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Switching to the new EngineFacade



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Switching to the new EngineFacade

  1. 1. Switching to the new EngineFacade by Roman Podoliaka @rpodoliaka irc: rpodolyaka slides:
  2. 2. The new EngineFacade spec:­ specs/specs/kilo/make­enginefacade­a­facade.html implemented by zzzeek (Mike Bayer) in Liberty (oslo.db >= 1.12.0) a new clean API for using of oslo.db thread­safe initialization declarative management of session / connection scope easier offloading of read­only transactions to asynchronous replicas
  3. 3. "old" EngineFacade: thread­safe initialization is left up to users _ENGINE_FACADE = None _LOCK = threading.Lock() def _create_facade_lazily():     global _LOCK, _ENGINE_FACADE     if _ENGINE_FACADE is None:         with _LOCK:             if _ENGINE_FACADE is None:                 _ENGINE_FACADE = db_session.EngineFacade.from_     return _ENGINE_FACADE
  4. 4. "new" EngineFacade: lazy thread­safe initialization from oslo.db import enginefacade as sql @sql.reader def some_api_method(context):     # work with context.session @sql.writer def some_other_api_method(context):     # work with context.session
  5. 5. "new" EngineFacade: multiple instances of EngineFacade main_context_manager = sql.transaction_context() api_context_manager = sql.transaction_context()
  6. 6. "new" EngineFacade: project specific configuration context_manager = enginefacade.transaction_context() context_manager.configure(sqlite_fk=True) context_manager.append_on_engine_create(set_hook)
  7. 7. "old" EngineFacade: get_session() boilerplate @require_context @handle_db_data_error def snapshot_create(context, values):     values['snapshot_metadata'] =        _metadata_refs(values.get('metadata'),          models.SnapshotMetadata)     if not values.get('id'):         values['id'] = str(uuid.uuid4())     session = get_session()     with session.begin():         snapshot_ref = models.Snapshot()         snapshot_ref.update(values)         session.add(snapshot_ref)         return _snapshot_get(context, values['id'],                              session=session)
  8. 8. "old" EngineFacade: private DB API functions @require_context def _snapshot_metadata_get(context, snapshot_id,                            session=None):     rows = _snapshot_metadata_get_query(       context,snapshot_id, session).all()     result = {}     for row in rows:         result[row['key']] = row['value']     return result
  9. 9. "new" EngineFacade: session scope is managed declaratively @main_context_manager.writer def quota_destroy_all_by_project_and_user(context,                                           project_id,                                           user_id):     model_query(context, models.ProjectUserQuota,                 read_deleted="no").         filter_by(project_id=project_id).         filter_by(user_id=user_id).         soft_delete(synchronize_session=False)
  10. 10. What projects are already using the new EngineFacade? Nova Neutron Ironic Keystone ...
  11. 11. Need help? Slides: Bugs: Questions: IRC #openstack­oslo at freenode zzzeek (Mike Bayer) rpodolyaka (Roman Podoliaka) ML­ bin/mailman/listinfo/openstack­dev tag with [oslo][db]