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  1. 1. Lynn Ta March 9,1995 - July 23, 2011 Gone, but Never Forgotten
  2. 2. if heaven weren't so far away, we'd all pack up and go visit you for a day. we'd walk together on the streets of gold and talk about all the times of old. it'd feel better than being on cloud nine for the fear and pain of you gone would no longer be mine. you're peaceful smile would remind me of the earthly dawn and I'd then have to tell you I'd be back later on. if only heaven weren't so far away..... Miss You Lynn!!! ♥ -Jessica Montgomery
  3. 3. I sit around and wonder, and watch the days go by. I look at all the pictures, and ask, why did you have to die? You've always been there for me, because you were my best friend, and I was always there for you until the very end. But now it's time to let you go, your spirit now is free. Even though you won't really be gone, because you'll live inside of me.
  4. 4. So when we have to leave you at your resting place, I will always remember your smiling, beautiful face. This is hardly a goodbye, so I wont weep anymore, because now you’re in better place then you ever were before. Even though that I will miss you, and Ill think about you everyday you’ll always be my best friend, and that’s all I have to say.
  5. 5. Only 16 years old , and your already walking on the road made of gold. You always told me to keep a smile on my face, Now I will knowing your in a better place. You were always an angel to me , A great friend you will always be. The great conversations we had during class, Oh how I wish this time together didn’t have to pass. Lynn Ta, I was lucky to know you so well, In my heart you shall always dwell RiP Lynn -Ameerah Smith
  6. 6. Really wish I didn't feel this way... Why did you have to go.. Why couldn't you just stay? Even though you're in a better place, it wouldn't hurt once again to see your beautiful face. All these people who love and care, But even with God we have to share. Our friendship was dear to me that is so, it's one thing for sure I could never let go.. R.I.P but forever in my heart .. Lynn Ta ♥ -Leah Johnson
  7. 7. It's kinda hard with you not around, I know you're in heaven smilin' down. Watchin' us while we pray for you. Everyday we pray for you, Till the day we meet again. In my heart is where I'll keep you friend. Memories give me the strength I need to proceed, strength I need to believe.. ♥ Lynn Ta ; Rest Well Beautiful -Michelle Chanthakhot
  8. 8. Memories Last Forever….. I know your shining down on us from heaven<3