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Camtasia made easy

  1. 1. Camtasia 101: A Piece of Cake! Anne McKinneyCollege of Business eLearning
  2. 2. Effective Practices: Planning a Video Lecture Keep lectures Maintain short visual interest Show your face in 5 minutes or less: a webcam pop- optimal out Better to have six 5-minute videos Use images in than one 30- PowerPoint slides minute video
  3. 3. General Recording Prep CheckSchedule a time free from distraction• Reserve at least an hour• Shut the door, set Lync to “busy”Minimize background noises• Phones & other gadgets• Children, petsIf using a webcam• Lighting in front of you (not behind)• Check for distraction in the background
  4. 4. Screencasting Prep Make a short testClose all windows Cue browser to recording tobut the ones you the right page(s) avoid wasting awill demonstrate good lecture
  5. 5. Recording from PowerPoint You can record a PowerPoint lecture by using the PowerPoint add-in or by recording a screencast in Camtasia. • In PowerPoint, go to the Add-Ins tab. • Be sure to click the microphone icon or else you will not be able to record sound.Once you start recording, you will not see apause or stop button. Instead, write down therelevant hotkeys on scratch paper to make therecording process easier.
  6. 6. Recording the Screen from CamtasiaSelect a screen Make sure Audio Recordsize is on • Wait for the• Choose Full Screen • Green check is countdown to for the easiest start recording recording marked on the mic icon • Press Stop or F10• Custom sizes like when finished 640x360 give better • Speak into your mic resolution for Excel to test the audio text, but less work space
  7. 7. Preview Screen When you stop Press Play to Save As to edit, or recording, a preview the Delete and startPreview window screencast. over will pop up. THIS IS NOT A FINISHED VIDEO YET! Move on to the Editing process…
  8. 8. Producing Your Video If you like your video as-is without any editing, click the Produce and Sharebutton at the top of the Editing window. This opens the Production Wizard.Save your video as an .mp4 file for the Web. Give it a title and click Finish.
  9. 9. Basic Editing Options: TimelineThis shows the length of your video and allowsyou to select specific points for editing. The Playhead controls the timeline. Gray shows a specific time. The Green and red boxes can be moved to select a segment.
  10. 10. Basic Editing: Trimming the Timeline Remove a section of the video by adjusting the green and red boxes to the beginning and end of the section you want to delete, then click on the scissors icon.Red box moved Click on theto select the scissors icon tobeginning of cut this sectionthe clip from the video
  11. 11. Basic Editing: Adding Title ClipsA Title Clip adds a basic slide oftext to your video for a fewseconds.• Move the gray Playhead button to the spot where you want to place a title.• Click the Title Clip button and +Add title clip.
  12. 12. Saving Your Video Camtasia’s Click the default is to Produce and Save As a share buttonALWAYS save .camproj fileyour video as • Follow the • This filetype is Productionan .mp4 file! Wizard steps to only viewable in Camtasia. save as an .mp4 for the web. Boo!
  13. 13. Resources• Learn how to do more with Camtasia Tutorials –• Photo credit – Camtasia Cake: Creative Commons photo via Flickr by Betsy Weber