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Diocese 11 14-2011


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Diocese 11 14-2011

  1. 1. Table of Contents Order of Business ...................................................................................................................2 Rules of Order ..........................................................................................................................4 Nominees Cathedral Chapter ......................................................................................................5 Diocesan Council ........................................................................................................6. Disciplinary Board ......................................................................................................7 Standing Committee ..................................................................................................9 Resolutions Submitted A-172 Implementation of Health Plan.............................................................12 B-172 Companion Diocese ................................................................................. 13 C-172 HIV/AIDS Awareness Sunday ............................................................. 14 D-172 Letters of Agreement .............................................................................. 16 E-172 The Rev. Whiting Griswold...................................................................16 F-172 Restructuring the Episcopal Church ..................................................17 G-172 Minimum Clergy Compensation ........................................................ 18 H-172 .............................................................................................................................. 19 2012 Budget for Approval ..................................................................................................22 Reports Received Standing Committee ................................................................................................. 27 Diocesan Council ....................................................................................................... 28 Commission on Ministry ........................................................................................ 28 Companion Diocese Committee .......................................................................... 28 Dismantling Racism Commission ....................................................................... 30 Episcopal Campus Ministry-Rockwell House ................................................ 30 Oasis Missouri .............................................................................................................. 31 Paseo Con Cristo ......................................................................................................... 31 Offices of the Bishop Canon to the Ordinary ......................................................................................... 32 Communications....................................................................................................... 33 Archivist and Registrar ......................................................................................... 34 United Thank Offering ............................................................................................. 35 Grace Hill ........................................................................................................................ 35 St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors System ....................................................... 36 St. Luke’s Hospital ....................................................................................................... 38 Sewanee ............................................................................................................................ 39 The Episcopal Diocese of Missouri Making Disciples • Building Congregations • For the Life of the World 1
  2. 2. Order of Business All convention events in the Bishop Tuttle Memorial (BTM) building and the CathedralFRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 201110 AM –8 PM Chapel open Bofinger Chapel10 AM –8 PM Child Care available BTM 2nd floor (Christian Education Office)10–11:30 AM Presiding Bishop Katharine’s meeting Cathedral Nave with Diocesan clergy 11 AM –5 PM Registration of Lay and Clergy Delegates BTM 1st floor, Elevator Lobby (Voting members: Sign-in required both Friday and Saturday of convention)12 NOON –5 PM Convention 101 (optional) BTM 4th floor, Schuyler Hall with Dan Smith, Hal Burroughs, Jim Hood (near head table) 1–2:30 PM Plenary Session I BTM 4th floor, Schuyler Hall Call to Order and Opening Prayer: Bishop Smith Welcome: the Very Rev. Michael Kinman Appointment of a Secretary (Art III.4, Sec 3); Appointment of a Parliamentary Advisor to the Chair: Bishop Smith Report of the Committee on Lay Credentials and Admission of New Parishes; Adoption of the Rules of Order: Dr. James Hood Recognition of the 172nd Convention Committees; Introduction of New Clergy and Clergy in New Cures and Acknowledgment of Clergy Who Have Died: Bishop Smith Report of the Committee on Nominations and Election Procedure-Introduction of Candidates: the Rev. Dr. Warren Crews Nomination and Election of a Trustee for the University of the South: Bishop Smith First Report of the Resolutions Committee: Mrs. Kathryn Dyer Report of the Standing Committee and Presentation: the Rev. Joseph Chambers Report of the Diocesan Council Report regarding New Ventures in Mission Community Grants (from the “Making All Things New” campaign): Mr. Robert Daniels Report regarding the Diocesan Investment Trust: Mr. Jay Kloecker Presentation of the Operating Budget (overview): Mr. Tom Hedrick Announcements: Hal Burroughs2:30–3 PM Break3–4:30 PM Hearings BTM 4th floor, Schuyler Hall Hearing on Budget; Open Meeting of Resolutions Committee; Open Meeting of Constitution & Canons Committee The 172nd Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri2 Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis, Missouri, November 18-19, 2011
  3. 3. Order of BusinessFRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2011, continued 4:45–5:45 PM Plenary Session II BTM 4th floor, Schuyler Hall Call to Order; Reports Received by Title: Bishop Smith Rebuild Our Church in Haiti Campaign: Episcopal Church Women United Thank Offering: Ms. Rosemary Bagin Bishop’s Address: Bishop Smith Announcements: Hal Burroughs6–8 PM Reception Cathedral NaveSATURDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 20118 AM –1:30 PM Chapel open Bofinger Chapel8 AM –1:30 PM Child Care available BTM 2nd floor (Christian Education Office)8 AM –12 NOON Registration of Lay and Clergy Delegates BTM 1st floor, Elevator Lobby (Voting members: Sign-in required both Friday and Saturday of convention)9–10:15 AM Convention Eucharist Cathedral Nave The Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori preaching Reserved seating for registered members of convention Clergy vesting in the Davis Room (1st floor)10:30 AM –12 NOON Clergy Spouse/Partner event BTM 2nd floor10:45 AM –12:30 PM Plenary Session III BTM 4th floor, Schuyler Hall Call to Order: Bishop Smith Further Report from the Resolutions Committee-Courtesy Resolutions: Mrs. Kathy Dyer Explanation of Voting System; Balloting for Members of Cathedral Chapter, Diocesan Council, Disciplinary Board, Standing Committee: the Rev. Dr. Warren Crews Report of the Resolutions Committee: Consideration of Resolutions A-172, B-172, C-172, D-172, E-172, F-172, G-172: Mrs. Dyer Presentation regarding Youth Ministry: Mr. Jonathan Stratton Report of the Ctte. on Constitution & Canons-Resolution H-172: the Hon. Jean C. Hamilton Further Report from Nominations and Election Procedures-Election Results: Dr. Crews Adoption of the Operating Budget: Mr. Tom Hedrick Further Report from the Resolutions Committee: Mrs. Dyer Selection of the Site for the 174th Convention; Appointment of Committees for the 173rd Convention; Affirmation of Bishop’s Appointments to the Diocesan Commission on Ministry; Affirmation of Bishop’s Appointments to the Committee on Nominations and Election Procedures: Bishop Smith Announcements: Hal Burroughs Sine die12:30 AM –1 PM Lunch (Box lunches) BTM 4th floor, Guernsey Room The Episcopal Diocese of Missouri Making Disciples • Building Congregations • For the Life of the World 3
