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Future technology com 305

  1. 1. By: AnnieDeskins
  2. 2. Cell Phones  Today we think our cell phones are our everything. We talk, text, email, get online, so what’s next? How can the phone do more?  Phones will be able to act as our wallets, all-in-one medical devices, and may even replace our current computing system (Alexa).
  3. 3. Cell Phones  In the future phones will no longer look like the phones we have today. The Device will take on a general form of a watch, easily snapping into place. They may contain form of “sense” such as being able to analyze air quality and take blood pressure and measure blood sugar (Alexa)
  4. 4. Media SystemDependency  The more reliant a largeTheory population is on one medium, then the more influence it will have on society. (Baran, 2010)  Todays society is so dependent on cell phones. In 202 2 cell phones will be used for everything. One could not possibly get around without a cell phone.
  5. 5. Television Television has come a long way since it first came out. First black and white then color, bigger TVs, HD. They keep getting bigger and better. So what’s it going to be like here in the future? Tech companies are producing bigger (yet thinner) TV screens and immersive, customizable viewing experiences with Internet connectivity, widgets, and apps; and broadcasters are looking at ways to move beyond high-definition.
  6. 6. Diffusion ofInnovation  This theory tries to explain how an innovation is communicated over time through different channels to members of a social system (Grant, A.E.,&Meadows).  Before purchasing a new TV people generally do a lot of research. One of the biggest is asking friends which TVs they like or have heard are particularly good. This is with all age groups. People have to be comfortable and familiar before a big purchase such as a TV.
  7. 7. Computers  Just like cell phones, computers are the next big thing. Computers now are a huge necessity in our society. By 2022 you will need to know how to be able to work them.  By 2020, the number of Internet users will reach almost 5 billion - equal to the entire worlds population circa 1987. This compares with 1.7 billion users in 2010 and only 360 million in 2000  Before the end of this decade, it is likely that micro-SD cards will exceed the storage capacity of the human brain (Fox).
  8. 8. Social Learning Social learning theory focuses on how people learn by modeling othersTheory (Grant, A.E.,&Meadows).  Computers today are able to do so many things. The older generations need to get familiar with how the internet works and how to be able to log in and out of things. Social learning theory is and example because people are watching and learning how to understand computers and the internet world.  That’s why kids today know how to get on the internet or work phones, because they have grown up in this generation where our lives are surrounded by technology and they have learned through watching their peers.
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