B pdigital prreport2-14-2012


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B pdigital prreport2-14-2012

  1. 1. BROOKING PARK MUSIC THERAPY Digital PR Results: February 14, 2012 ST. ANDREW’S RESOURCES FOR SENIORS Prepared by: Ameerah Cetawayo, PR Director
  2. 2. TARGETED PITCHING: Ladue News St. Louis Post Dispatch Stltoday.com Chesterfield Patch.com Chesterfield Magazine Community News (St. Charles County) Suburban Journals West News Magazine Chesterfield Chamber St. Louis Magazine KSDK KMOV Fox 2 Now KMOXPRWEB.COM MEDIADELIVERIESA sample ofmedia outletsthatreceived your news release via e-mail or news feedto health, healthcare industry, geriatrics, senior citizens, health-business, nonprofit,lifestyle retirement topic wires.TotalMediaDeliveries:6,122SampleOutlets:AARP Bulletin Ladies Home JournalABC News Radio Long Term Living MagazineActiveAmericans.com Long Term Care Industry (trade pubs)Advance for Nurse Practitioners New York TimesAdvance for Managers of Respiratory Care NPR NewsAdvance for Nurses Nurse WeekAdvance for Providers of Post-Acute Care Nursing Homes: Long Term Care ManagementAOL News Nursing ReviewAssociated Press Physician News DigestApples for Health Physicians PracticeAssisted Living Success Physician’s WeeklyAssisted Living Newsletter Reuter’s HealthBusiness Week Senior CircuitBritish Journal of Community Nursing Senior Housing NewsCNN Senior Prime TimesClear Channel Radio The Chicago TribuneClinical Gerontologist The Jewish ChronicleDiscovery Channel The Jewish StateEmergency Medicine USA TodayExpress HealthCare Management U.S. News & World ReportGeriatric Times Voice of AmericaGoogle News Women’s HealthHarvard Health Letter www.CatholicNews.comHearst Magazines Yahoo NewsHospital and Health NetworksJournal of Gerontological NursingJournal of Holistic Nursing
  3. 3. PRWEB.COM IMPRESSIONSHow many times the titleofyour release appeared in a feed or Web page,notincluding PRWeb.com partner sites or search engines. TotalImpressions:52,568 (52,242 via news feed; 326 onsite impressions)PRWEB.COM PRESS RELEASE READSThis report tells you how many people loaded a full version ofyour news releasehosted on PRWeb, not including partner site reads.TotalReads: 1,214INTERACTIONS:An aggregatenumber ofdifferentactivitiesthat people performed when visiting theBrooking Park press release including printingthe release,forwardingit,downloading a PDFversion, clicking on a link or interactingwith theembedded Web site.TotalInteractions:54TRAFFICSOURCESKeyword Referrals to PRWeb.com release
  4. 4. ONLINE PICKUP A sample ofWeb sites thatpicked-up or syndicated the press release. View the pickup in GOOGLE: 102 results as of February 14 View the pickup in YAHOO : 87 results as of February 14 View the pickup in BING: 87 results as of February 14 OTHER DISTRIBUTION SITES: PRLOG.COM http://www.prlog.org/11791899-brooking-parks-music-therapy-program-enriches-lives-of-older-adults.html Total hits: 64 Headline Impressions (number of people who saw the headline of the press release): 1,000+SOCIAL MEDIA SHARING: FACEBOOK: 76 PEOPLE REACHED TWITTER TOTAL MENTIONS: 25 SEE THE MENTIONS HERE: http://storify.com/standrewssenior/brooking-park-music-therapy-mentions-on-twitter-2
  5. 5. LINKEDIN: 26 IMPRESSIONS (ORGANIC VIEWS)STUMBLEUPON: 52 VIEWSARTICLESBASESTANDREWS1.COM BLOG: http://www.standrews1.com/blog/index.php/assisted-living-2/spotlight-brooking-parks-music-therapy-program/YOUTUBE – 2 VIDEOS O WHAT IS MUSIC THERAPY?  36 VIEWS, 100 percent of this demographic are 45-54 females  Top keyword: “music therapist” O BROOKING PARK MUSIC THERAPY: WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD  20 VIEWS, Top keywords, Seniors, Music Therapist  100 percent of this demographic are 45-54 femalesFLICKR - FIVE PHOTOS O STATS ARE NOT AVAILABLE WITH BASIC ACCOUNT