Self-Control vs Holy Spirit-Control


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Who is really supposed to be in control of our lives? Ameerah Lewis of explains how our self-growth and self-sufficient world can create barriers between Believers seeking true intimacy with God and a Heavenly Father that longs for intimacy with us.

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Self-Control vs Holy Spirit-Control

  1. 1. Who’s Really in Control?Who’s Really in Control?In today’s society, we hear a lot aboutthings like:Self-improvement/ Self-help• “the practice of bettering oneself withoutrelying on the assistance of others.” (wiktionary)Self-actualization• “the desire for self-fulfillment... to becomeeverything that one is capable of becoming.“(Maslow)
  2. 2. Who’s Really in Control?Who’s Really in Control?Self-reliance“the capacity to rely on ones owncapabilities, and to manage ones ownaffairs; independence” (wiktionary)Self-Control“The ability to control human behaviorthrough the exertion of will.” (Wikipedia)
  3. 3. Who’s Really in Control?Who’s Really in Control?What do all of these things have incommon?What is really at the root of each one?SELFSELF
  4. 4. Who’s Really in Control?Who’s Really in Control?Each of these are sly deceptions ofthe enemy.His Goal:• To get us to “Take Control” of our lives.But, are we really supposed to be theones in control?
  5. 5. Who’s Really in Control?Who’s Really in Control?As long as we are trying to gain somekind of control over our own lives, wewill always come up short.Even if we are trying to force our lives toline up with God’s Word...• If we are trying to do it on our own, we willalways fail.
  6. 6. Who’s Really in Control?Who’s Really in Control?This is a large part of why the enemytries to infiltrate the church with theself-reliance that has polluted theworld.He wants to make sure you try to stay incontrol of your own life...
  7. 7. Don’t Get Stuck in the Rut!Don’t Get Stuck in the Rut!The Self-Reliance CycleThe Self-Reliance Cycle
  8. 8. But, I Have Free Will!But, I Have Free Will!Yes, God has given each of us freewill.But, as a love offering for all He hasdone for us, He longs for us to willinglysurrender control of our lives back overto Him...
  9. 9. But, I Have Free Will!But, I Have Free Will!And so, dear brothers and sisters,I plead with you to give your bodies togive your bodies toGodGod because of all he has done for you.Let them be a living and holy sacrifice—the kind he will find acceptable.This is truly the way to worship him.Don’t copy the behaviorand customs of this world,but let God transform youlet God transform you into a newperson by changing the way you think.Then you will learn toknow God’s will for you,which is good and pleasing and perfect.~Romans 12:1-2 NLT
  10. 10. But, I Have Free Will!But, I Have Free Will!Romans 12:1-2 teaches us twothings about who should becontrolling our lives:1. We are urged to give God ourlives as a “a living and holysacrifice.”2. It is not you or I who possessesthe power to change ourselves. You are supposed to “let Godtransform you into a new person.”
  11. 11. But How?But How?How does God transform us?He uses His Holy Spirit.“Let the Spirit renew your thoughts andattitudes.” Ephesians 4:23 NLTOnce we have truly decided to become a livingsacrifice for Him, just as He has for us,The Holy Spirit can truly begin HisWork...
  12. 12. But How…But How…Completely handing ourselves over toGod isn’t something we do once whenwe accept Christ...Do we really want to change andbecome the person we were pre-destined to be?• We have make taking our entire selves toGod a daily habit.
  13. 13. Creating a Habit of SurrenderCreating a Habit of SurrenderBut I say, walk and live[habituallyhabitually] in the [Holy] Spirit[responsive to and controlledand guided by the Spirit];then you will certainly notgratify the cravingsand desires of the flesh(of human nature without God).~Galatians 5:16AMP
  14. 14. Holy Spirit-ControlHoly Spirit-ControlIf you are longing to break free of yourhuman imperfections, there is only oneway to do it...Not through self-help.Not through self-control.But through Holy Spirit-Control!
  15. 15. Holy Spirit-ControlHoly Spirit-ControlIf we live by the [Holy] Spirit,let us also walk by the Spirit.[If by the Holy Spiritwe have our life in God,let us go forwardwalking in line,our conductcontrolled by the Spirit.]~Galatians 5:25 AMP
  16. 16. Holy Spirit-ControlHoly Spirit-ControlMany of us say that we are filled withthe Holy Spirit, but we have not trulyhanded over the reigns.If we have truly laid down our life at thethrone, then there should be evidence ofthe Holy Spirit’s control in our daily lives.• What evidence does the Holy Spirit leave inour lives?
