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Ambitlick old projects


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Ambitlick old projects

  1. 1. IEEE - Projects IN NS2S.No IEEE – Titles Year 1 AOMDV and OLSR Routing Protocols Innovative 2 PUMA Protocol Innovative 3 2-node AODV Innovative 4 IEEE 802.16 Mac Protocol Innovative 5 Manasim Innovative 6 A Clustering Protocol Using Multiple Chain Innovative 7 A delay-based admission control mechanism for Innovative multimedia support in IEEE 802.11e wireless LANs 8 Achieving Cesaro-Wardrop Equilibrium in Wireless Innovative Sensor Networks 9 Adaptive Weight Factor Estimation from User Innovative 10 Comparison of aodv dsdv dsr Innovative 11 Admision Control Innovative 12 AODV Routing Protocol Innovative 13 AOMDV Routing Protocol Innovative 14 DSR Routing Protocol Innovative 15 WIFI_WIMAX_LTE_handover Innovative 16 Black hole Mcast Innovative 17 Blackhole mcast 13node Innovative 18 Wormhole Mcast Innovative 19 Wormhole Mcast 13node Innovative 20 Cluster gateway Innovative 21 Cognitive Radio Cognitive Network Simulator Innovative Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id : , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com
  2. 2. S.No IEEE – Titles Year 22 Cross layer Design Innovative 23 Csma 3nodes Innovative 24 Flooding Mcast 13node Innovative 25 GPSR Innovative 26 Handoff and handover less nodes Innovative 27 Handoff and handover AP more nodes Innovative 28 Multicast in wired network Innovative 29 An overlay open architecture with qos support Innovative Multimedia streaming 30 NO Ad-Hoc Routing Agent (NOAH) Innovative 31 An Extension of Rate-Adaptive MAC Protocol Innovative 32 Wimax 2.29 Innovative 33 Link-State Routing With Hop-by-Hop Forwarding 2011 Can Achieve Optimal Traffic Engineering 34 Dynamics of Network Connectivity in Urban 2011 Vehicular Networks 35 A Privacy-Preserving Location Monitoring System 2011 for Wireless Sensor Networks 36 A Cross-Layer Framework for Overhead Reduction, 2011 Traffic Scheduling, and Burst Allocation in IEEE 802.16 OFDMA Networks 37 Supporting Efficient and Scalable Multicasting over 2011 Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 38 Optimal Anycast Technique for Delay-Sensitive 2011 Energy-Constrained Asynchronous Sensor Networks 39 Link-Utility-Based Cooperative MAC Protocol for 2011 Wireless Multi-Hop Networks 40 Computing Localized Power-Efficient Data 2011 Aggregation Trees for Sensor Networks Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id : , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com
  3. 3. S.No IEEE – Titles Year 41 Mechanism Design-Based Secure Leader Election 2011 Model for Intrusion Detection in MANET 42 Self-Reconfigurable Wireless Mesh Networks 2011 43 Improving the Performance of Wireless Ad Hoc 2011 Networks Through MAC Layer Design 44 Fast Detection of Mobile Replica Node Attacks in 2011 Wireless Sensor Networks Using Sequential Hypothesis Testing 45 Efficient Data Collection in Wireless Sensor 2011 Networks with Path-Constrained Mobile Sinks 46 Loss Performance Modeling for Hierarchical 2011 Heterogeneous Wireless Networks With Speed- Sensitive Call Admission Control 47 Transient Analysis of IEEE 802.15.4 Sensor 2011 Networks 48 Optimal Selective Forwarding for Energy Saving in 2011 Wireless Sensor Networks 49 SSUM: Smart Server Update Mechanism for 2010 Maintaining Cache Consistency in Mobile Environments 50 Optimize Storage Placement in Sensor Networks 2010 51 Reputation-Based Security Protocol for MANETs in 2010 Highly Mobile Disconnection-Prone Environments 52 A Cooperative Diversity-based Robust MAC 2010 Protocol in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks 53 Provisioning of Deadline-Driven Requests With 2010 Flexible Transmission Rates inWDMMesh Networks Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id : , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com
  4. 4. S.No IEEE – Titles Year 54 A Fault Tolerant Communication Architecture 2010 Supporting Critical Monitoring with Wireless Sensor Networks 55 Secure Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks 2010 Using Randomized Dispersive 56 Network-Based Traitor-Tracing Technique Using 2010 Traffic Pattern 57 A Dynamic En-route Filtering Scheme for Data 2010 Reporting in Wireless Sensor Networks 58 On Multihop Distances in Wireless Sensor Networks 2010 with Random Node Locations 59 Minimizing Delay and Maximizing Lifetime for 2010 WSN in any cast 60 A Novel Cross Layer Intrusion Detection System in 2010 MANET 61 An Adaptive Strategy for Mobile Ad Hoc Media 2010 Streaming 62 VEBEK: Virtual Energy-Based Encryption and 2010 Keying for Wireless Sensor Networks 63 Adaptive Location-oriented Content Delivery in 2010 Delay-Sensitive Pervasive Applications 64 Stealthy Attacks in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks: 2010 Detection and Countermeasure 65 Efficient Broadcasting in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 2009 66 A Dynamic Anomaly Detection Scheme for AODV- 2009 Based Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 67 EARQ: Energy Aware Routing for Real-Time and 2009 Reliable Communication in Wireless Industrial Sensor Networks Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id : , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com
  5. 5. S.No IEEE – Titles Year 68 Multiple Routing Configurations for Fast IP Network 2009 Recovery 69 An MDP-based Vertical Handoff Decision 2008 Algorithm for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks FOR MORE IEEE 2012-13 PROJECTS, Phone: 8940956123 PROJECT SUPPORTS £ DELIVERABLES 1. Project Abstract 2. IEEE Paper 3. PPT / Review Details 4. Project Report Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id : , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com
  6. 6. 5. Working Procedure 6. Screen Shots 7. Video Files 8. Materials & Books 9. Project Certification-------------------------------------------------------------------- New Projects Are Welcome To Implementation With Us Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id : , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com