  4. 4. Rules of Order to be Adopted by the 172nd Convention1. The Presiding Officer shall appoint members of read and considered at any time during Convention.Permanent Committees at each Meeting of Conven- 10. The names of movers of resolutions shall appear intion. the minutes of Convention.2. All resolutions from the floor shall be reduced to 11. All motions and resolutions requiring referencewriting, presented to the Secretary, and read to Con- shall be referred, so far as possible, to the Permanentvention. A resolution from the floor that is not a part Committees of Convention.of a committee report may be introduced only at thetime indicated in the Order of Business. All resolu- 12. Except in cases where majority vote is required, alltions from the floor, whether or not a part of a com- elections shall be by Preferential Aggregate Transfermittee report, after receiving a short explanation from Ballot:the presenter, must receive a 2/3 majority vote of Con- a) Each elector shall mark his or her ballot by num-vention before it may be considered by Convention. bering the names of all the candidates for each of- fice in order of preference, with the preferred name3. When any member speaks to Convention, he shall being numbered 1. The elector shall not give moreaddress himself to the Presiding Officer, state his than one number to any name, nor shall any namename and church, and confine himself to the point be left unnumbered. Any ballot which does notin debate. comply with the directions given in this section will be invalid and will not be counted.4. A member, other than the Chairman of the Com-mittee whose report is under consideration, shall not b) The persons appointed by the Presiding Officerspeak more than twice in the same debate, nor lon- to conduct the election shall count each valid bal-ger than five minutes at a time, without leave of the lot by assigning to each candidate that candidatesHouse. rank-ordered number on the ballot.5. Any member of the House may call for a vote by c) The candidates shall then be ranked accord-hands or standing vote. Every member who may be in ing to the respective sums of their rank-orderedthe House when such a vote is called shall be counted numbers, beginning with the lowest sum, and theunless he/she be excused by Convention. candidate or candidates with the lowest sums shall be elected, according to the number of vacancies6. When a question has once been determined it shall to be filled.stand as the judgment of the House, and shall notagain be drawn into debate except on motion of re- d) In case of a tie in which one or more candidatesconsideration which must be made by a member who must be selected, that candidate or candidates withhad previously voted in the majority. the highest number of first-place ballots shall be elected; and if the tied candidates have the same7. All questions of parliamentary law not resolved by number of first place ballots, then the candidate orreference to the Canons or these General Rules shall candidates having the highest number of secondbe decided under Robert’s Rules of Order. place ballots shall be elected, and so forth; and if the tied candidates have the same number of bal-8. All questions of order shall be decided in the first lots at every rank, then the candidate or candidatesinstance by the Presiding Officer, without debate; an to be elected shall be chosen by the toss of a coin.appeal may be made to Convention by any member. 13. The Presiding Officer may, having left the chair,9. The reports of all Committees shall be in writing, enter into the debate on any question, but shall notand shall be received without motion for acceptance, then resume the chair until the main motion underunless recommitted by a vote of the House. All re- consideration has been disposed of.ports recommending or requiring any action or ex-pression of opinion by the House shall 14. Once the Order of Business has been approvedbe accompanied by a resolution for the action of the it may not be altered except by 2/3 majority vote ofHouse thereon. All annual reports shall be received Convention, provided that the Presiding Officer mayand filed by the Secretary as presented before or dur- reorder agenda items at any Convention, and may be called upon motion to be The 172nd Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri4 Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis, Missouri, November 18-19, 2011
  5. 5. Candidates for Cathedral Chapter (Electing one lay member and one clergy person, not cathedral parish- ioners, from congregations outside St. Louis city or St. Louis county)LAY CLERGY James Berger Steve Barber Parishioner, Trinity Church, Vicar, Trinity Church, St. James De Soto, Jefferson County I have been the Vicar of Trinity Over the last six years, Episcopal Church in St James since Jim has been involved in a vari- my ordination in July 2007. I am a ety of diocesan activities: Metro graduate of the Episcopal School for III Convocation, including serv- Ministry and am a member of the ing as secretary; and for one year Commission on Ministry of the Dio- (2007) served on the Cathedral cese of Missouri. At times, those of us in the rural areas ofChapter. Jim is a member of Trinity’s Bishop’s Commit- the diocese tend to feel estranged from the things that aretee and was instrumental in organizing a highly success- going in the city or at the cathedral. Most of the time thisful 140th anniversary celebration of the church’s founding. stems from our own perceptions as much as anything. As aThis will be his third convention as a delegate. person who lives and serves on the edge of the diocese I feel Jim has expressed to me that a vibrant, high profile that it is important for us to become involved with the larg-cathedral is essential for the enhancement of this historic er church. I would love to serve on Cathedral Chapter fordiocese and should be rightly recognized as a “spiritual just that reason—to bring the cathedral to my particularjewel” in one of the country’s greatest cities. area of the diocese and to bring my area to the cathedral. Jim is a Vietnam veteran and a Captain in the Submitted by Warren Crews, chair, Nominations Ctte.inactive Army Reserve. He has worked as a profes-sional counselor for the Missouri State Departmentof Education and at St. Louis University; and was in Catherine (Kitty) Hillquistthe securities industry for 17 years. He has been a pro- Vicar, St. Paul’s Church, Irontonfessional broadcaster for most of his life, includingwork at radio stations in St. Louis. He is now retired. Kitty has served as clergy repre- Submitted by Warren Crews, chair, Nominations Ctte. sentative on Cathedral Chapter; Di- ocesan Council for two terms; and on Standing Committee. Before ordination in the church, she worked in business management, accounting, and auditing. She believes that clergy outside the city need to be a voice in diocesan affairs for the small, rural congregations and for congregations standing alone in religiously conser- vative communities. Too often these congregations are for- gotten or their efforts are minimized because they are small. It is her hope to be that voice within Cathedral Chapter. Submitted by Warren Crews, chair, Nominations Ctte. Biographical information is supplied by nominees and/or nominators. The Episcopal Diocese of Missouri Making Disciples • Building Congregations • For the Life of the World 5