  17. 17. Holy Spirit-ControlHoly Spirit-ControlBut the fruit of the [Holy] SpiritBut the fruit of the [Holy] Spirit[the work which[the work whichHis presence within accomplishes]His presence within accomplishes]is love, joy (gladness), peace,is love, joy (gladness), peace,patience (an even temper, forbearance),patience (an even temper, forbearance),kindness, goodness (benevolence),kindness, goodness (benevolence),faithfulness, Gentleness (meekness, humility),faithfulness, Gentleness (meekness, humility),self-control (self-restraint, continence)...self-control (self-restraint, continence)...~Galatians 5:22 & 23
  18. 18. Holy Spirit-ControlHoly Spirit-ControlWhat are the Fruits of the Spirit really?Are they things that we can forceourselves to exhibit?NO!They are “the work which His presencethe work which His presencewithin accomplishes”within accomplishes” ((Galatians 5:22 )Proving once more:Proving once more:• It is God’s Spirit that transforms us into HisIt is God’s Spirit that transforms us into Hisimage, not us who transform ourselves.image, not us who transform ourselves.
  19. 19. How can God transformHow can God transformyour life through His Holyyour life through His HolySpirit?Spirit?Our Problems...Our Problems... God’s Solutions...God’s Solutions...Depression HIS Joy and PeaceShame HIS Peace and GoodnessAnxiety HIS Peace and JoyFear HIS Faith and LoveAnger HIS Patience, Love and GentlenessUnforgiveness HIS Patience, Love and GentlenessImpatience HIS Patience and PeaceLust HIS Self-Control, Faithfulness, andGoodnessAddictions HIS Self-Control and Goodness
  20. 20. The Key to True Surrender…The Key to True Surrender…Release FearRelease FearThe 2 fears that block surrender:The fear of handing over control ofyour life to someone else• Will you fail me? I’ve been hurtbefore..The fear of acting on God’sleadings...and being wrong.
  21. 21. For [the Spirit which]you have now received[is] not a spirit of slaveryto put you once morein bondage to fear,but you have receivedthe Spirit of adoption[the Spirit producing sonship]in [the bliss of] which we cry,Abba (Father)! Father!-Romans 8:15Release Fear!Release Fear!
  22. 22. Release Fear!Release Fear!Relationships are built on TrustTrust.As Christians, fear and worry areour enemy!They are trust thieves.Our relationship with God is builton our ability to truly trust Him.
  23. 23. Release Fear!Release Fear!For whoever wouldcome near to Godcome near to Godmust [necessarily]believe that God exists and thatHe is the rewarderHe is the rewarderof those who earnestly anddiligently seek Him [out]-Hebrews 11:6 AMP
  24. 24. Release Fear!Release Fear!Those are the foundational beliefs thatyour trust in God must be built on.The more you step out on faith, totallysurrendering to the leading of the HolySpirit...The more your relationship with Him willgrow.• You will trust Him more.• You will receive more of His love.• You will love Him more.• And He will draw you even closer.
  25. 25. It Takes TimeIt Takes TimeDeveloping an intimaterelationship with God is not anovernight process.Just like any relationship that youbuild...• The more time you spend aloneseeking the Lord, the more you are“progressively becoming more deeply andintimately acquainted with Him” (Philippians3:8 AMP).
  26. 26. It Takes TimeIt Takes TimeThe more intimately you get to know Him:The more He will reveal to you about theareas in your own life that He wants totransform and restore.The Holy Spirit will guide you through yourown personal journey into the deeper thingsof God.• Your journey of surrender will not look like anyoneelse’s, and it is between you and the Lord.
  27. 27. It Takes TimeIt Takes TimeWhat is our part in all of this?To keep pressing closer to Him.But if from there you will seek(inquire for and require as necessity)the Lord your God,you will find Himif you [truly] seek Himwith all your heart [and mind]and soul and life.-Deuteronomy 4:29 AMP
  28. 28. What’s Stopping You?What’s Stopping You?We’ve said fear is the biggestsurrender blocker…Many times we have past experiencesthat we blame God for.We wonder… “Why God? Why did Youlet that happen?”These open wounds in our hearts stopus from totally surrendering to Him.
  29. 29. What’s Stopping You?What’s Stopping You?I have told you these things,so that in Me you may have[perfect] peace and confidence.In the world you have tribulationand trials and distress and frustration;but be of good cheer[take courage; be confident, certain, undaunted]!For I have overcome the world.[I have deprived it of power to harm youand have conquered it for you.]– John 16:33 AMP
  30. 30. What’s Stopping You?What’s Stopping You?Like Shadrach, Meshach andAbednego we may feel tossed in thefiery furnace.But Jesus promises when we come out,we won’t even smell like smoke: “I havedeprived it of power to harm you”.
  31. 31. So, What’s Been Stopping You?So, What’s Been Stopping You?The enemy uses pains from our pastto make us distrust God.Pray and ask God if there are any painsfrom your past that have been stuntingyour relationship with Him.Make a list .Find a prayer partner, and pray for Godto heal those open wounds so that youcan fully release yourself to Him.