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Digital I Am Poetry


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Published in: Education
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Digital I Am Poetry

  1. 1. CAMERA SHOTSDIGITAL I AM POETRYVideo ProductionsMrs. McMath
  2. 2. CAMERA SHOTS The Camera Shots you shoot in your videos can convey the mood and meaning of what you are trying to convey in your video. Terminology can change between video production environment. Following are examples we will use for this class. The subject in these shots is the boy.
  3. 3. EXTREME WIDE SHOT The view is so far from the subject that he isnt even visible. Often used as an establishing shot.
  4. 4. VERY WIDE SHOT The subject is visible (barely), but the emphasis is still on placing him in his environment.
  5. 5. WIDE SHOT The subject takes up the full frame, or at least as much as comfortably possible.
  6. 6. MID SHOT Shows some part of the subject in more detail while still giving an impression of the whole subject.
  7. 7. MEDIUM CLOSE UP Half way between a Mid Shot and a Close Up.
  8. 8. CLOSE UP A certain feature or part of the subject takes up the whole frame.
  9. 9. EXTREME CLOSE UP The Extreme Close Up gets right in and shows extreme detail.
  10. 10. CUT IN Shows some (other) part of the subject in detail.
  11. 11. CUTAWAY A shot of something other than the subject.
  12. 12. TWO-SHOT A shot of two people, framed similarly to a mid shot.
  13. 13. OVER THE SHOULDER Looking from behind a person at the subject.
  14. 14. NODDY SHOT Usually refers to a shot of the interviewer listening and reacting to the subject.
  15. 15. POINT OF VIEW Shows a view from the subjects perspective.
  16. 16. WEATHER SHOT The subject is the weather. Can be used for other purposes, e.g. background for graphics.
  17. 17. DIGITAL POETRY-I AM For our first Video Production we will be creating digital poetry. Step 1: Create your I AM poem. Use this web site as a guide. Step 2: Copy and Paste your I AM poem into Microsoft Word. This will be your script for your video. Practice reading your poem.
  18. 18. DIGITAL POETRY-I AM Step 3: In Microsoft Word, you will be printing a copy on 8 ½ x 14 paper. You must use a different font than the standard font, adjust the font size to fit the paper size, and change the color of your font. Your name, course name, and period must be located below the last stanza of your poem. DO NOT print until I tell you too.
  19. 19. DIGITAL POETRY-I AM Step 4: Working with a partner, you will film a different EXTREME CLOSE UP shot for each line of your poem. Each shot must be a part of you and one line of your poem, narrated. The I AM lines of your poems must be all the same shot of your face. Step 5: Upload your shots to iMovie and edit them in the order of your I AM poem. Step 6: Please include a title slide with your Name, Course Name, and Period.
  20. 20. DIGITAL POETRY-I AM Include transitions in your video. Adjust the Video Effects in your video. Please make the Video Effect the same for each clip, EXCEPT very I AM line in your poem must have the same Video Effect of “Normal”.