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MOOC monster for EDU338x


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Slightly altered presentation of the MOOC Primer for the EDUC338x class. The goal was to introduce students to the oft-forgotten history of MOOCs, accompanied by a discussion of the long history of online learning in the US.

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MOOC monster for EDU338x

  1. 1. MOOCs. RAWR.Image from Flickr user massdistractionUsed under the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs Creative Commons license
  2. 2. cMOOCs
  3. 3. xMOOCs
  4. 4. xMOOCs cMOOCsImage from Flickr user Laurie PinkUsed under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons license
  5. 5. What the MOOC?!Image from Flickr user DzingeekUsed under the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs Creative Commons license
  6. 6. Teaching?
  7. 7. InstructionalDesign?
  8. 8. Enrolledlearners?
  9. 9. globallearners?
  10. 10. Typical design... Specify  outcomes   Course  content,   Students  are   “what  can  a   design,  ac<vi<es,   assessed  and   successful  student   and  assessments   “credited”  based   know  or  do?”   prepare  students   on  their  success  in   to  achieve   achieving  the   outcomes   goals.  Other   possible  outcomes   ignored  
  11. 11. An alternate design plan?... Specify  a  range  of   Course  content,   Students  are   possible   design,  ac<vi<es,   assessed  based  on   outcomes,  offer   and  assessments   their  success   paths  to  achieve   provide  paths  to   reaching  the   outcomes  based   various  goals.   des<na<on  of   on  students’  goals   Reflec<on  on   their  chosen  path.   one’s  path  cri<cal   to  success.  
  12. 12. Art history I  want  to  be  able   to  cri<cally   evaluate  the   I  want  to  be  able   historical  and   to  recognize   ar<s<c   significant  art   significance  of  art   pieces   pieces  I  want  to  develop   I  want  to  be  able   I  want  to  achieve  an  apprecia<on   to  speak   all  stated  course  for  art   intelligently   goals  and  receive   about  art   a  statement  of   comple<on  
  13. 13. Educationproviders?
  14. 14. Wrapped mooc? Distributed flip? Community   college  builds  a   course  around   experien<al   learning  Local  high  school  “wraps”  the  MOOC  with  senior-­‐level  Art   1course   Credit MOOC*   2 Credits Museum  offers   MOOC  and   interac<ve   exhibits  to  *RE-­‐USE  LICENSING?   patrons  
  15. 15. MOOCs. RAWR.Image from Flickr user Tartaruga Feliz IllustrationsUsed under the Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons license