Nine Frame analysis of Kelly Rowland ‘Commander’ <br />The first video I looked at right at the start of our project was K...
Kelly Rowland Analysis of Commander
Kelly Rowland Analysis of Commander
Kelly Rowland Analysis of Commander
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Kelly Rowland Analysis of Commander


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Kelly Rowland Analysis of Commander

  1. 1. Nine Frame analysis of Kelly Rowland ‘Commander’ <br />The first video I looked at right at the start of our project was Kelly Rowland’s ‘Commander’. <br />I wanted to analyse a video that had many different shots and camera angles involved. <br />This is one of opening shots of the music video. Here we have a group of people dancing. As the music starts the camera carries out a pan movement across the screen showing the mass amount of people present waiting for Kelly to appear. This next shot is a close up of Kelly herself. The background here has changed completely, from black to white. The white enables her to stand out. The fact the shot is a close up really helps to show her face expressions. This shot is from a far distance. The camera is still as Kelly walks towards it showing the mass of people around her once again. This could be seen as another establishing shot like the first one used. This shot is interesting as it is taken from behind. The use of different techniques of camera angles to view Kelly makes the video more interesting and distracts the reader from becoming bored. <br />This shot here is taken from the side of Kelly. The use of the now red costume confuses the character as previously just a matter of shots ago she was dressed in black. This shot is interesting as this is where both of the characters in the video are seen in the same shot. Having it taken from behind them shows them both confronting each other. It brings a competitive feel to the video. This close up shot of the two facing each other is very powerful. It enables the camera to catch both of their face expressions. The use of having the two images of Kelly in one shot has been created by some high standard editing. This is near enough a full body shot and enables the audience to see the dominance within the two characters. This shot is one we have not yet seen in the video- an over the shoulder shot. This is interesting as it seems to show you what exactly the character in the red is looking at. <br />This is where the video changes to a different scene. The video changes dramatically and now just includes shots of Kelly singing and shots of the David Guetta playing the music as he also constructed and produced the song. Here we have a ‘meat shot’ of Kelly as it is a close up of just her looking very glamorous to her audience. Here is a shot from quite far away of David Guetta. The shot seems to have been taken from a distance so that his full body can be included, especially the main interest of the shot to show him constructing the music with his decks. These two shots are the same type of shot as the camera is placed in front of the dancers dancing and the camera keeps switching from one opposing dance group to the other. The use of different backgrounds lets the audience know that the groups are on two different sides of the stage or maybe two different areas within the location. Having the camera cross cut from one set to the other keeps the audience interested with an element of confusion involved. <br /> This next shot is interesting as the screen is spilt into three with three separate shots. This gives the audience more than one thing to look at. All of the shots included are meat shots of Kelly, a range of shots from in front, close up to her face and shots from a distance. You see Kelly from all different kinds of angles here. I personally believe that this is a video that is crammed with interesting shots and a very wide variety of camera angles. I aim to take inspiration from the video and the use of so much variation to make my grade as high as possible when I produce my own music video. This is a shot that is showed towards the end of the video. This is where we finally see the two groups facing each other. A technique has been used during the editing stage to add both shots of the groups to the same clip. This gives a good feel to the video and I find it a very interesting shot to come to grasp with; very imaginative. <br />