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Buckman culture club

  1. 1. Every company has a culture that determines what it’s like to work there. Ours is all about chemistry—the chemistry of our team, how we work together and with our customers to create lasting bonds. It’s the chemistry of sustainable success, an innovative mix of commitment and reward, teamwork and improve­ment, leadership and transformation, integrity and growth. This site has been designed to let you dive deep into the Best Chemistry culture, all the elements that make Buckman different and successful, the elements that make working here unique. Here, you can gain an understanding, and, hopefully, an appreciation for our culture and your place in it. Best Chemistry The culture of Buckman Who We Are How We Become Leaders How We Work Together How We Serve Our Customers How We Operate Why We Work Here Index Intro
  2. 2. We are mothers and fathers, culinary geniuses, golfers, pet lovers, campers, musicians, travelers, readers, dancers, tennis players, boaters, community volunteers, and, well, you get the idea. We are a diverse group. But we are all associates—chemists, sales people, office workers, engineers, technicians, accountants, managers, communicators—experts of the Buckman kind. As associates we have something very important in common—the Buckman Fundamentals. These are made up of the following (click each one for details): Who We Are Our Code of Ethics Because we are separated—by many miles, by diversity of cultures and languages—we at Buckman need a clear understanding of the basic principles by which we will operate our company. These are: s That the company is made up of individuals—each of whom has different capabilities and potentials—all of which are necessary to the success of Buckman. s That we acknowledge that individuality by treating each other with dignity and respect—striving to maintain continuous and positive communications among all of us. s That we recognize and reward the contributions and accomplishments of our associates. s That we continually work to improve our teaming skills because we recognize that effective teamwork is essential to fulfilling our purpose. s That we continually strive to learn both as an organization and as individuals so that we are positioned to create value. s That we continually plan for the future so that we can control our destiny instead of letting events overtake us. s That we make all decisions in light of what is right for the good of the whole company rather than what is expedient in a given situation. s That our customers are the only reason for the existence of Buckman and, to serve them properly, we must supply services and products which provide economic benefit over and above their cost. s That we must apply creativity to everything we do. s That we must use the highest ethics to guide our business dealings to ensure that we are always proud to be a part of Buckman. s That we will discharge the responsibilities of corporate and individual citizenship to earn and maintain the respect of the community. As individuals and as a corporate body, we must endeavor to uphold these standards so that we may be respected as persons and as an organization. Our Mission Our Code of Ethics Our Commitment to Sustainability Our Commitment to Quality Our Commitment to Safety Our Commitment to Community Our Commitment to Environment Our Goal: Zero Negative Environmental Impact How We Serve Our Customers How We Operate Why We Work Here How We Work Together How We Become Leaders Who We AreIntro Index
  3. 3. How We Become Leaders At Buckman, everyone is a leader. Some of us lead large groups. Some of us lead only ourselves. But that self-leadership is the most important kind. When you become better, you not only open up new opportunities for yourself, you make Buckman better too. That’s why we have all kinds of programs in place to foster leadership skills and develop potential. It starts with attracting good talent in the first place and then keep growing that talent long-term. As a result, attrition at Buckman is very low. People come here and they stay. Here are some great reasons why: Transformational Leadership Model Transformational Leadership Workshop Buckman has a strong commitment to providing you with all the training you need to grow within the company. You’ll have access to industry and technical training. You’ll get training that will help you work more safely. And you’ll have training to help you learn what it means to be a Buckman associate and how to be successful here. We use the latest learning technologies to deliver our world-class training. In fact, Buckman’s training programs are award winning. Over the years, Buckman has made an impressive showing in the rankings of Training magazine’s Top 125 training organizations, winning a spot on this list for 12 years. This past year we claimed the 47th spot, putting us in the top half and ahead of household names like Intel, Sprint, Discover, MetLife, UPS, Aetna, Century 21, Wells Fargo, SunTrust, Progressive, Dell, and MassMutual. Training Learning Center Performance Evaluation Personal Assessment Tools Manager Transition Workshops Training Experiential Learning How We Serve Our Customers How We Operate Why We Work Here How We Work Together How We Become Leaders Who We AreIntro Index
  4. 4. How We Work Together Teamwork and collaboration make all the difference. At Buckman, our entire strategy for achieving future success is built around them. Here are some of the institutions we have in place to keep us working with each other and for each other. How We Serve Our Customers How We Operate Why We Work Here How We Work Together How We Become Leaders Who We AreIntro Index You’ll hear a lot about the Compass. It’s a sort of map of our entire strategy for achieving Sustainable Success Through Teamwork. Powered by our core values, the Compass keeps us moving in the right direction as we explore new opportunities. And it helps make sure we are all empowered to be our best. The Buckman Compass Teaming CommunicationThe Buckman Compass Conflict Resolution Sustainable Success through Teamwork –Now and in the Future The Right Associates In the Right Positions The Right Way Doing the Right Things Fully Engaged Team Players Strategic Leadership Visionary Leadership Strategic Direction Problem Solving & Innovation Conceptual Thinking Operational Leadership Business Performance Mgt. Project Mgt. Accountability for Performance Empowering Others Leadership of Others Communication & Listening Influencing