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  1. 1. The American Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic (AMCHAMDR) is a non-profit organization incorporated in Dominican Republic, accredited by the Chamber of Commerce of the United States and affiliated to the Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America (AACCLA, for its acronym in English). Our membership is comprised by more than 2,000 companies, mostly national and of U.S. origin, operating in different sectors Dominican Republic’s economic life. Our headquarter is located in the nation’s capital, Santo Domingo, and is the only organization of its kind that has branches located in major trading points of the country: Santiago, Puerto Plata, La Vega, Moca, San Francisco de Macorís, San Pedro de Macorís, La Romana, Higüey and Baní. Our members share a common vision for Dominican Republic: the consolidation of sustainable economic development, based on open and transparent markets, respect for the rule of law and socially responsible corporate behavior. Our mission is to enable our members to achieve their fullest, economic, professional, and civil potential; providing access to knowledge, opportunities, and best practices, creating a culture of corporate social responsibility. AMCHAMDR can promote its agenda, thanks in large part to the efforts of its committees, and works proactively in favor of its membership and potential investors by offering them various products and services. INSTITUTIONAL PROFILE
  2. 2. SERVICES • We process your visa requests • We offer opportunities for networking by participating in many networking events called “Punto de Encuentro” • Access to discounts and special rates at some commercial establishments • We grant Membership Certifications • Use of AMCHAMDR´s Conference Room We organize trade missions to the United States and Puerto Rico, and vice versa, as well as trade shows in other territories to give you the opportunity to expand your business contacts and promote your business in these important markets. By participating in these events, you have the support and expert advice of the Commercial Services team of the institution, which will escort you and guide you through the entire event to maximize the experience in benefit of your company. Upon request, we provide specialized business contacts listings based on specific needs. Our listings can be made taking into account the type of company, its geographical location in the country and other parameters of interest. By arranging them, we make sure that the contacted companies meet the conditions you consider suitable. We keep you informed of important business opportunities that might arise in any commercial area and provide access to them. With a circulation of 5,000 copies every year nationally and internationally, the AMCHAMDR Directory offers an important level of business exposure and free direct connection between its companies and a large number of potential business contacts across the country and the region. In turn, this directory is available in its digital version (online), enabling you to expand the promotion of your business in various international forums. Our members can benefit from and take advantage of our mailing services to bring their promotional material to a select audience, which includes 2500 of the most important companies in the country. Advertise in any of our mass media –the AMCHAMDR magazine, our website or our Digital Newsletter - guarantees an elite market penetration, comprised of leading companies in the country, the opinion leaders, the head of the Public Sector, the Diplomatic Corps and an extensive network of U.S. and Latin American entrepreneurs who have access to our media. Direct Marketing Through Distribution of Promotional Material Advertise in AMCHAMDR media Missions and Trade Shows Business Opportunities AMCHAMDR Directory Business Contacts Prequalified Business Meetings MEMBERSHIP SERVICES COMMERCIAL SERVICES PROMOTIONAL SERVICES
  3. 3. SERVICES Being present at AMCHAMDR events exposes your company to a selected audience, segmented according to the particular objectives of any company, and represents an excellent opportunity for media exposure, due to the wide media coverage that our activities receive. Data, statistics and economic indicators important to the country’s business climate, including variables of competitiveness, international trade, trade agreements, foreign investment, business regulatory environment, imports, exports, among others, are available to you. Also information on specific legislation. Upon request, we can prepare reports regarding trade, customs and tax laws. We will advise you of the best opportunities of DR-CAFTA so that you can get the maximum benefit of the agreement, making sure that the rights are respected between the related parties. AMCHAMDR is characterized by its institutional support work and by its representation of the private sector in general, and of our members in particular, on topics of special