  6. 6. Candidates for Diocesan Council (Electing 2 at-large members) It is important to Bill, especially in these difficult Michael Calvin economic times and as Church membership is declining and Parishioner, All Saints’ Church, St. Louis growing older, that the Church seek to engage a younger and more diverse membership. This must be accomplished I have been a member of All while maintaining fiscal responsibility. He would consider Saints’ Episcopal Church for more it a privilege to serve on the Diocesan Council to strive to than fifty years. I attended All Saints fulfill our tasks with joy and purpose. with my parents—my father served Submitted by Warren Crews, chair, Nominations Ctte. on the vestry and my mother was active with the guilds. I recognizedearly in my life the importance of All Saints’ in our neigh-borhood. The parish partnered with the St. Louis Public Jeffrey R. KlieveSchools and offered space for the eighth grade classes—it’s Parishioner, St. Martin’s Church,where I attended eighth grade. My boy scout troop met there Ellisvilleon Thursday evenings, and I later became the scoutmasterat All Saints. My involvement in the church ranged from Jeff is an active member of St.being a member of the children’s choir to teaching the high Martin’s Episcopal Church in Ellis-school aged children in Sunday school. I am presently serv- ville. Currently he leads the Steward-ing my second stint on the vestry and am the senior warden. ship Committee and sings in the choir. I had not attended church regularly for years, In the past he has served on the Vestry,but returned when asked to be the guest speaker for served as Jr. Warden, led the Strategic Planning Commit-Homecoming celebration. That was close to three years tee, and served as a Youth Group leader. Prior to St. Mar-ago. I realized that I had made a mistake by not attend- tin’s, Jeff was a member of the Church of the Good Shep-ing church, and shortly thereafter that I was elected to herd, Town and County, where he served in similar roles.the vestry and I have been attending on a regular basis. Jeff served for 6 years on the Board of Directors of I believe that I have something to offer my church the Episcopal City Mission and was ECM Board Chairmanand also see a duty to serve. This duty is similar to mission- in 2008 and 2009. He is the Director of Environmentalary work for me. Now that I will be leaving the vestry, I will Affairs for Monsanto, and enjoys fishing, golfing, biking,continue to devote time to All Saints’ for special projects. SCUBA diving, and singing in choral groups. He and hisWorking with the diocese is an extension of my devotion to wife Jane are proud parents of two twenty-something chil-All Saints’ as well as to the diocese. I wish to remain involved dren who reside in the Washington, DC and Denver areas.with people and projects that have meaning. I believe that the Jeff has served in leadership positions at the parishwork of the diocese is vital, and I would like to participate. level in two parishes of the Diocese of Missouri and at one Submitted by the Nominations Ctte. of its ministry partners, the Episcopal City Mission. Jeff is well qualified to serve on the Diocesan Council and would be honored to do so. Submitted by Betty L. Bowersox, Nominations Ctte. William R. Gilbert II, Ph.D. Parishioner, St. Peter’s Church, Ladue Herschel Myers, Jr. As a nearly life-long member Parishioner, Church of the Ascension, of Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church, Northwoods Bill serves in the parish as Acolyte Master, Eucharistic minister, Vestry I submit my name for consid- Secretary, member of Diversity Task eration for Diocesan Council. I will Force, and Convener of the Faith in bring strength, energy, and a positiveAction Commission. For the past eleven years, he has been element to the council to assist withan active member of the Diocesan Commission on Dis- the matters with which they deal. I have grown consider-mantling Racism. As a community volunteer, he serves as ably since joining Ascension parish and the Episcopalboard member of several community non-profits including Diocese, and I am looking forward to doing all that I canBeyond Housing, the National Conference for Commu- to help others grow, and to be a positive force in theirnity and Justice of Metropolitan St. Louis, co-chair of the lives.Bridges Across Racial Polarization Steering Committee As it was submitted after canonical deadline, this nominationand a member of the Sigel School Community Council. must be approved by convention for consideration. The 172nd Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri6 Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis, Missouri, November 18-19, 2011
  7. 7. Disciplinary Board (Electing 1 lay member and 1 clergyperson)LAY CLERGY Jane Klieve Brooke Myers Parishioner, St. Martin’s Church, Rector, Holy Communion Church, Ellisville University City Jane has served the diocese in I have served as Rector of the many different capacities: Dioc- Church of the Holy Communion in esan Council, Standing Committee University City since October, 2002. (including being its President), as an Over the years I have served on the active participant on the Board of Standing Committee and the Epis-Episcopal City Mission, and for the last year as a member copal City Mission board. I have alsoof the new Disciplinary Board where she was elected its been a facilitator for Fresh Start, a program for clergy whofirst President. She would like to continue on the board, are new to their positions.serving a full term this time. She is very active in her It is mainly my work with Fresh Start which quali-parish, St. Martin’s Ellisville, and is currently serving as fies me to serve on the Disciplinary Board. Much of theits Senior Warden. Previously, she served in this capacity program concerns itself with the need clergy have for clearat Good Shepherd, Town & Country. boundaries, and the tools with which to identify and honor Submitted by Warren Crews, chair, Nominations Ctte. those boundaries. My familiarity with this material would help in- form me in my work with the board. I ask your support for Jay Kloecker the opportunity to serve the Diocese of Missouri in this way. Submitted by Chester Hines, Jr., Nominations Ctte. Parishioner, St. Peter’s Church, Ladue I first came to the Episcopal Church twenty years ago for the music. Susan Skinner I remained for the open, welcoming Interim Rector, Church of the Good atmosphere, and the radical idea that Shepherd, Town & Country the laity is a distinct order of ministry with real input into the running of the I have served as a priest in Church. I view this as both an oppor- our diocese since 1981, primar-tunity and a responsibility. I served as a Deputy to General ily at Emmanuel, Webster GrovesConvention 2009, I have been a convention delegate since and since retirement as an in-2007, and I currently serve on the Diocesan Investment terim pastor in several congrega-Trust Board and the Diocesan Committee on Constitution tions. I have also served as Ex-and Canons. ecutive Director of Episcopal City Mission. My work in As a Deputy to General Convention 2009 in Ana- the diocese has included General Convention Deputy,heim, I had direct input into the drafting and adoption Standing Committee (President), Diocesan Council,of the new disciplinary canons in Title IV. I participated Commission on Ministry (Chair), Committee on Consti-actively in conversations with other deputies, both cleri- tution and Canons and the former Ecclesiastical and lay, as well as bishops. These conversations gave I know the clergy of our diocese, and would strive tome valuable insight into the goals of the new disciplinary bring wisdom and compassion to the Disciplinary Board.process, as well as a working knowledge of the procedures Submitted by Warren Crews, chair, Nominations Ctte.involved. My training as a lawyer (Duke University, 1991),clarifies the legalistic aspects of the process, giving meboth the knowledge and experience to contribute mean-ingfully to the Disciplinary Board. Submitted by Nominations Ctte. Continued on next page The Episcopal Diocese of Missouri Making Disciples • Building Congregations • For the Life of the World 7
