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Ma self portrait typography


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Ma self portrait typography

  1. 1. Media Arts Collage Typography ProjectMrs. McMath ~ Benton Middle School
  2. 2. What is Typography? Typography is:  1. The art or process of printing with type.  2. The work of setting and arranging types and of printing from them.  The general character or appearance of printed matter.
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Typography Collage Examples
  5. 5. Typography Collage Examples
  6. 6. Typography Collage Examples
  7. 7. Typography Collage Examples
  8. 8. Typography Collage Examples
  9. 9. Our Typography Collage Project What do you think of when you think of SPACE?  Robots  Planets  Aliens
  10. 10. Our Typography Collage Project We will use “Type” from the Internet to create collages in the forms of Robots, Planets, and Aliens. STEP 1: Find and image from the Internet that has an outline of one of these 3 forms. Insert this image into a Microsoft Word document with a LEGAL paper size STEP 2: Find “Type” from the Internet to create a collage following the outline of your Robot, Planet, or Aliens. Use pictures to guide you. STEP 3: BE CREATIVE!