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  1. 1. Sustainability Initiatives at Dickinson College Slideshow compiled by Anna McGinn ‘14, Center for Sustainability Education (CSE) intern
  2. 2. Springtime at the Dickinson College Organic Farm
  3. 3. ALLARM intern collects water samples
  4. 4. Dickinson’s sustainable agriculture mosaic program in Cuba
  5. 5. Faculty and Students at the bike to farm potluck at the Dickinson College Farm
  6. 6. Biodiesel shop intern Sam Parker ’12 refuels one of the campus vehicles
  7. 7. Dickinson students committed to saving energy during the March 2012 Energy Challenge
  8. 8. Student farm workers transfer cafeteria waste to the College Farm compost
  9. 9. Jenn Halpin, Director of the Dickinson College Organic Farm, gives a tour to faculty members
  10. 10. CSE interns Elizabeth Toutain ‘12 and Dani Thompson ’12 prepare sustainable Valentine’s Day cards
  11. 11. A successful bike to farm event
  12. 12. Students experience sustainability through service
  13. 13. Student farm workers Brendan Murtha ‘14 and G Tiarachristie ‘13 harvest crops at the College Farm
  14. 14. Provost Neil Weissman shares our commitment to sustainability at Dickinson
  15. 15. Salad greens from the College Farm headed to campus Dining Services
  16. 16. Students volunteer at The Handlebar
  17. 17. Students attend a Idea Fund meeting
  18. 18. A tour at the Dickinson College Organic Farm
  19. 19. Student Caitlin Flanagan ‘13 takes care of one of the edible gardens on campus
  20. 20. CSE interns hard at work
  21. 21. Director of CSE, Neil Leary
  22. 22. Ken Shultes, Director of Facilities Management and the Green Devil are committed to sustainability at Dickinson
  23. 23. Outdoor lecture
  24. 24. Seedlings at the College Farm
  25. 25. Students Mariah Murphy ’15 and Tabea Zimmermann ’15 fix up a bike at The Handlebar, Dickinson’s bike repair shop
  26. 26. Students study in the field
  27. 27. Students conduct environmental research
  28. 28. Anthony Silverman ’12 leads an Idea Fund brainstorming session
  29. 29. LUCE semester students and professors
  30. 30. The Peddler, the bike-powered coffee cart on campus run and operated by students
  31. 31. High school sustainability class tours the College Farm
  32. 32. Dickinson uses GIS for sustainability research
  33. 33. Students conduct research as part of laboratory courses
  34. 34. CSE intern Laura Stone ‘12 records energy consumption for the Energy Challenge
  35. 35. Lecture in Rector, one of the LEED certified building on campus
  36. 36. Solar panels on Kaufman Hall (60 kW)
  37. 37. Glasses made from wine bottles at the Pints with Profs event for seniors
  38. 38. Bike to Farm group Fall 2011
  39. 39. Dickinson students value building reclamation
  40. 40. 2012 Valley and Ridge faculty study group in sustainability
  41. 41. Rector Science Complex, one of the LEED certified buildings on campus
  42. 42. Students value reusable mug across campus
  43. 43. Alumnus Sam Rose ‘58 and his wife Julie Walters with environmental activist Bill McKibben after he received their award for Global Environmental Activism at the 2012 Commencement. McKibben was introduced by Natural Resources Defense Council co- founder John H. Adams on right.
  44. 44. Students Daniel Grover ‘12, Charlie Alcorn ‘12, and Elizabeth Toutain ’12 install solar panels at the College Farm
  45. 45. Idea Fund students operate The Peddler during Alumni Weekend
  46. 46. LUCE semester students and professors
  47. 47. Student farm workers and the student built “Solar Wheeler”
  48. 48. Soup and Bread at the Treehouse, the Center for Sustainable Living
  49. 49. Dickinson hosts climate education workshops for faculty from around the world
  50. 50. The Center for Sustainable Living known as the Treehouse
  51. 51. Valley and Ridge, Dickinson’s annual faculty study group
  52. 52. Student farm workers harvest greenhouse vegetables
  53. 53. Students turn wine bottles into Dickinson souvenir drinking glasses
  54. 54. Dickinson values global education and sustainability
  55. 55. For more information about sustainabilityinitiatives at Dickinson College please contact