interest that mainly influences the business, investment and trade environment. We have therefore developed relationships with representatives of public authorities, diplomatic missions, multilateral agencies, and others, in order to ensure that principles such as free trade, transparency and rule of law are respected, guaranteed and improved. We also represent our members by actively participating in the processes of public policy making and legislation that affect the private sector with an aim to create a favorable economic environment for business and investment. The mission of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) area is to promote and facilitate the exercise of CSR practices by lead entrepreneurs to make the Dominican Republic a society with greater solidarity and more competitive through qualified information, practical knowledge and social investment initiatives in communities and schools. The CSR Department, besides financial assistance through funds, offers you, and eventually schools and communities, technical assistance on: • Assessment and diagnosis of global and specific needs. • Guidance for social investment. • The opportunity to engage in CSR initiatives in Basic Education and Community Development. • Monitoring and accountability of interventions. • Diligence before public authorities to channel resources towards projects supported by AMCHAMDR. Sponsoring of Events Commercial Information Legal Analysis DR-CAFTA TRADE AND INVESTMENT SUPPORT SERVICES INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSABILITY SERVICES (CSR)
  4. 4. AMCHAMDR EVENTS This is a vital space for networking for your company, and essential for the public relations. You can also invite your clients to attend the premier forum of our organization. Each month, a renowned figure in business, government, or diplomacy, of the international arena joins us as a speaker and guest of honor to speak on a topic that is current, and in which he is an expert. Presidents and Vice Presidents, ministers, CEOs, senior executives, and consultants with high level of experience have been speakers in our grand event. We’ve also had as guest speakers diplomats, other government officials and CEOs of multinational companies. Entertaining, dynamic, rich in content and quality. Learning and networking are the keys to some activities organized by AMCHAMDR’s working committees, and the topics are based on their inputs. This is done with the idea to convey to participants the latest information on current issues in the professional area in which they operate. These spaces are for discussion of ideas in which you can participate through question formulation. At the conclusion of the events, you will leave the room with concepts and ideas to implement in your field of work and enrich your range of services and products. A continuing education of high quality standards. One of the highlights of the year is when AMCHAMDR celebrates its Charity Ball to raise funds to support the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. Business executives join us with their guests in a location which is decorated for the occasion with a theme that guides the happenings of the night. At this event we present recognition awards to those companies which have performed best practices in different areas of CSR. Cheerfulness and the desire to enjoy the evening multiply networking opportunities. Each year, AMCHAMDR organizes tree (3) Golf Cups with the goal of raising funds for CSR programs. The most iconic of these is the Ambassador’s Cup, which began in the early 2000s from a desire expressed by Ambassador Charles T. Manatt, to support a great tournament for charity. Its celebration, in the month of April, is the start of a “circuit” which has its second stop in Santiago, specifically in Campo Las Aromas de la Ciudad Corazon, to say farewell to summer. The third tournament will be the Anniversary Cup, which has replaced the one celebrated in Jarabacoa and will take place in the month of November, which is AMCHAMDR’s anniversary month. Monthly Luncheon Seminars and Business Breakfasts Charity Ball Pro Golf Tournament – Corporate Social Responsibility
  5. 5. AMCHAMDR EVENTS A biennial initiative on trends, ideas, and technologiesthatimprovethequalityofthenational energy service. We bring international specialists and we count with the most knowledgeable experts on a national scene. A topic of public interest, and an opportunity to present products and services of proved quality and guaranteed. E-commerce is gaining ground in the world. In these events we identify best practices, discuss obstacles and challenges, propose actions and projects to improve performance and raise awareness of how businessmen develop in this area and they guide and organize a unique event in the country. Conceptual sessions are complemented by an exhibition area in which to learn some of the latest news in the world of technology placed at the service of businesses. Those who support and participate in Dominican