  8. 8. Disciplinary Board continued (Electing 1 lay member and 1 clergyperson)LAY CLERGY Patricia Redington Peter Van Horne Parishioner, Holy Communion Church, Interim Rector, St. Mark’s Church, University City St. Louis I’m a former Vestry member and Peter is a senior priest who has Senior Warden, and as a lawyer I had experience in four dioceses believe I understand how to apply (Idaho, San Joaquin, Hawaii, & the law and also how to evaluate Missouri). While in Hawaii he extenuating circumstances. served as Canon to the Ordinary, As it was submitted after canonical deadline, this nomination where he gained experience deal- must be approved by convention for consideration. ing with matters of clergy discipline. In our diocese he has served as Vicar of All Saints’ Church in Farmington, and Interim Pastor of Trinity, Kirksville; and now St. Mark’s Church in St. Louis. He has also served as Secretary of Karen Winn Convention and President of the Standing Committee Parishioner, Grace Church, in this diocese, and served on the Diocesan Council and Jefferson City Commission on Ministry in Hawaii. These positions have given him a broad view of our diocese. His experience and I am a lifelong Episcopalian wisdom would serve him well on the Disciplinary Board. and have been very active at Grace Submitted by Warren Crews, chair, Nominations Ctte. Church, Jefferson City, for twenty years. Prior to that, I was briefly a member of Trinity Church, St. Louis. At Grace, I have served onthe vestry three times. I have chaired the Parish Life andAdult Education committees. I have also been a faithfulmember of the choir. I have never, however, served in adiocesan-level position. A fellow parishioner urged me to nominatemyself as a candidate for the Disciplinary Board. Thisministry is closely related to my skills and my profession.I am an administrative law judge, and I have been a mem-ber of the state’s Administrative Hearing Commissionsince May 2010. I was also a commissioner from 2000 to2006. Professional licensing and discipline is a core areaof our jurisdiction and I have decided hundreds of profes-sional licensing cases. Deciding these cases calls for dis-cretion and good judgment as well as the ability to applythe law to the facts. Many are complicated and sensitive,and the reputations and livelihoods of the licensees are atstake. I continually pray for wisdom to decide these casessoundly and justly. I know I would be well prepared to act as a mem-ber of the Disciplinary Board, and that I would fulfill theduties with tact, sensitivity, and compassion. I would behonored to serve. I hope the convention delegates willconsider my candidacy favorably. As it was submitted after canonical deadline, this nomination must be approved by convention for consideration. The 172nd Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri8 Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis, Missouri, November 18-19, 2011
  9. 9. Standing Committee (Electing 1 lay member and 2 clergy)LAY CLERGY Mary Ann Cook Amy Chambers Cortright Parishioner, Church of St. Michael Vicar, Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis and St. George, Clayton It is my great pleasure to recom- Mary Ann Cook will bring mend Amy as a candidate for Stand- to the standing committee a wide ing Committee. I sought out Amy to array of experience in the dio- be a part of our Cathedral leadership cese and the broader community. team because she has both a pastor’s She has been a member of the heart and a creative and insightful Church of Saint Michael and Saint mind. During our year-plus together, she has been invalu-George for over 20 years, where she visits parishioners able to us because she is a deep listener and prayer as wellas a member of the Community of Hope. She is on the as a sharp questioner. She’s not afraid to name difficultBoard of the Episcopal School for Ministry and served thoughts but also to test them out with others, not as-on the planning committee for the recent Making Dis- suming that “her truth” is The Truth. She is the ultimateciples Conference. She is completing a term on Diocesan team player and brings great joy and humor to her work.Council where she participated in the design and imple- Amy is incredibly dependable. When I give hermentation of Diocesan Council Listening Sessions. She a task I never worry about it...I know it will get done andholds a doctorate in health services research. She chaired get done well. At the same time, she has never shied awaythe Board of La Clinica Community Health Center. from stopping midway through a project if it becomes ob-She served on the Clayton Board of Aldermen for two vious that something is wrong with the energy or thingsterms. She currently volunteers at Sumner High School. need to be re-evaluated. In all things I have never seen herHer husband is Joseph Cusumano, a radiologist, and her do anything but put the needs of the community first.son is Michael Cusumano, a graduate student in Seattle. Amy truly prays. There are some things you just Submitted by Warren Crews, chair, Nominations Ctte. can’t fake, and being a person of prayer is one of them. It is perhaps my greatest joy in working with her. Standing Committee is a critical leadership min- Harry Goff istry in our diocese. I can think of no better person to be a part of that team than Amy. Parishioner, St. Barnabas’ Church, Submitted by Michael Kinman, Dean, Christ Church Cathedral Florissant Harry has been a faithful mem- Renee Fenner ber of St. Barnabas’ Church more than twenty years. Baptized and Rector, St. Barnabas’ Church, Florissant confirmed at Calvary Episcopal Renee is honored to accept the Church in Charleston, South nomination to serve on the Stand- Carolina, Harry graduated from ing Committee of the Diocese ofTennessee State University earning a BS in Psychology Missouri. The Standing Committeewith a minor in Biology. Now retired, he served eight serves as the bishop’s council of ad-years active duty in the United States Air Force and 15 vice. The Committee is an importantyears in the Missouri Air National Guard. Harry has two one as it may be called on to servesons, Christopher and Carlton, who grew up as active as the ecclesiastical authority shouldparticipants in the youth group at St Barnabas. a bishop become incapacitated or leave his or her post. continued next page The Standing Committee is one of many bodies that of- fer its collective heart, mind, and spirit toward the fulfill- ment of God’s purpose for the Church and its mission. continued next page The Episcopal Diocese of Missouri Making Disciples • Building Congregations • For the Life of the World 9
