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Web page evaluation

  1. 1. Web Page EvaluationComparing Websites for Sir Isaac NewtonAmanda McConnellEDTL 6360
  2. 2. Website 1: Isaac NewtonBiography and highlights of his work• http://galileoandeinstein.physics.virginia.edu/lectures/ newton.html• This lengthy site has several topic pages that summarize Newton, Einstein, Galileo, and other’s work.• Part of a lecture series used by the author at the University of Virginia• Summarizes his life from birth to death.• It explains equations Newton has used to describe his work.• Also included are several images and animated graphics to elucidate his theories.
  3. 3. Website 1: Isaac NewtonAuthority• Author of Website: Michael Fowler, University of Virginia, Physics Department• University of Virginia Directory Michael Fowler: http://www.virginia.edu/cgi-local/ldapweb?mf1i• Title: Professor of Physics• Several contact information given: Office Phone, Fax Phone, Home Phone, Office Address, E-mail address, Registered E-mail address
  4. 4. Website 1: Isaac NewtonAccuracy• Reputable links provided for additional reading: Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences http://www.newton.ac.uk/newton.html• Several links provided for animated graphics of Newton’s theories.• Most information is based on verifiable fact: several formulas and facts used in the everyday life of a physicist.• This site is probably used every semester as a lecture series for the professor that created it.
  5. 5. Website 1: Isaac NewtonCurrency• Current within 4 years. This seems very current to me based on the fact that this website is a biography page, and information about people and their work doesn’t change often. (History doesn’t change)• After checking the links provided, none of them were dead.• Topic pages were added to the website at different dates. All the dates are listed underneath the title of all the topic pages.• Copyrighted 1996, Revised 2008
  6. 6. Website 1: Isaac NewtonObjectivity• Doesn’t have bias- success and flaws of Isaac Newton stated on the site.• Isaac Newton’s life is not very controversial• Author of the web page based his research off a published book, The Life of Isaac Newton.
  7. 7. Website 2: Isaac Newton• http://www.gardenofpraise.com/ibdnewt.htm• Along with a biography, this site is very teacher friendly. Interactive games are provided and Isaac Newton handouts are made with the ability to print.• There are several advertisements on this page, however.• There are several at the top and a few within the text. At the bottom, there are advertisements for books on Isaac Newton.
  8. 8. Website 2: Isaac NewtonAuthority• Author’s name can be found at the bottom of the page. Patsy Stevens (retired teacher)• The subjects and grade level the teacher taught cannot be found.• No contact information given (the school the teacher taught at is not even listed)
  9. 9. Website 2: Isaac NewtonAccuracy• Website is based on facts• No sources listed• Few links provided for outside reputable sources• Several ads for books about Isaac Newton given at the bottom of the page (Amazon and their prices)• Several advertisements for colleges and e-billing shown at the top of the page
  10. 10. Website 2: Isaac NewtonCurrency• This webpage was written in 2001.• There are no indicators as to if and when the page was revised.• Links were all working- several ads update automatically.
  11. 11. Website 2: Isaac NewtonObjectivity• Doesn’t seem to be biased (Highlights Newton’s ups and downs of his life)• Mostly focuses on facts about Newton (not opinionated)• Biography doesn’t include much of his life before higher studies (college)
  12. 12. Which Site Should I Use?• Without a doubt, I would choose Website 1.• I trust the author and his credentials.• I can e-mail him if I have questions.• He provides links of other sources I can use in addition to his.• Because most of it is based on facts, I trust the information is true.• It was created a time ago, but has been currently revised.• Author uses it as a guideline to teach students at a reputable university.• Because Newton and his theories are difficult to understand without a science/math background, a report on Newton would be more appropriate for high school aged students.
  13. 13. CreditsFowler, M. (1996 Rev. 2008). Isaac Newton. In Galeleio and Einstein Overveiw and Lecure. Retrieved May 5, 2012, from http://galileoandeinstein.physics.virginia.edu/lectures/newton.html.Patsy Stevens. (2001). Sir Isaac Newton. In Garden of Praise. Retrieved May 5, 2012, from http://www.gardenofpraise.com/ibdnewt.htm.