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Pillars of Marketing chapter 05


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Pillars of Marketing chapter 05

  1. 1. Pillars of Marketing :Market segmentation, Target marketing Positioning & DifferentiationAMEERUL HASAN | CHAPTER NUMBER 05
  2. 2. Chapter ObjectivesWe focus on the following questions:How can a company identify the segments that make upa market?What criteria can a company use to choose the mostattractive target markets?
  3. 3. Target MarketingTarget marketing requires marketers to take three major steps:Identify and profile distinct groups of buyerswho differ in their needs and preferences(market segmentation).Select one or more market segments to enter(market targeting).For each target segment, establish and communicate the keydistinctive benefit(s) of the company’s market offering (marketpositioning).
  4. 4. Levels and Patterns ofMarket SegmentationLevels of Market Segmentation Mass marketing MicromarketingSegment marketing Market segment Sector Flexible market offering
  5. 5.  Niche Marketing Local Marketing Individual Customer Marketing1. Mass-customization2. Choiceboard3. Customerization Segments Individuals
  6. 6. Patterns for Market Segmentation Preference segments Homogeneous preferences Diffused preferences Clustered preferences1. Natural market segments2. Concentrated marketing
  7. 7. Market Segmentation Procedure Needs-based market segmentation approach Market partitioning1. Brand-dominant hierarchy2. Nation-dominant hierarchy
  8. 8. Gogrej Ezee
  9. 9. Himalaya
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  11. 11. Saugata Gupta, CEO (Marico -Consumer Products),
  12. 12. POSITIONINGIt is the act of designing the companyoffering and image to occupy adistinctive place in the mind of targetmarket
  13. 13. STP All marketing strategies is built on STP- Sgmentation ,Targeting,Positioning
  14. 14. Microsoft
  15. 15.  Delivered hot and fresh in less than30 Minutes or free
  16. 16. Targeting
  17. 17. Intel
  18. 18. Health Care – Positioning
  19. 19. POINT OF DIFFERENCE POD are attributes or benefits consumers strongly asscoaites with abrand ,positively evaluate and belive they could not find to thesame extent with a competitive brand
  20. 20. POINT OF PARITY POPs on the other hand are associatetion the are not necessarilyunique o the brand but may in fact be shared with other brands
  21. 21. PODsApple (design) Nike ( performance )
  22. 22. POPs
  23. 23. RepositioningMOOVRepositioned the brand from jointpain reliving balm to BACKACHESPECIALIST ……that address tohousewifePARAS PAHARMACEUTICAL
  24. 24. Establishing Category MembershipStraddle Positioning Category membership Announcing category benefits Comparing to exemplars Relying on Product descriptor
  25. 25. Establishing Category MembershipRaymond lakme
  26. 26. BMW
  27. 27. Differentiation Strategies Competative advantage is acompanys ability to perform inone or more ways thatcompetitors cannot or will notmatch1. Personnel Differentiation2. Channel Differentiation3. Image Differentiation
  28. 28. Personnel DifferentiationsChannel Differentiations-Direct to Home
  29. 29. Image Differentiation
  30. 30. Personnnel DifferentiationJet Air India KingFisher
  31. 31. Product Life Cycle -Marketing Strategy1. Intoduction2. Growth3. Maturity4. Decline
  32. 32. Intoduction StagePioneer AdvantageCoca -Cola Fair & Handsome
  33. 33. Wikipedia
  34. 34. Long Range Product MarketExpansion Strategy Marketing Strategies: IntroductionStage The Pioneer Advantage Inventor Product pioneer Market Pioneer
  35. 35. Marketing Strategy : MaturityStage This stage normally last longer thenthe perivoius stages Most Products are normally inmaturity stages The maturity stage is sub dividedinto 3 phases1. Growth2. Stable3. DecayingStrategy Market Modification Product Modification Marketing Program Modification
  36. 36. Product ModificationQuality Improvement Feature ImprovementStyle ImprovementBajaj Scooter Bajaj Avenger Pulsar
  37. 37. Parle G Parle Products
  38. 38. Market Program Modification Price Distribustion Advertising Sales Promotions Personal Selling Services
  39. 39. Marketing StrategiesDecline Stage Identify Weak product Lower Exit Barriers Industry Relative attractiveness and Company competitive strength
  40. 40. Force India
  41. 41. CCD Barista