Week form part of a great event which, since the mid-90s, has been an effective tool to show Dominican values in prestigious business, artistic, academic and political scenarios in the USA which is the primary trading partner of the country. You will have access to information and people of high interest for the development of business and investment, among other advantages. In alliance with Deloitte, it tends to become the main forum for debate and discussion of ideas on the competitiveness of the Dominican Republic. In September, experts in areas associated with the focal point, take the stage to make their statements and refute those who do not seem correct. The quality of content is recognized by those involved. A report is published after this event which becomes a guide to monitor what was discussed in order to, in the next edition, present the advances and setbacks in the areas discussed. Exceptional for those who which to know future trends from the present ones and that way make the right decisions in their business environment. Our chapters in the nine (9) provinces in which we are present, organize throughout the year various events in order to fulfill our mission and vision. Our guest speakers are experts in the area of the topic of interest, which is known from the concerns voiced by our members. We pass on knowledge through the exchange of questions and answers and rich discussion. Target Country Forum Dominican Week in USA E-Commerce Forum Clean Energy Business Forum Provincial Encounters
  6. 6. AMCHAMDR TOOLS OF COMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION AMCHAMDR’s primary printed medium has been renovated. A journalistic style approach to the stories included is complemented by including new sections on opinion and lifestyle of the entrepreneur. The design makes reading easier and allows the reader to tackle the issue of interest, from any section. Every two months, 4,000 copies, tending to increase, reach the hands of private sector leaders, key officials and high-level managers of multilateral organizations legislators and municipal authorities, including targeted audiences with which the Chamber has a relationship with. A publication of quality and excellent and support for business advertising and public institutions. Flexible, dynamic, useful, multimedia, informative, complete. This is our website, made to reflect the institutional happenings of executive agencies, departments and committees of AMCHAMDR so that both domestic and foreign business can be properly informed of their news. The contents are designed to complement each other in depending on their formats and to be shared through new technologies. Each week, AMCHAMDR’ latest news, events and main novelties of AMCHAMDR, including those of our associated members, are reflected in a digital newsletter. We send this newsletter to a comprehensive database that is of importance to the business world. News, announcements, information, training programs, videos, and photo galleries are some of the contents of a tool that keep our members and associates updated on the organization and other relevant happenings. AMCHAMDR is on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Slideshare YouTube, social platforms through which they share information and participate in important conversations for the business community. Through some of them, we also update the audience on what is happening in our live activities, so that those who could not attend can have some understanding of what is taking place in them. Prepared by the Legal Committee, it is a practical tool that helps identify the steps needed and the services available to make informed decisions about investment plans in the Dominican Republic. It is published on CD, and on-line through AMCHAMDR’s website. A relevant business database, the AMCHAMDR Membership Directory was created over 20 years ago, in order to provide the business community with an effective tool for promotion and business opportunity. It has a circulation of 5,000 copies nationwide and through its online version (www. reaches worldwide, allowing our members to promote their products or services internationally. AMCHAMDR Magazine Newsletter Social Networks Investor’s Guide Membership Directory @amchamdr camara-americana-de-comercio