  10. 10. Standing Committee continued (Electing 1 lay member and 2 clergy)LAY CLERGYHarry Goff continued Renee Fenner continued At St. Barnabas’, Harry has served on the vestry Renee has served on the Resolutions Committeeas a member and most recently as Senior Warden for two and several months ago she was appointed to fill in a spotterms. In addition to his role of scheduling Liturgists and on the Diocesan Council. She also serves on the diocesanLectors for Sunday services, during the search period Commission on Ministry. Renee remarked: “What tremen-he has accepted the responsibility of planning services. dous experiences these have been to be a part of the innerThis included identifying and recruiting guest clergy workings of our Diocese.” As the former Canon Pastor andseveral Sundays a month for both services. He currently Liturgist of Christ Church Cathedral and current rector ofcoordinates the parish ministry with the Episcopal City St. Barnabas in Florissant, she has experienced being withMission, and assists with the scrip program. He formerly and serving a broad and rich diversity of congregations andserved a three-year term on the Diocesan Council of the people who make up this small corner of the kingdom ofDiocese of Missouri. He is currently enrolled in the Epis- God. These experiences will, if she is elected, help her to as-copal School For Ministry. sist all of us in the hearing, visioning, and being God’s Spirit Submitted by Warren Crews, chair, Nominations Ctte. at work in our diocese and within the communities we live. She is a native St. Louisan and holds a B.A. in The- atre Arts from Webster University (formerly Webster Col- lege). Renee matriculated from the General Theological Michael Reiser Seminary in New York City in 2005. While there she served as junior co-chair and senior co-chair of the Black Seminar- Parishioner, Christ Church Cathedral, ians’ Association. She was ordained as priest on June 24, 2005. St. Louis Submitted by Warren Crews, chair, Nominations Ctte. Michael has attended Christ Church Cathedral since 1989 and has been actively involved, includ- Anne Kelsey ing serving on Cathedral Chapter, Rector, Trinity Church, as an Oasis Missouri Board mem- Central West End, St. Louis ber and as a Convention Delegate.It was at his first diocesan convention that Michael began At the ordination of a priest theto appreciate the larger church, and recognize the po- bishop states that the ordained per-tential that exists. This growing affection for the larger son is to “take your share in thechurch has led him to involvement at the diocesan level councils of the Church.” Standingwhere he has served as convention coordinator since 2008. Committee is such a council, itsHe is currently fulfilling an unexpired term on Stand- members listening and assisting theing Committee and feels his experience would be a great Bishop in discerning God’s wisdomasset to the committee as it continues redefining itself for the diocese. My experience both in parish ministry andto better serve the diocese and affect positive change. the wider church has helped prepare me for this position. Michael is a realtor with Coldwell Banker Gun- I currently serve on the Companion Diocesedaker and feels his experience in that field will be a ben- Committee and have traveled to Sudan twice, most recent-efit to Standing Committee when matters regarding ly to conduct art workshops with children. I have servedpurchase or sale of property come before it. Michael has on Diocesan Council, one year as Vice-Chair, and taughtworked on Standing Committee to change the mission homiletics at the Episcopal School for Ministry. With mystatement “Making Disciples, Building Congregations, husband, the Rev. Brooke Myers, I am a facilitator for FreshFor the Life of the World” to less of a vision and more Start, the two-year program required for clergy newly or-of a living reality and would like to continue that work. dained or new to a position in the diocese. As the rector of Submitted by Warren Crews, chair, Nominations Ctte. Trinity I helped guide a capital campaign for a new organ, and I am familiar with the financial challenges of the church. continued next page Continued on next page The 172nd Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri10 Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis, Missouri, November 18-19, 2011
  11. 11. Standing Committee continued (Electing 1 lay member and 2 clergy)LAY CLERGY Stephen Robin Anne Kelsey continued My parish church is diverse in many respects and Parishioner, St. Stephen’s Church, when reflecting on the numerous issues facing the church Ferguson today I bring a sensitivity to the concerns of minority Stephen currently serves as an Episcopalians as well understanding the challenges of the Episcopal Hospital Chaplain in the wider church. I would hope to offer a thoughtful response SSM Health Care Network, pri- to whatever may be asked of the Standing Committee. It marily at De Paul Health Center in would be an honor to serve the church in this capacity. Bridgeton, and St. Joseph’s Hospital Submitted by Lisa Fox, Nominations Ctte. West in Lake St. Louis. He graduatedwith a Masters in Divinity from Eden Seminary in May2010 and served pastorally at St. Stephen’s while attending Susan Naylorseminary. Stephen also serve on the Cathedral Chapter, Deacon, St. Martin’s Church, Ellisvillecompleting his term in December 2010. Currently Stephen Susan has been active in theserves on the Vestry, Executive committee, Strategic Plan- Diocese of Missouri for many years.ning and Discernment Committee, Building and Grounds A graduate of the first class of thecommittee, and Worship committee at St. Stephen’s. With Episcopal School for ministry ina BS Honors undergraduate degree in Environmental 2002, Susan was ordained Deacon inStudies, Stephen is leading the “greening” program at St. 2004. She has served at EmmanuelStephen’s, exploring ways to approach a zero carbon foot- in Webster Groves and St. Martin’s –print by 2015 to enable the church to give a legacy of zero Ellisville, her current assignment. Susan has served on autility cost of upkeep to the next generation at St. Stephen’s variety of committees and boards, including the board ofStephen also leads a monthly movie night discussion and the St. Andrew’s Episcopal – Presbyterian Foundation, thetwo Bible study classes on a new program introduced this Committee for the Celebration of Aging, the Caring Min-year: BIBLE-365, a daily study of the entire Bible in 365 istries Committee, the Faith, Health and Justice Commit-days. As well as teaching this in two small groups, Stephen tee and the Companion Diocese Relationship Committee,leads these online through Facebook, Twitter, and blog and which she chaired for two years. She has traveled to Lui,LinkedIn. Stephen also leads the “BACK TO CHURCH Sudan twice, with a focus on health and wellness for bothSUNDAY” team at his parish, developing ways to encour- the people of Lui Diocese and the travelers themselves.age people to come back to church, particularly those who Susan is a Registered Nurse with over 20 yearswant an Episcopal style of worship and liturgy. Stephen of experience, and currently works for Lutheran Seniorhas two children, Charles, a sophomore at Tufts in Boston, Services Home Health, providing direct nursing care toand Elizabeth, a sophomore in High School at MICDS. homebound older adults. Susan has worked with the di- Submitted by Kathy Johnston, Senior Warden, ocesan staff on several projects, including the gathering of St. Stephen’s Church, Ferguson. the American Friends of the Episcopal Church in Sudan held at Christ Church Cathedral in 2007. She served a term as Archdeacon for the Community of Deacons and now serves as Chaplain to the Community of Deacons. Deacon Naylor says: “It is the charge of a deacon to bring the needs and concerns of the world to the church, and to con- nect the church with the world. I believe it is important to include that perspective as part of the standing committee. Submitted by Susan Naylor The Episcopal Diocese of Missouri Making Disciples • Building Congregations • For the Life of the World 11
