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Feedback Model


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A really useful little tool for giving effective feedback from Skills Channel TV.

Published in: Business
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Feedback Model

  1. 1. :: FEEDBACK
  2. 2. Alec McPhedran The planned and specific giving :: WHAT IS FEEDBACK? of information, often requested, with the aim of improving performance and motivation
  3. 3. Alec McPhedran Often one persons unplanned or :: WHAT IS CRITICISM? unsolicited judgement of the actions, behaviour or result of another
  4. 4. Alec McPhedran The word ‘criticism’, even with :: SO WHAT? constructive criticism, has the ‘ criticise’ within it. Therefore, it can set an initial barrier.
  5. 5. Feedback: It’s a gift! :: THEREFORE…
  6. 6. Alec McPhedran A - ACTION :: THE AID MODEL I - IMPACT D - DO
  7. 7. The facts of what :: ACTION was seen, heard or felt, results achieved or specific comments
  8. 8. The consequences of :: IMPACT their actions on others, projects or results and its implications
  9. 9. As a result of the :: DO feedback, what will THEY do about it?
  10. 10. :: Positive and negative feedback :: USE OF THE AID MODEL :: Keep to the facts :: Feedback is motivational :: Encourage ownership
  11. 11. The best prediction of your future is whatever you believe it will be. Alec McPhedran
  12. 12.