  7. 7. KEY ECONOMIC INDICATORS American Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic (AMCHAMDR) Key Economic Indicators SOURCES: Central Bank of Dominican Republic,; with the exception of the External Debt indicators which were supplied by the database of the Treasury Department of Dominican Republic, * Indicates Preliminary Figures For these and other up to date economic and trade statistics visit our website at ** Indicators calculated by new methodology by the Central Bank of Dominican Republic, since June 2012 ***Not currently available 1 Indicators up to June | 2 Indicators up to August | 3 Indicators up to September | 4 Indicators up to October 7th | 5 Indicators up to October 10th Update to: October 10, 2013 In Millions of $USD 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013* Domestic Economic External Economy External Debt Financial Indicators Memorandum Total Foreign Public Debt As Percent of GDP 8,215 17.6% 12,872 22.0% 9,947 19.3% 11,625 20.9 13,773 22.9% 2 2 Change in Money Supply [M1]** Change in Broad Money [M2]** Lendings Rate [weighted average on loans] Savings Rate [weighted average on CDs] 18.6% 14.0% 17.7% 7.5% 9.8% 9.0% 15.3% 7.1% 9.4% 9.8% 12.2% 4.8% 4.9% 10.3% 15.7% 7.6% -1.6% 2.7% 15.6% 7.2% 2 2 5 5 Current GDP (in millions of $USD) GDP per Capita (in $USD) 46,712 4,816 58,955 5,762 51,658 5,232 55,666 5,538 60,230 *** 2 Trade Balance Exports Real Growth Imports Real Growth Service Balance Tourism Receipts Income Balance Net Current Transfers Family Remittances Growth Current Account Balance Capital and Financial Account Balance Foreign Direct Investment Gross International Reserves Net International Reserves Exchange [RD$=1$USD] - annual average (6,813) 5,483 -18.7% (12,296) -23.1% 2,987 4,049 (1,721) 3,216 3,042 -5.6% (2,331) 2,866 2,165 3,307 2,852 35.98 (8,678.90) 9,079.10 6.9% (17,758.00) 2.0% 3,481.10 4,736.30 (2,212.30) 3,372.90 3,158.10 -1.3% (4,037.20) 3,990.40 3,583.60 3,558.50 3,209.80 39.32 (8,736) 6,754 23.2% (15,489) 26.0% 2,969 4,209 (1,686) 3,124 2,998 -1.4% (4,330) 5,348 1,896 3,765 3,343 36.84 (3,415.10) 4,782.50 *** (8,197.60) *** 2,070.20 2,636.60 (1,027.83) 1,651.00 1,556.80 *** (721.73) 1,767.94 798.90 3,667.40 3,343.80 42.44 (8,916.40) 8,492.10 25.7% (17,408.50) 12.4% 3,194.80 4,436.10 (2,090.60) 3,433.30 3,200.00 6.7% (4,378.90) 4,039.10 2,275.00 4,098.40 3,637.90 38.10 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 3 4 Real GDP Growth Inflation Rate Unemployment Rate 3.5% 5.8% 14.9% 3.9% 3.9% 14.3% 7.8% 6.2% 14.4% 1 3 1 4.5% 7.8% 14.6% 1.6% 5.1% 15.0%
  8. 8. AACCLA The Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America (AACCLA) is the most influential and active voice of U.S. companies operating in Latin America today. Founded in 1967, AACCLA covers a group of 23 American Chambers of Commerce in 21 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Representing more than 20,000 companies and individuals who handle most U.S. investment in the region, AACCLA encourages trade and investment between the United States and the countries of the region through free trade, free markets and free enterprise. 1. To explain the importance of free business relations and investment with Latin America to the U.S. government and American citizens. 2. Promote and facilitate the creation of a Free Trade Area of the Americas and promote the release of trade measures through the Americas. 3. Provide updated information on business conditions in Latin America and the Caribbean through conferences and business information products. 4. Monitor 20,000 companies and individuals who belong to the 23 American Chambers of Commerce across the Americas. 5. Market the products and services of members of AmCham. Objectives José Raúl Perales AACCLA Secretariat, Executive Director Patrick Killbride AACCLA Executive Vice President (202) 463-5485 Work (202) 463-5384 Work 1615 H Street, NW Washington, D. C. 20062
  9. 9. INSTRUCTIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP OVERSEAS Foreign business and industrial associations interested in joining the American Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic. In applying for membership in AMCHAMDR, should be understood that the company represented by the applicant is acquiring the formal status of an associate. The person representing the company loses its status as a partner to withdraw from the partner, although it retains its membership in the House while the management of it so desires, keeping in good standing When the stocks of a company member of the Chamber have been sold or transferred to another physical moral person, the new member must notify the change by means of a written communication, to ratify is membership. The initiation fee shall be US $300.00, for all the Overseas Members of the Chamber and is payable upon submission of the membership application and the yearly dues is US $300.00, which is payable in advance when the application are prove. Dues or initiation fees maybe increased or reduced by two thirds majority vote by the active membership. The annual period will be January 1 to December 31. Requirements for application • Application Form. • Check enclosed for the amount of the initiation fee, drawn on USA bank. • Two letters of banking references of the company. The Chamber will not process incomplete applications or without the required documents. The American Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic (AMCHAMDR) serves to the enterprise interests of its membership, for that reason to guarantee a good quality of the affiliates companies, all the applications will be reviewed by the Membership Committee, for their approval. As soon as this process has culminated, the company will be contacted to give answer to its request.