  12. 12. Resolutions submitted A-172 Implementation of Health Plan 5. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED each Submitted by Diocesan Council congregation and the Offices of the Bishop may impose a monthly premium surcharge or1. BE IT RESOLVED that this 172nd Convention incentive to lay and ordained employees who of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri require elect coverage for a spouse, domestic partner, Congregations within the Episcopal Diocese or dependent who is eligible for comparable of Missouri and the Offices of the Bishop to employer-sponsored health insurance (other pay 100% of the cost of individual health in- than the Denominational Health Plan) surance coverage (selected from the offerings through an alternate source; included in the Denominational Health Plan and administered by the Episcopal Church 6. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Medical Trust) for all lay and ordained em- Congregations within the Episcopal Diocese ployees working 1,500 or more hours annu- of Missouri and the Offices of the Bishop are ally, in accordance with Title I, Canon 8 of encouraged, if financially possible, to exceed the Episcopal Church and to be implemented the minimum standard of health insurance no later than January 1, 2013; coverage for their lay and ordained employ- ees; and2. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Lay and ordained employees of the Episcopal Diocese 7. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that of Missouri and the Offices of the Bishop eli- schools, day care facilities and other congre- gible for required individual health insurance gational and diocesan institutions, regardless coverage under Section 1 of this resolution of the independence of their incorporation or may elect not to participate in the Denomi- tax status, are encouraged to adopt the prin- national Health Plan if they have access to ciples articulated in this resolution. coverage through other approved sources, e.g. Medicare, Tricare, a former employer, or RATIONALE a spouse’s or domestic partner’s health insur- ance plan; In its consideration of the theology imbedded in A177 (GC2009), the social and economic justice it3. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that envisions (A125, GC2006) and the financial chal- Congregations within the Episcopal Diocese lenges of its implementation, the Diocesan Council of Missouri and the Offices of the Bishop thoughtfully and prayerfully discerned the following shall not reduce existing coverage or increase foundational principle which shapes this resolution the cost of existing coverage to employees to offered to Diocesan Convention. comply with A177 or this resolution; We believe that access to high-quality, af-4. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that fordable health care is essential to our lives benefit design and premium support parity individually and communally and is not an is required within each congregation of the optional “benefit” dependent on either employ- Episcopal Diocese of Missouri and the Of- ment status or vocation. fices of the Bishop in the provision of health insurance coverage for lay and ordained In addition, we acknowledge that commercial insur- employees; ance is the primary instrument through which such The 172nd Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri12 Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis, Missouri, November 18-19, 2011
  13. 13. Resolutions submittedaccess is achieved by those employed in the United Title I, Canon 8 of the Episcopal Church: “… TheStates. Thus, the parity between lay and ordained Church Pension Fund is also authorized to establishemployees required by A177 can only be achieved and administer the lay employee pension system andthrough the equal treatment of both in plan design denominational health plan of the Church, substan-and pricing. tially in accordance with the principles adopted by the General Convention of 2009 in Resolution 2009-Three operational issues were especially important A177, with the view to providing pensions, healthin the Diocesan Council’s deliberations: care and related benefits for the eligible Clergy and eligible lay employees of this Church, as well as theira. First, we recognize that financial resources vary eligible beneficiaries and dependents.”significantly among parishes within our diocese andhave no intent to impose a financially burdensomemandate on any community of faith. B-172 Companion Dioceseb. Second, we want to ensure that every parish in Submitted by the Companion Diocese Committeethe diocese that currently provides employee healthinsurance coverage maintains or enhances this cov- 1. BE IT RESOLVED that this 172nderage. Under no circumstances, would we support Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Mis-a reduction in existing benefits or an increase in the souri renews the commitment of the Dioceseindividual’s current financial responsibility for the to the ongoing companion relationship withcost of health insurance solely to comply with A177 the Diocese of Lui in the Episcopal Churchor this resolution (see resolve #3). of Sudan for a second five-year period;c. Finally, we believe that a reasonable surcharge 2. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that thisor incentive may be applied to coverage elected by convention encourages the bishops of Luia lay or ordained employee for a spouse, domestic and Missouri to review the existing com-partner or dependent who is eligible for comparable panion relationship agreement and make anyemployer-sponsored health insurance (other than the needed adjustments or revisions in consulta-Denominational Health Plan) through an alternate tion with the Companion Diocese Relation-source (see resolve #5); in order to encourage indi- ship Committee and other stakeholders inviduals to elect to remain covered by the alternate each diocese; andsource. 3. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that theIn offering this resolution to Diocesan Convention, Diocese of Missouri will continue to partnerwe pray with you: with Blackmore Vale Deanery in Salisbury Diocese of the Church of England and the Almighty God, you have so linked our lives one Diocese of Lund in the Lutheran Church of with another that all we do affects, for good or ill, Sweden in their mutual relationship with the all other lives: So guide us in the work we do, that people of Lui Diocese through transparency, we may do it not for self alone, but for the common accountability, and communications, and good; and, as we seek a proper return for our own whenever possible, through joint travels to labor, make us mindful of the rightful aspirations of South Sudan. other workers, and arouse our concern for those who are out of work; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one RATIONALE God, for ever and ever. Amen.(Collect for Labor Day, BCP, p. 261) When the Dioceses of Missouri and Lui established a companion relationship, they set a term of five The Episcopal Diocese of Missouri Making Disciples • Building Congregations • For the Life of the World 13
