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Simulacrum or something like it


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A culture project, to tell about myself and my culture.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Simulacrum or something like it

  1. 1. Sarcasm and sexuality, with a dash of nerd and a pinch of horror
  2. 2. • Anamanaguci Meow! • Panic! At the Disco This is Gospel • Akira Yamaoka and Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn You're Not Here • Stephen Sondheim: Into the Woods Your Fault/Last Midnight • Gossip Move In The Right Direction • Robyn Hang With Me
  3. 3. “Someone was using a sniper rifle. Who was it? That’s so gay!!!” “It was me. And the sniping wasn’t gay. Sniper Rifles are a thing and things aren’t gay. People are. I’m Gay. And I just beat you. Have a nice day.” Persona 3