of testing is to ensure that the program runs correctly without errors - The multimedia developers will use a Checklist to test the multimedia program. If there are any errors, the programmer will fix the program.. - In this Checklist the aspects focused are : •Content ( refers to the goals of the program, text, graphics, audio, video,Testing animation, language used and how informative the program is) •Interface (CASPER principles are used ) •Navigation (navigation aids and consistency )
  8. 8. FASA BAHAN BERKAITAN - The Evaluation Phase focuses on overall presentation and effectiveness of the multimedia - Selected users will use an Evaluation Form to try out the program and give feedback and will focus in 2 aspects content and user interface.Evaluation
  9. 9. FASA BAHAN BERKAITAN - When the multimedia program is completed, it will be published in two option mediums: •Web pages - multimedia program to be a Web-based multimedia. •Compact discs ( CD ) - multimedia program to be a CD-based multimedia.Publishing
  10. 10.  List down a CD burning software and DVD burner software.
  11. 11. 