  14. 14. Resolutions submitted B-172 RATIONALE continued C-172 HIV/AIDS Awareness Sundayyears for the relationship, with an option to renew if Submitted by Metro IV Convocationmutually desirable. Year 2011 marks the end of thefive-year covenant. The Diocese of Lui has stronglyexpressed its desire for the relationship to continue, 1. BE IT RESOLVED by this 172nd Conventionand Missouri’s Companion Diocese Relationship of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri thatCommittee agrees. each congregation be encouraged to annually designate a Sunday for HIV/AIDS Aware-After more than five years of visits and communi- ness;cation as well as careful commitment of funds tomutually agreed projects, there is a hard-won level 2. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that eachof maturity and trust in the relationship, and both congregation be encouraged to have thisdioceses continue to benefit from the relationship HIV/AIDS Awareness Sunday on the Sun-in rich and complex ways. Because 2011 has wit- day closest to World AIDS Day, observed onnessed both South Sudanese independence and the December 1 each year; andconsecration of Bishop Stephen Dokolo (who is wellknown to many Missouri Episcopalians from his 3. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED thattwo years at Eden Seminary), the coming five years congregations may elect to recognize HIV/particularly represent a time of great need and great AIDS Awareness Sunday in one or more ofopportunity. the following ways:Further, in the past two years Missouri and Lui have • By asking a speaker from an agencyexpanded their relationship to include the Blackmore that serves people infected with HIV/Vale Deanery in the Diocese of Salisbury in the AIDS to address the congregation. Ex-Church of England, and Missouri has also been able amples of such agencies include, but areto connect with the Diocese of Lund in the Church not limited to: Doorways, which pro-of Sweden (Lutheran), which has a longer-standing vides housing; Food Outreach, whichrelationship with the Moru people than we do. To be provides meals; and St. Louis Effort forlinked with three other international church groups AIDS.committed to a single purpose enriches our under-standing of the Anglican Communion and the Body • By thoughtfully and intentionallyof Christ and offers possibilities that the companion preaching the good news of Jesus Christdiocese committee continues to explore. in the shadow of the theological, ethi- cal, and pastoral dilemmas raised by the HIV/AIDS crisis. • By providing an educational program to parents/grandparents on how to dis- cuss the risks of transmission of HIV/ AIDS with their children. • By directly referencing those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS in the liturgy; for example, in the Prayers of the People or with a Litany, such as the one created by the ELCA for World AIDS Day. The 172nd Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri14 Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis, Missouri, November 18-19, 2011
  15. 15. Resolutions submitted RATIONALEHIV/AIDS remains a terrible problem. In the U.S. We desire faithfulness in our relationships,the rate of infection has stabilized at approximately Let us walk in your light.56,000 new infections per year, which is a 40% in- We long for compassion for the lost, forgotten,crease in the original estimates from the Centers for and forsaken,Disease Control. Despite calls for increased train- Let us walk in your, robust education about HIV/AIDS is lackingboth domestically and overseas. We want compassion for the sick and the needy, Let us walk in your light.In the U.S. women, youth, and African-Americans We mourn with the orphaned and widowed,are disproportionately affected. HIV is the leading Let us walk in your light.cause of death in black women 24-35 years of age and We remember our neighbors around the world,the second leading cause of death of black men in Let us walk in your light.the same age bracket. The U.S. has no comprehen-sive plan for addressing the HIV/AIDS pandemic, We ask for your unconditional love for those wealthough we require it of other countries to which do not tolerate,the U.S. gives aid. Let us walk in your light. We cry out for peace in war-torn lands,HIV/AIDS remains a global pandemic. About 40 Let us walk in your light.million people globally are living with HIV/AIDS, We yearn for wholeness for our bodies, hearts,two-thirds of them in Sub-Saharan Africa. For every and minds,two person who receive treatment, an additional five Let us walk in your light.persons become infected. We grieve for those who have died,The tragedy of HIV/AIDS extends beyond illness Let us walk in your light.and death into the stigma that confronts people We seek your healing from all disease,who are infected or affected by the disease. Those Let us walk in your light.infected and affected are still bereft of pastoral care We beg for wisdom for doctors, generosity fromand compassion, as we tend to focus our attention corporations, inspiration from scientists, andinternationally and ignore the people suffering in endurance for care-givers,our own neighborhoods. Let us walk in your light. World AIDS Day Litany We place out lives in your hands; shape us with Created by the ELCA for World AIDS Day your purpose, Let us walk in your light. We gather in your name, Let us walk in your light. We put all our hope in you, O God. We trust in your mercy and find comfort in your grace. We center ourselves in you, As we commemorate World AIDS Day we pray Let us walk in your light. for your light to enter into the world and shine We wait for your coming again, brighter than any darkness. Let it be a pathway Let us walk in your light. illuminated by your love. We give thanks for your promises, Let us walk in your light. Amen. Let us walk in your light. We struggle with our sins, Let us walk in your light. The Episcopal Diocese of Missouri Making Disciples • Building Congregations • For the Life of the World 15
  16. 16. Resolutions submitted D-172 years performed their ministries, attended conven- Letters of Agreement tion, and taken care of their continuing education at Submitted by the Venerable Mark D. Sluss their own expense. Continuing formation is es- Archdeacon, Christ Church Cathedral (St. Louis) sential for all clergy, whether full time or part time, whether deacons or presbyters, and so it is essential1. BE IT RESOLVED that this 172nd Convention for congregations to assure a fair and reasonable of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri encour- Continuing Education allowance. ages congregations to create or review letters As many part-time and non-stipendiary clergy are of agreement with active, non-stipendiary now performing ministries within the diocese in clergy (presbyters and deacons) and part-time support of congregations, it is reasonable that their presbyters; expenses be considered when creating letters of agreement with a congregation.2. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this convention encourages such letters of agree- ment to include provisions addressing: E-172 • Clear guidelines about time commit- ment, including time off The Rev. Whiting Griswold Submitted by St. John’s Church-Tower Grove (St. • Necessary expenses for engagement Louis) and Metro II Convocation with the diocese (e.g. diocesan conven- tion and clergy days), BE IT RESOLVED that this 172nd Convention • Membership expenses (e.g. MOCA, of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri rec- Association of Episcopal Deacons) ognize and uphold the Reverend Whiting • Budget for required continuing educa- Griswold as an example of Christian saint- tion hood, and encourage his recognition within the wider church, passing along this Resolu- • Mileage reimbursement; tion and Rationale to the Standing Liturgi- cal Commission of the Episcopal Church, to3. