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Mills amber powerpoint[1][1]


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Mills amber powerpoint[1][1]

  1. 1. Personal Goals
  2. 2. High School
  3. 3. Joined in 2007Deployed 2009 to Iraq
  4. 4. My transportation to the different Fob’s (Forward Operating Bases) in Iraq was by Chinook Helicopter.Awarded my Seabee Warfare (SCW) pin.Deployment duty
  5. 5. On deployment I installed 100 Aircondition units,Assisted in building 5 Swat Huts, whichare little rooms for sleeping or workingareas.
  6. 6. I now work with the medical unit withthe navy.I earned my Certified Nursing Aid (CNA)in February 2010.I complete an average of 8 hours ofmedical training each month, either byhands on or online training.Job Experiences
  7. 7. Junior Colleges
  8. 8. I go to Texas Tech Universityfinishing up my class thenapplying into the Nursingprogram in February.SCHOOL EXPERIENCE
  9. 9. I am a part of the Veterans Association At Texas Tech University.In 2011 Ivolunteered to assistthe BiologyDepartment inproduction andbottling theexperiment of beer.Experiences At Tech
  10. 10. I have successfully completed all of my Pre- nursingcourse such as Nutrition, and all science class.I am taking two additional class while I am waiting onmy acceptance into the nursing program. Personal Finance 2310 Parenting Class 3331
  11. 11. Reason for takingPersonal FinanceCourseOnce I obtain Mydegree I want to beable to know how tosuccessfully managemy money.
  12. 12. Reasons for taking ParentingI Married into a premade familyand had a wonderful mother. Ifeel this class will give me someknowledge on good parentingskills.
  13. 13. I
  14. 14. For dedicated and willing pre- nursing employee email: