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Twitter For Reflection Jan 2020


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Twitter for reflective activities presentation for University of Staffordshire Twitter workshop.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Twitter For Reflection Jan 2020

  1. for reflective learning activities
  2. About me Tony McNeill Principal Lecturer in Educational Technology Academic Development Centre Kingston University Twitter anthonymcneill 2
  3. My Twitter experiment Using Twitter to promote student engagement English Literature Media and Cultural Studies Engineering 3
  4. why Twitter?
  5. What is reflection? • Dewey • Schön • Kolb • Boud • having an experience • recording the experience • thinking about the experience (in the light of existing knowledge) • integrating into a new conceptual framework 5
  6. Twitter and the ‘nearly now’ 6
  7. Weekly Twitter activities 7
  8. Student reflections
  9. Resource sharing 11
  10. What’s Twitter good for? • announcements/notifications • ice-breaking activities • resource sharing • banter/socialising • posting problems and queries 12