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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. Get The Net
  2. 2. •Technology engages boys in a variety of ways. Itgives boys adventure and excitement that isintriguing.• It allows them to express themselves and takerisk in non threatening meaningful ways.• They can easily connect with others who sharethe same interest.• Technology provides an array of language richmedia that allows students to develop theircritical thinking and inquiry skills.• Technology can be implemented bydifferentiated instruction for content, activities,and learner outcomes.
  3. 3. Learning ToolsComputers – Desktop, Laptop, MacbookIpad, Ipod, IphoneVideo Cams, Maker box, video games
  4. 4. Technology Share Create EngageCommunicate View Record Present Reflect Research
  5. 5. “More than half the students [who participated in the 2002 SAIP writing assessment] use a computer one hour or more per week for school work. Computer use for entertainment is much more prevalent, with more than half the students reporting three hours or more of such use per week. The most prevalent out-of-school writing activities are using e- mail and chatting on the Internet.”(Council of Ministers of Education, 2003, p. 102)
  6. 6. We know that boys score lowerthan girls in language arts andthey are less likely to go to postsecondary and have higher dropout rates. To close the gap weshould provide learningopportunities that engage boysinterests, needs, and learningstyles.