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that consider adding the Rev. Whiting Griswold this convention requests the bishop to to the commemorations in Holy Women, create an ad hoc committee to study the Holy Men. work conditions and expense allowances for non-stipendiary deacons and presbyters and RATIONALE for presbyters in part-time cures and to de- velop a diocesan standard and model The Reverend Whiting Griswold became first rector letters of agreement for adoption at the of St. John’s (St. Louis) in 1841. Along with members 2012 convention. of his parish, the Rev. Griswold established Orphans’ Home in 1843 and worked diligently to build and RATIONALE strengthen both institutions. He mediated dissension in the newly formed Diocese of Missouri in 1844,This resolution encourages letters of agreement for following the demise of Kemper College and heboth active, non-stipendiary clergy, as well as part- represented the Diocese of Missouri at every Generaltime presbyters, in order to provide clarity in the Convention.relationship and expectations with the congregation.Clear guidelines about time commitment could pro- While many others fled the City of St. Louis dur-vide clarity about issues such as whether attendance ing the cholera epidemic of 1849, the Rev. Griswoldat clergy events counts as a work day or time off. stayed and ministered to victims of the epidemic inNon-stipendiary and part-time clergy have for many Saint Louis. On July 24, 1849, the Rev. Griswold suc- The 172nd Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri16 Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis, Missouri, November 18-19, 2011
  17. 17. Resolutions submittedcumbed to cholera himself and died at the age of 34. facilitate this Church’s faithful engagementThe Rev. Griswold’s short, yet exemplary, life and in Christ’s mission to proclaim Good Newsuntimely death inspired numerous memorials, in- to the poor, release to the captives, recov-cluding a large marble memorial tablet near entrance ery of sight to the blind, freedom to theto St. John’s, a stained glass memorial near the altar oppressed, and the acceptable year of theat St. John’s, a memorial bench in Orphan’s Home Lord (Luke 4:18) in a way that maximizes(since destroyed), and a memorial poem “A Christian the resources available for that mission atHero” composed by Episcopal priest in Philadelphia. all levels of this Church.On July 24, 2011, St. John’s Episcopal Church (St. Resolved, the Special Commission shallLouis) began an annual recognition of the Rev. endeavor to issue its report and recommen-Whiting Griswold on the anniversary of his death. dations along with resolutions necessary to implement them, including proposed amendments to the Constitution and Can- ons of this Church, so that they might be F-172 considered by a special General Convention Restructuring the Episcopal Church prior to the convening of the 78th General Submitted by Convention in 2015, in any event, not later Ms. Lynette Ballard, St. Matthew’s-Warson Woods; than February 1, 2015. the Very Rev. Ronald Clingenpeel, Trinity-CWE, St. Louis; Ms. Kathryn Dyer, St. Timothy’s-Creve Coeur; Resolved, The General Convention re- Mr. Donald W. Fisher, Christ Church Cathedral; quests the Joint Standing Committee on Ms. Lisa Fox, Grace-Jefferson City; Program, Budget, and Finance to consider the Rev. Jason Samuel, Transfiguration-Lake St. Louis, a budget allocation of $100,000 for the im- the Rev. Doris Westfall, St. Matthew’s-Warson Woods; plementation of this resolution. the Rev. Tamsen Whistler, Trinity-St. Charles RATIONALEBE IT RESOLVED that this 172nd Convention The financial model of the Episcopal Church is not of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri affirms sustainable at the current rate. Our church-wide ad- the following resolution and hereby submits it ministration is heavily out of balance, cumbersome, for consideration by the 77th General Conven- and unwieldy. tion of The Episcopal Church: Bishop Sauls’ PowerPoint presentation & presenta- Resolved, the House of ____________ tion notes: concurring, there shall be a Special Com- mission on Missional Structure and Strate- gy, the composition of which shall be at the Becoming_A_DFMS_9.23.ppt discretion of the Presiding Bishop and the President of the House of Deputies and the members of which shall be appointed joint- ops/bishop_stacy_sauls_presentatio.html ly thereby not later than thirty days fol- lowing the adjournment of this 77th Gen- Episcopal News Service article: Restructuring eral Convention. The Special Commission discussions continue after House of Bishops meet- shall be charged with presenting a plan to ing—Chief operating officer calls for ‘testing to see the Church for reforming its structures, if there’s grassroots support’ governance, administration, and staff to http://www.ecusa.anglican. org/79425_129916_ENG_HTM.htm The Episcopal Diocese of Missouri Making Disciples • Building Congregations • For the Life of the World 17
  18. 18. Resolutions submitted F-172 RATIONALE continued RATIONALEEpiscopal Cafe article 1. 2011 cash salary was $39,510 and housing allow- ance was $14,240 for a package total of $53,750. The ops/bishop_stacy_sauls_presentatio.html recommendation for 2012 reflects a 3% increase in both Cash Salary and Housing. This increase is based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Consumer G-172 Price Index - Midwest Urban Consumers first half of 2010 comparison to the first half of 2011. Minimum Clergy Compensation Submitted on behalf of the Diocesan Council 2. The Canons of the Episcopal Church mandate that pension assessments be paid by congregations1. BE IT RESOLVED that this 172nd Convention (assessment = 18 percent of cash salary plus housing of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri set the an- and utilities allowance). nual standard base compensation for full-time clergy in 2012 as follows: 3. Provides for $50,000 of term life insurance for ac- tive clergy. (In addition, all active clergy are eligible CASH SALARY $40,700 to receive an additional term life insurance benefit HOUSING ALLOWANCE $14,670 from the Church Pension Fund equal to four times [The actual compensation should be deter- total compensation to a maximum of $100,000). mined by Resolution of the Vestry/Bishop’s Committee, in consultation with the clergy.] 4. A list of medical plans can be obtained from the Office of the Bishop.2. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Church Pension Fund assessment will be 5. Congregations are encouraged to provide both paid by the congregation; time and financial resources to assist clergy with continuing education opportunities.3. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that $50,000 group life will be paid by the 6. Standard allowance for auto expense. congregation; 7. Congregations are urged to encourage their clergy4. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that to take two days of personal time in the manner medical coverage for clergy and eligible depen- stated above. dents, will be paid by the congregation; This resolution establishes a standard base compen-5. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that sation for clergy. Congregations are urged and in- a standard of ten days per calendar year and vited to compensate clergy beyond the standard. It is $500 will be provided for continuing education; understood that under individual circumstances and conditions internal adjustments in the compensation6. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the package may be negotiated. standard auto allowance will be $2,000 per year; and7. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that all parishes and missions encourage their full- time clergy to set aside the equivalent of two days each week for personal time, 24 hours of which must be consecutive. The 172nd Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri18 Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis, Missouri, November 18-19, 2011