Others Develops & Coaches Others Teamwork Change Leadership Self Leadership Drive Balance Learning & Growth Self Management Self Awareness Standardized Processes REQUIREMENT ALIGNMENT TOOL NO NO NO NO YES YES YES YES Is the process in control ? Measurement vs RequirementIs the Associate capable and can s/he adjust? Does the Associate understand the measurement? Does the Associate understand the requirement? Manager Defines Requirement Manager Defines Measurement Joint Problem Solving asks Associate Manager asks Associate Manager Associate Controllable Management Controllable The Buckman Fundamentals Code of Ethics Committed to: – Sustainability – Quality – Safety – Community – Environment Customer Intimate Consistent Worldwide Continuous Innovation Continuous Improvement the Way Mission We, the associates of Buckman, will excel in providing measurable, cost-effective improvements in output and quality for our customers by delivering customer-specific services and products, and the creative application of knowledge. Leadership is everyone’s job. Come, grow with Buckman. Focus on Results Accountability Commitment Healthy Conflict Clear Communication Trust 100% Responsibility Self Awareness/Self Assurance
  5. 5. How We Serve Our Customers How We Serve Our Customers How We Operate Why We Work Here How We Work Together How We Become Leaders Who We AreIntro Index 8 Business Management Standards8 Business Management Standards AMP – Account Management Training Sales TrainingThe Buckman Way Although we call our global customer service culture “The Buckman Way,” it’s really not about us. It’s about the people we serve, and the way we help companies solve problems, optimize safety, raise efficiency, and increase profitability. It’s about finding ways to be a true business partner. And about identifying that gap between where our customers are and where they want to go, and working with them to close the gap. Over the years we have honed The Buckman Way into one of the most successful customer-focused platforms in the world. At its core is superior communication, which leads to a deeper understanding of our clients’ needs and, ultimately, to the kinds of solutions that make our customers better. The Buckman Way isn’t the only way. But it is the better way. It is the path to success, the high road to continuous improvement and the route to return on investment for everyone we serve. The Buckman Way
  6. 6. How We Operate How We Serve Our Customers How We Operate Why We Work Here How We Work Together How We Become Leaders Who We AreIntro Index Our Global Organization Continuous Improvement New Product Development While our global headquarters is in Memphis, Tennessee, we have individual OpCo headquarters on every continent. Sales, market and staff functions are led by cross-organizational groups called Global Workgroups, managed locally in a matrix structure. Here are some different kinds of teams and what they do: Buckman International. This is the corporate parent. International provides global leadership in finance, R&D, IT, HR, Marketing, Supply Chain management, and SHE. Although International provides corporate leadership it also serves the other OpCos around the world in a supportive role, working behind the scenes to help each OpCo achieve its own goals. Global Leadership Workgroup. The GLW and a smaller subgroup called the Strategic Plan Review set direction and provide leadership and support across the OpCos and Corporate Staff functions. This group is made up primarily of GMs and VPs. Global Cross Functional Teams. These teams help apply Buckman’s 7 principals of effective teamwork and Buckman’s Team Toolz to our global processes. Global Workgroups and Communities. A matrix work structure that organizes resources in global markets and global staff functions for the purpose of information sharing, direction setting, decision making and problem solving. GMDMs. Global Market Development Managers report directly to market driven global workgroups and support marketing operations by coordinating their global marketing activities, ensuring uniform business strategy, representing the view of their market resources to senior management and management teams, and monitoring and recommending changes in the availability of products. They are also a resource of current and relevant information for field associates as well as technical and administrative decision makers. Global Key Corporate Account Teams and Key Corporate Account Teams. Cross-organizational teams are formed to lead and manage our corporate relationship with key customers. Our Global Organization
  7. 7. Why We Work Here There are probably as many reasons as there are associates. One is our global spirit of unity. Although we work in more than 90 countries with different languages and cultures, we are able to operate as a cohesive team and present one face to our customers. We called this phenomenon OneBuckman. It’s a testament to our cooperative spirit and an affirmation of our trust in each other. See our OneBuckman video here. Another reason is the opportunity to serve our communities through BuckmanCares. Buckman associates can contribute their time and talents to improve education, health and welfare, and environmental stewardship. These efforts make our communities more livable. They earn the respect and goodwill of others. And they make our associates better, providing unique opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment. Check out our BuckmanCares video here. How We Serve Our Customers How We Operate Why We Work Here How We Work Together How We Become Leaders Who We AreIntro Index
  8. 8. Index Best Chemistry – The Culture of Buckman Who We Are Our Code Of Ethics Our Mission Our Commitment To Sustainability Our Commitment To Quality Our Commitment To Safety Our Commitment To Community Our Commitment To Environment Our Goal: Zero Negative Environmental Impact How We Become Leaders Transformational Leadership Model Transformational Leadership Workshop Learning Center Performance Evaluation Personal Assessment Tools Manager Transition Workshops Experiential Learning Training How We Work Together The Buckman Compass Teaming Communication Conflict Resolution How We Serve Our Customers The Buckman Way 8 Business Management Standards AMP – Account Management Training Sales Training How We Operate Our Global Organization Continuous Improvement New Product Development Why We Work Here How We Serve Our Customers How We Operate Why We Work Here How We Work Together How We Become Leaders Who We AreIntro Index