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Why does a twittering doctor tweet? - 10 reasons for a social media presence


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#dotmed13 presentation

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Why does a twittering doctor tweet? - 10 reasons for a social media presence

  1. 1. Why does a Twittering Doctor Tweet? 10 reasons to have a social media presence Dr Anne Marie Cunningham GP and Academic Lead for eLearning, Institute of Medical Education, Cardiff University @amcunningham
  2. 2. Where are we at on the Gartner Hype Cycle? Image: Jeremy Kemp
  3. 3. TO CONNECT
  4. 4. ‘locally responsive but globally connected teams’ ‘most institutions are not sufficiently outward looking to exploit the power of networking and connectivity for mutual strengthening’
  5. 5. TO ENGAGE
  6. 6. Patient Leaders “when patients can both manage their own health and go on to develop the confidence and skills to lead and influence others, something special happens” Gilbert and Doughty, co-directors of the Centre for Patient Leadership
  7. 7. #digidoc13
  8. 8. TO INFORM
  9. 9. Meet the Sugar Doc
  10. 10. TO REFLECT
  11. 11. Elin Roddy Respiratory Consultant @elinlowri
  12. 12. “for the ones who are dying, making sure that their dying happens well is one of the most important jobs I can do and something that we as medics and as humans should value more highly” @elinlowri
  13. 13. TO SHARE
  14. 14. Wrongfooted
  16. 16. #dearmentalhealthprofessionals
  18. 18. #tipsfornewdocs
  19. 19. TO LEAD
  20. 20. NHS Change Day “biggest ever day of collective action to improve healthcare that started with a tweet”
  21. 21. TO LEARN
  22. 22. #FOAMed #teamhaem #gasclass #ecgclass
  23. 23. TO INSPIRE
  24. 24. #hellomynameis Kate Granger
  25. 25. Doctors and Social Media Purpose Safety Quality
  26. 26. Thank you Image credits: Wrongfooted - Surgery Image 5. UCD Medicine 6878043269/ GasClass Unbelievable. Aleera 18/ Team Haem Human blood with trypanosomes 1000x Marc Perkins 21/ ECGClass Heartbeat. Rosmary 5343361247/ @amcunningham